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  1. blocktread

    SEC 2020

    1st leg on Eurosport 2 at 16.00,great.
  2. blocktread

    New speedway Facebook group

    Yes,i'd love it
  3. The NSS would be ideal to run the GP Challenge.
  4. blocktread

    Polish final (IMP) Sunday July 14th live on TV

    What time is it starting?
  5. blocktread

    Panthers v Witches 1/7/19 Premiership

    mr parker by any chance?
  6. Thought there was English commentary?
  7. I like the qualifying although I think the best time over four laps would be better.
  8. Yes,on the Belle Vue website
  9. Zmarzlik was the only one of the ones who didn't practice/qualify to get to the final,apart from a mediocre performance from Woffinden the others were pretty dire.As said in an earlier post the Polish league pays the riders a lot more compared to the GP but many of their sponsors back them on the back of GP coverage,whch this season is practice/qualifying on tv.
  10. I'm all for it,we need to move on,most other motor sports use the same system.How do they know in advance which gate is the best?How do they know how the track is prepared for a GP compared to qualifying? They don't. Also it could lead to practice/qualifying on live tv,as in most other motor sports.Sometimes as exciting to watch as the actual racing. Speedway is stuck in a time warp,most fans are middle age to elders and want things to stay as they are,I myself am 68 but think this is a good idea,we need to move on. I'd love to see transponders used in league meeting too,when non speedway people ask me how do we time races and I say a bloke with a stop watch they cannot believe that in this day and age. Bring it on.
  11. blocktread

    Belle Vue 2019

    i suppose that's why Joe Lawlor hasn't signed for the Colts too with Glasgow racing on Fridays.
  12. As soon as the track was returned to how it normally is,not deep with dirt but slick on the inside and grippy outside the racing improved no end.Thought Morris would have learned that from the World Cup race off in 2016.The NSS isn't a track suited to deep dirt.
  13. I meant is the car park on the east side open for permit holders as present.

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