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  1. elnno

    Rye House 2016

    Can't comment on the new promotion but must comment on the sad news re John Sampford. Having worked with John over a long period at Ryehouse speedway both good and bad circumstances I can only say you would have to look a long way to find a better human being or a better person. His consideration for the lads he has worked with over the years, his honesty and his knowledge of the game are exemplary. His reliable, patient and diligent nature for very little reward will be a massive loss to the club. Take it from me he had been the butt of many of my jokes over the years but never one fall out. Top man John, we are proud to be considered friends.
  2. elnno

    Lew Coffin

    Top man, Race In Peace Lew, you may have ridden your last race but we are sure you won it. The Neaths
  3. elnno

    Rye V Plymouth Sat 9th June

    You don't have to remind us it was not the best of start, Chris is still suffering the cosequences but I am sure he would give any thing to be on track with the boys.
  4. That's big money for John he usually never pays his rent boys more than a fiver. Trust me i,m a doctor. Can just picture his eyes role back as he reads this.
  5. elnno

    Chris Neath

    Chris is having regular intensive physio and it seems to be helping greatly. His walking is getting better by the day and this last weekend he climbed the stairs by himself totally unaided albeit a massive effort . The arm and hand are another matter and their is not much improvement, he still has very limited movement with only the thumb and first finger responding but at best very poorly. He has no grip what so ever with these two fingers but obviously we are all very hopeful. We new it would never be a quick recovery but we are very pleased with the progress to date. His physio says he is very determined. Any way you may able to see Chris your self on Saturday night. Just the thread regarding Chris?????
  6. elnno

    Chris Neath

    Any ideas why the Chris Neath thread has been removed? Chris has member/supporters who would like to keep track of his obvious long term injuries. Such injuries are not going to fix over night so the forum is the obvious place to keep postings regarding his long road to recovery.
  7. elnno

    Kennett Suspended!

    On Sunday the SCB wrote a new standing regulation that at each meeting two riders silencers will be chosen by ballot from each team competing and inspected. Presumably starting on Monday as this was conducted at the Newcastle vs Rye meeting where Derek Sneddon, Claus Nedermark, Chris Neath, Jordan Frampton's silencers were inspected all found to be legal. I presume this will now become a routine as per Carb and cut out inspections.
  8. Still stretching the imagination I see. Any way what we can agree on is that you pay so have the right to say. Just make sure its factual or of knowledgeable accuracy. Broad brushes can paint an awful picture
  9. Here we go again lets bash Len. Not that Len needs any defending but I think you will find that this event is whats known as a shared event and authority higher than Len in speedway BSPA or FIM dictate the charges. Rye house get a cut of the gate for organising and the use of the facility. Remember also that Ryehouse have to make quite an investment to ensure the track meets FIM standard which is some thing many tracks will not do. Without genuine in it for the speedway promoters like at Ryehouse we would see no such international events in the UK. So keep up the bashing lets pxxs of the few tht are prepared to invest in speedway in general and who knows we may get to the stage where we wont have any speedway to moan about.
  10. Any one got any pictures from the meeting? Please post the links.
  11. Good photolink on the ryehouse site. www.ryehousefan.co.uk
  12. Normal Rye House price, I will try to find out
  13. Michael Lee will now be doing demo rides with Sam Ermolenko. For the kids there will be an "appearance" from some of the animals from the Paradise WildLife Park. Davey Watt has replaced Neils.
  14. Robbo’s Return All roads lead to Rye House Speedway this Saturday’s (September 20th) for the Chris Neath Testimonial Meeting. The main event will be an individual championship based on the Olympique-style handicapping system, with race winners starting 30 metres back in their next outings, second placed riders 20 metres back, and so on, to ensure a night of passing and thrills. The tremendous breaking news ahead of the meeting is the confirmed inclusion in the main event of Stuart Robson, who has been absent from racing since suffering serious injury at Mildenhall on April 30th 2007. Primarily associated with Coventry, Rye House and Newcastle, Robson is a former Inter-Continental, double Overseas and 6-time British Finalist. Perhaps more importantly, he has been hugely popular on the terraces, and fully deserves the “Super Robbo” moniker he has been given by supporters. Chris himself is delighted to have Robbo on-board for Saturday’s meeting. “It’s an absolute bonus for the Rye fans – and everyone in speedway – to be able to see Robbo in action again. He’s been moto-crossing, and I heard that he had a spin at Peterborough a couple of weeks ago and looked really sharp, so you know that he’s going to go out there and give it 110% like he’s always done. Plus, he’s a really good guy and helped to bind the team together at Rye to achieve the success we did between 2005 and 2007.” Stuart Robson joins a field that also includes Grand Prix stars Freddie Lindgren and Niels Kristian Iversen and fellow Elite League rivals Mads Korneliussen, Danny King, Steve Johnston, Leigh Lanham and David Howe, plus Jason Doyle, Kevin Doolan and Brent Werner. The Silver Ski Rockets are represented by Tai Woffinden, Tommy Allen, Stefan Ekberg and Chris himself. The meeting reserves are Rye’s Robert Mear and Luke Bowen. Chris Holder is unfortunately a withdrawal from the meeting due to U-21 World Cup commitments, with his replacement to be confirmed as of press time. Please note that the above rider listing is subject to late availability changes. In addition to the main event, two demonstration match races are scheduled between 1993 World Champion Sudden Sam Ermolenko and former World Cup and Pairs titlist Rocket Ronnie Correy. Their presence at Rye on Saturday is also personally significant for Chris. “I grew up watching Sudden Sam and Rocket Ronnie on the terraces at Wolverhampton. They are true legends at Monmore Green, and icons for me from my youth through to my riding days, so it means so much to have them here on Saturday.” Not to be outdone, former West Ham, Sunderland and Crayford star Gentleman George Barclay is also planning a skid on vintage equipment. The gates open at 5pm, with tapes up at 7pm following the pre-meeting parade. There will be musical entertainment both before and after the meeting, and also a post-meeting auction of race jackets and other items. For further details on any of the above, please e-mail Rye House Speedway at silvers@silverski.co.uk or contact Stephanie Babb on 07901 976912 or via stephanie_20016@yahoo.com.

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