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They're ours!!...........hands off!!

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We got 'em as kids.

We put the time and effort into them.

They're now damn good riders........we're keepin 'em.


And as long as they want to stay with the club that trained them, why should they leave? Even if that team developed into a 60 point team. They could be excluded from any points limit calculation if the club wished and the remaining places filled with riders meeting the points limit in force at the time, say an average of 6.5?


Can anyone see a problem with this in principle? Methinks this would give training tracks/clubs a real incentive to keep up their good work.


Yes, they could still be loaned out to gain experience but remain a club asset if they wished.

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The idea sounds good but does this not disadvantage the tracks who would like to train riders but are prevented from doing so by stadium / planning restrictions. The idea you suggest was tried in the early 70s but led to some teams becoming very powerful, one sided matches etc.

In this region, because Sheffield have training facilities, they have virtually hoovered up all the young talent in the Yorkshire region. What does that leave for others ?

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