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The continuing decline of Speedway

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So the bikes are dangerous and holding back better racing.

I wonder if a better track surface would make them safer.

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11 hours ago, Spl77 said:

If only others would listen.... He seems from the outside looking in a lone voice. 

I think there are a couple of others with similar thoughts, just not enough.

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I am only nudging this topic back to life because I have just come across a Speedway Star survey in their new year edition for 1997, a time of another speedway crisis. The survey results showed nothing has been done really to resolve the problems since then of speedway relying on the old brigade of fans to keep the sport going.

Two decades ago, just as speedway was benefitting from new public awareness which SKY's coverage of Grand Prix gave, it is interesting to see the feedback of the questions the Star put to fans in the winter of 1996/97:

Do you attend speedway less or more than you did five years ago? About the same (39%), more (27%),  less (27%), and 6% didn't attend five years ago.

Another question: How did you become interested in speedway? Taken by family (62%), recommended by friends (30%). Just eight per cent were attracted by advertising etc.

Sixty-four per cent of people said they had introduced new fans in the last two years (1994-96). More than 54% had taken along two-to-four new people. The report revealed that once new fans had been introduced, 80% had become occasional or regular attendees.

The main worry was the level of new supporters during the last five years of the survey being compiled?

I wonder how that survey would compare to one now. Remember, we have had the good fortune of wall-to-wall live domestic matches over two decades since. How much has that luxury helped or hindered the sport over here?



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This item is from 2015 but many of the points the BBC survey make are relevant IMO. It possibly also answers the BBC attitude in regard to SPOTY and why a speedway candidate is not considered these days. I would also emphasis that because I am placing this Link it should not be taken as my sharing or NOT sharing the findings. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/motorsport/33724964?fbclid=IwAR38_EJtKwFoJ9eFz0p9X8hcmXegGAGjzA1eCUC2noUPvwOv2FiumDIj050

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