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  1. Lindgren £100 more Kubera £100 more. Thank you
  2. salty

    Classic Speedway Memories- June Edition

    Interesting read as ever - Thank you.
  3. salty

    YOUR Hackney

    Lived in South-West London through the 80's so only occasional visits over to Waterden Road. Most memorable race I saw there was the final of the National League Pairs in 1985. Stan Bear riding for Poole kept trying to push Louis Carr (Ellesmere Port) ever wider to try and avoid last place but finally overdid it and took Louis off on the final bend, race awarded to Ellesmere Port. race was won by Joe Owen just a few weeks before his career ending crash at Birmingham. Attended both GP's at the re-configured track and even went a couple of times for the London Lions season. Was ever a plusher stand built that had such a short life?
  4. Kubera £100 more Wozniak £50 more.
  5. Can I add Blodorn £50 more please.
  6. Wozniak £100 more than 8 please. Blodorn £50 more than 4.
  7. Vaculik - £100 more Michelsen - £150 more Ta.
  8. salty


    Alan Mogridge? Was a bit of a sacrificial lamb when first in the Dons team but went on to a long career. I was also there for Kelvins debut, you could tell straight away he was a cut above the other number 7’s
  9. Michelsen £100 more Holder £50 more Ta very much.
  10. If I remember correctly the Tolley brothers hailed from Worcestershire. Jim’s grandson Ryan was a good grass tracker who had a short lived dabble at Speedway about 2000.
  11. salty

    Tough times for football clubs

    St Mirren are having a good season in the Scottish Premiership, although Love Street where the Paisley Lions rode, is now a housing development I believe.
  12. Even if a repeat - still more interesting than most of those in General Discussions! I am in the same boat as Bobbath. First race was Cradley v Newport in September 1968. Graham Coombes (R) Chris Julian (B) Jon Erskine (W) RR for Jimmy Gooch, Cyril Francis (Y/B). So only Jon still with us.
  13. salty

    Oldest Surviving World Finalists

    Six for me.
  14. salty

    John "Tiger" Louis R.I.P.

    Such sad news. He did so much for the sport as both a rider and promoter. RIP

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