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  1. This made me laugh......delusional somewhat to think there is a band wagon to jump on here There isn't. That is why nobody jumped
  2. iris123

    Who is this ?

    Curved.....there is a difference
  3. iris123

    Who is this ?

    Looks like Bengt Mudgaard
  4. I read something about this yesterday. A meeting due to be ridden in Finland has now been moved to Germany, and they mentioned insurance problems. I just thought it was for the meeting/track, i didn't realise it was a national problem
  5. Remember Shirley Muldowney being a top Drag Racer in the US back in the 70s when I think ITV used to show it. Alongside Don Garlits. Not sure if others followed, as my interest only lasted a couple of years
  6. iris123

    Gorzow GP Saturday 29th June

    WEF conspiracy I heard
  7. Ok the alarm bells are ringing. I have a feeling you were an unintelligible conspiracy loon in a previous life I think it is time for me to abandon ship and leave you with the baby faced people
  8. Exactly The idea behind a discussion forum is to get your point across to others in relatively clear english. Well that is the language i learnt. It doesn't have to be perfect grammar, but the point has to be understandable. If you have a point, which i doubt, it doesn't come across in child speak. Maybe you want to post it in the junior section ? Maybe it was meant for these baby faced people on the ship ?
  9. Certainly am if someone posts like a young child who knows words, just doesn't know how to compose an intelligible sentence with them Who is competing in this ship for instance. And what do ships have to do with speedway ?
  10. Not sure about mental, but that is unintelligible
  11. iris123


    Funny, because nobody had posted for a couple of days anyway. And speculating and guessing is what this forum is for mostly
  12. iris123


    Yes. As i posted on the other thread, it was some years ago when he said he was a reformed person and wanted another chance.......here we are, and how long will it be before he is saying he is a reformed character and wants another chance ? What are the odds ?
  13. I think you are getting yourself in a twist here. Why does she have to be near the same standard as Championship middle order riders, when she was employed at reserve ? Aren't there a good few riders that have been in teams for years that aren't going to be middle order riders, or at least not in the first of second season ? Some struggle a bit at first. I don't even think Celina has struggled too much before she started picking up points.
  14. iris123

    Knutsson v. Fundin 1961-65

    The thing that struck me i seem to remember when looking at Fardon's scoring, was his inconsistency and a fair number of falls. Although it was a few years ago now. maybe it was down to the tracks or the bikes etc and maybe he was still to peak But Mauger and Nielsen were extremely consistent, as obviously Fundin was
  15. iris123

    SGP 2

    See Erik Bachhuber has retired after his 3 rides in Macon. Said he had been thinking about giving up for a while !!!

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