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  1. iris123

    Tough times for football clubs

    Similarly the gypsies of English football, QPR are having a tough time and could drop down to the third tier yet again Bit of a yo-yo team, who made according to Wiki, 18 changes of ground, although obviously some back to an old ground !! Is this a record ? But did have a couple of spells at White City London
  2. iris123

    Morian Hansen Treated Shamefully

    Interesting to read the bit on early Danish racing, and what is one of the first purpose built motorcycle dirt track stadiums in Europe. The Glostrup stadium which opened on August 12th 1922. Interesting in many ways, but the importance maybe of an appearance of the US dirt track rider Paul Anderson in 1925. As mentioned on the Frank Arthur thread, he was also racing around this time in Australia. And it was also around this time that the 'American skid' style of braodsiding around the corners was described. So maybe seen in Denmark ? You could almost believe they had seen speedway/dirt track broadsiding from the cover of the opening meetings programme http://speedwaylife.com/danish-tracks/glostrup/ https://www.ebay.com/itm/266200848818
  3. iris123

    When You're Smiling...

    Probably me personally. But i do find all this a bit disrespectful to a speedway rider and someone who lost their life serving their country. Just the same as i find the treatment of Morian Hansen, who has his own thread, shameful
  4. iris123

    Morian Hansen Treated Shamefully

    As the thread title states, he was treated shamefully. You would like to think it couldn't happen today, but we have recently seen with Afghan helpers, how appaling they were also treated. You would think though with Hansens medals and service in the RAF, which had a better reputation that the army really, he would have had a few important people in his corner, who could and should have slammed ther fist on a table or two and pulled some strings
  5. I just don't think promoters work that way. Regardless of how successful or not Celina turns out to be, if some team needs a rider, in the ever decreasing market, and the best bet available is a female, then they will turn to her A young female finished 2nd in the junior event at Güstrow the other day. Who knows how her career turns out ?
  6. iris123

    Morian Hansen Treated Shamefully

    From Mechanic to the Dirt Track From an early age he is trained as mechanic and he is eventually employed by the Ford Motor Company. He earns the nickname Morian Hansen in this period; Morian is an old and depreciatory expression for a coloured person. As one story is told he was repairing a Ford T when carbon from the engine soiled his face. From this day on his colleagues called him “Morian.” Another story, told by him self in 1981, relates to the dirt of the dirt track. In the 1920’s Morian Hansen is involved in motor racing – primarily motor bikes, but also racing cars. This eventually brings him abroad. In the 1930’s he moves to England with his family for a career as professional dirt track rider (later known as speedway). Speed in the blood, he does not stick to the ground. In 1935 he receives training as pilot in the Hearts and Essex Flying Club at Broxbourne and he gets his certificate on 12 October 1935. Many of the British riders of the time take up flying in exactly this club. https://www.danishww2pilots.dk/profiles.php?person=35 https://po-bandzie.com.pl/zuzel-zuzlowy-forrest-gump-bohater-dunczyk-morian-hansen/
  7. iris123

    2024 Ice Speedway

    What is revolutionary about this new bike, anyone ?
  8. Latvia: LEBEDEVS Andzejs, MIHAILOVS Olegs, KOSTIGOVS Jevgenijs, KOLODINSKIS Daniils, GUSTS Francis Germany: GROBAUER Valentin, RISS Erik, WÖLBERT Kevin, WASSERMANN Sandro, BLÖDORN Norick Sweden: THORSELL Jacob, LINDBÄCK Antonio, LINDGREN Fredrik, NILSSON Kim, HENRIKSSON Casper Ukraine: LEVISHYN Marko, KARPOV Andriy, MELNYCHUK Stanislav, LYSAK Vitalii, PARNITSKYI Nazar
  9. iris123

    The Boys Are Back in Town

    Cyril Maidment was one at Wimbledon
  10. iris123

    Track records

    Ok. I do remember someone on the forum explaining the gate. When or why it was changed etc. There were a couple of track staff who used to post on here. the post or two are probably buried in the forum vaults somewhere
  11. iris123

    Track records

    Wouldn't it have been the ther way around, as i thought the difference was because of complying with FIM regs ? Maybe introduced when Wimbledon hosted the Internationae ?
  12. iris123

    US national championships 20s + 30s

    Good to hear. I just wonder how Ray Grant got credited with the championship, especially as he was missing a good bit of the season due to injury. I wonder if he won something else ? I also came across a Mexico v California meeting. Though disappointed that the 'Mexico' team was just the US riders that had ventured down to race in Mexico, rather than any Mexican speedway riders
  13. iris123

    British Riders' Championships

    A couple of days ago saw a US newspaper report from 1933 and Elder was also mentioned as world champion. So I guess something he was fond of telling people
  14. iris123

    US national championships 20s + 30s

    forty motorcycle racers vie tomorrow In the first daylight program ever held at the Long Beach Motospeedway. Eighteen races, including both scratch and handicap events, are scheduled, with “Sprouts” Elder, world champion, and Miny Wain, national champion, heading the entries which also include Ray Grant, Bo Lisman, Cordy Milne, Lammy Lamoreaux, Earl Farrand and Rusty Roberts. Elder and Wain will hook up in several of the events in starting their race for 1933 honors. Wain will be presented with the speedway trophy he won last year by Miss Glenda Farrell, motion picture star. August 1933 September, and i am not sure if this refers to the US championship. In the paper it talks about West side championship. But to me from the earlier paper about Lammy already having the title befre the last meeting had reached half way, means it was a GP style series, which ties in with this. I also can't believe that it was just down to 6 riders. And to me it looks like Puma has misunderstood that the scratch race final was the final for the title.... BYRD M'KINNEY, who grabbed the lead in the, championship a month ago, will face Wilbur Lamoreaux, Cordy M)lne, Miny Wain and Jack Milne to-. night in the races at Loyola. Motor Races ..Due Tonight .at Loyola speedway b?gin bearing down tonight in the race for the championship of the west side racing plant. Lammy" Lamoreaux, Burton Albrecht. Cordy Milne, Jack Milne, Miny Wain and. other hot shot speedsters are all here intent on passing Byrd McKinney, Who grabbed off the lead a month ago and has held it ever since. . Tonight's big drawing card is the three-way match race doubleheader" between Cordy Milne, .Wilbur Lamoreaux and Miny Wain for the "Undisputed championship - of Southern California. Milne will Jsattle Wain for two excursions around the fast and spectacular track, with Lamourcaux challenging the winner.
  15. iris123

    Leicester Lions 2024

    Phew, that was lucky !!! Just came on the forum and nearly tripped over a load of toys being thrown out of a pram, there Could have been nasty

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