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  1. barrybishop

    Survival of The Premiership?

    hey, firstly thanks for attending.... and you are right, how we run speedway it's not for everyone. We aim for mainstream fans of speedway and motorcycling, and of course tourists. I dont agree with your comment of poor racing, we all have different expectations for that I guess but the overwhelming feedback, despite all the challenges we face external to Nora and what we want to do, is that the racing was great, entertainment was brilliant and its was non stop action. If you come down for the second leg be sure to introduce yourself to me and lets discuss it further. All the best and i really hope that we've kickstarted more interest in RH returning where no other club would even consider helping.
  2. barrybishop

    Kent Royals license revoked!

    Hi Geoff, this isnt correct, Nora must have an airfence for speedway. However, the Younglions did stage a training camp under the direction of the SCB at Macron without an airfence, so I am not really sure any longer on the SCBs stance of track safety. The same can be said of the mini track at Scunthorpe and I believe the Berwick training track, neither have air fences.
  3. Our plan is of course to keep the teams as close as we can to the same side each week... although with the challenges that we have outside of our league that may not always be possible. Lets hope that we can or as near to as possible. Thanks for your feedback.
  4. I would just like to comment on some of the earlier posts. Like you I was extremely disappointed not to have publicised this meeting a lot more. It's my forte, because I totally believe in what we offer as a product. However, the reason why none of this happened was, because in reality we only knew we were going for it 10 days (maximum) before with a lot of risk, but really, we had just three days. (we almost drew up a plan to run it on the island) I wont go in to the why or how, but you can all draw your own conclusions as to why. We didnt promote it hard due to the not actually knowing if we were on or not, and I didnt want to put even more egg on the face of our sport. However, we probably did just enough in the few days we had... perhaps that was what the intension of others, who knows. Rest assured, moving forward, it will be better promoted, even better presentation, an even better day out. Taking an idea to another stadium is a challenge, we had to get know volunteers quickly, show them how we do things, learn from them too, which we did and we had a great day..... Anyways, the blueprint has left the island now and for sure, it will grow more.
  5. barrybishop

    Nora Speedway League

    Perfectly correct Chris - Nora's insurance was infact superior to the BSPL's NL with the exception of death when we did the analysis, and underwritten by the same company. I would imagine when other stadiums that also run Nora events, Iwade, Lydd, Scunthorpe, Leicester, Kings Lynn, Redcar when for example Dirt Track Events race there or even their own series of racing the insurance has already been deemed as acceptable by those clubs too. For the last two season everything has worked fine with the insurances when needed and the general feedback by those that needed it was that it was swift and easy to claim (if it is ever easy to claim for such a thing). So we are happy with it, riders can also take out their own personal insurance with the Nora race license which comes in very competitively when compared to other licenses and insurance options. All the best and thanks for the feedback. Barry
  6. barrybishop

    Isle of Wight 2022

    We are absolutely delighted to welcome Ian Barney to Smallbrook Stadium on August 11th for the NORA British Upright Championship. Mark your diary, book your ferry, make a weekend or week of it and join us for the biggest upright engine meeting for decades and after party. Upright Racer Ian Barney Primed For Smallbrook Action Already seeded to the NORA Upright British Speedway Championship Final in August, Ian Barney’s name is instantly recognisable to the sports followers so Championship Co-ordinator Lee Coleman caught up with Ian to get his thoughts on visiting the Island for what will be a big night of racing. Ian said, “First of all, I am very pleased to be involved in the NORA British Upright Championship. We have had the Veteran Championships at Lydd in Kent for many years which I have raced in and enjoyed very much and now I’ve been given the chance to ride in a British Championship again on the Island! I will be riding a Jawa machine which is currently being prepared but will be finished shortly. Speedway for me started back in 1977 at Mildenhall and I loved riding there. During my time at Mildenhall my Dad spoke to Brian Clark who opened the door at Peterborough to offer ‘after the meeting rides’ which I did as soon as I possibly could. I was over the moon as I supported Peterborough Panthers from the age of eleven. I worked my way through from raw novice to heat leader, including winning the 1984 National League Riders Championship in front of my home crowd. I loved my years at Peterborough. I also enjoyed doubling up with Kings Lynn during these times. Sadly, all good things come to an end, or so I thought. A few years later I was asked to ride in the Conference League which I enjoyed just as much as I did in my heyday. I had a few years away but recently was tempted back which brings us to present day. This coming season I will be riding with the London Celts in amateur events which will help me keep race sharp and I also have other meetings in the pipeline which I hope will be great preparation for the British Upright Championship at the Isle of Wight. I will be giving it my best shot. There is going to be a very strong field of riders which will provide a highly competitive meeting which I am pleased to be involved in. I hope there will be plenty of support this coming season for the Wightlink Warriors as they are doing the sport the world of good. My thanks to Barry, Martin and Lee for the opportunity to race at Smallbrook, I can’t wait!” Meeting Co-ordinator Lee Coleman was equally excited saying “I am so pleased Ian Barney will be racing for the chance to win NORA British Upright Championship. When his request to enter appeared in my messages box I realised pretty quickly we were capturing the imagination of established names within the sport. Plus, we again have another Championship winning rider in the line up! I know he is preparing a bike especially for the Upright events, he is meticulous in his preparation and I’m sure Smallbrook will really suit him. Having watched him race through the years I know he will be giving 100% to support the event, both on and off the track. Ian is a great addition to what is a very competitive line-up of seeded riders.” The image, courtesy of Kevin Goodacre Photography and Speedway Star magazine, shows Ian immediately after his National League Riders Championship success.
  7. barrybishop

    Isle of Wight 2022

    Competition time..... Wightlink Warriors Reveal New Development Team With Fans Invited To Suggest A Nickname The Wightlink Warriors have embraced the success of My First Skid by creating a second development team to provide competitive action for riders at the Wightlink Wizards level of progress and fans now have an opportunity to win a special prize by suggesting a nickname for the new side. Wightlink Warrior’s co-owner Barry Bishop explained, “The Wizards have become an established part of our club, offering up-and-coming riders a chance to be involved in proper team matches on race nights. Most of our Wizards have progressed from My First Skid which has been very successful in attracting new riders to the sport. We have now reached a stage where we have enough riders to track two teams of Development League standard and we plan to take this forward in 2022. After much discussion between Martin (Widman), Kev (Shepherd) and myself we have settled on the riders who will line up for the Wizards and our new team and the riders will be: Wizards: Michael Austin, Vinny Branch, Jamie Sealey (pictured), Sam Peters, Steph Whitlock. New Team: Jamie Evans, James Laker, Wayne Parker, Anastasia Sallee, Morgan Williams. Many of those names will be familiar to Smallbrook regulars however we are delighted to introduce newcomers Michael, Vinny and Wayne. Michael and Vinny are both from motorcycling backgrounds with road racing, trials, moto X and grass track experience. Wayne is returning to speedway after some time away. All three have been showing super progress week on week and we think we have balanced the sides to ensure the on-track action will be meaningful and exciting. If people are wondering about Chris and Rob Watts, we have spoken to both lads who are super keen, however other commitments could make regular appearances tricky – that said Chris is definitely going to do other meetings at Smallbrook having already been confirmed as one of the Cradley squad for the three-team tournament. I must also thank long-standing supporter Kay Richardson. To add a little good-natured spice to the matches between our two development sides, they will be competing for a trophy to be presented to the winning team by Kay in memory of her late husband Michael who was such a staunch supporter of speedway on the Island and who offered non-stop encouragement to those riders looking to make their way in the sport. We now need to find a catchy nickname for our new side, and we are inviting supporters to come up with their ideas. We will award an appropriate prize to the supporter whose suggestion captures our values and the excitement we believe in, and I have asked our Press Officer Rob Dyer to co-ordinate replies. Please forward your submissions to him by email using rob.dyer@hotmail.co.uk Closing date midnight 14th March 2022.”
  8. barrybishop

    Isle of Wight 2022

    Kennett’s Comeback Intrigues Speedway Fraternity The announcement last weekend that former world number two speedway rider Gordon Kennett was planning to race competitively again at Ryde’s Smallbrook Stadium has set the internet speedway forums buzzing with both intrigue and excitement especially from fans of Oxford and Eastbourne who are keen to know more of their former hero’s plans. Gordon said, " I can’t quite believe the amount of interest that has been generated by my agreeing to ride in the Upright Championship on the Isle of Wight. People who know me will have seen me out from time to time taking in a practice or two and having had such a great reception when visiting the Island as team manager for Oxford last year it was too good an opportunity to miss. Smallbrook is a track that I have never ridden before so now I can put that right. Helping in just a small way to get Oxford back on track has been fantastic and now to be involved with a new championship is brilliant. The Championship Co-Ordinator Lee Coleman's doing great work to make this a special event and now I can’t wait to ride and have fun and look forward to seeing speedway fans once more from the track." Championship Co-ordinator Lee Coleman added, "Gordon Kennett confirming his entry to the NORA British Upright Championship is superb. I grew up during the 70’s and 80’s with Gordon being one of the stars during a boom period of the sport. The World Final in 1978 at a packed Wembley is one of my most watched meetings on YouTube and obviously starred Gordon on his way to becoming World number 2. I had to pinch myself a few years ago when I shared the track with him during the Veteran Championship at Lydd, but Gordon supporting the events on the Island this year by entering the Upright Championship has topped that. August 11th can’t come soon enough."
  9. barrybishop

    Isle of Wight 2022

    Former World Speedway Number 2, Gordon Kennett, To Race At Smallbrook Stadium In British Upright Championship Final Even though the meeting is still some five months away, interest in the NORA 2022 British Upright Speedway Championship being promoted by the Wightlink Warriors at their Smallbrook Stadium in Ryde is intense with currently over 30 riders hoping to be invited to compete in the event. That level of support has come as no surprise to Warriors co-owner Barry Bishop who said, “We knew from the very positive response to the inclusion of the older, more traditional style of upright engined speedway machines that formed part of our race night last year, that interest from both riders and supporters in this category was strong and so to develop it more, with the support of our great friends at NORA, we were determined to include it in our 2022 programme. With no other equivalent Championship on offer it made sense to make our meetings that much more meaningful and I am thrilled that we have been able to appoint Lee Coleman as our Championship Co-ordinator and he has been instrumental in linking many aspects of the event together culminating in the announcement of the formula for the Championship and the first four excellent riders who we look forward to welcoming to Smallbrook. It really does promise to be a very close fought Championship that will add another dimension to our varied summer calendar”. Championship Co-ordinator Lee Coleman added “I’m thrilled and very grateful to Barry and Martin who have asked me to help with this very exciting project and just as soon as preliminary information was released, we have been kept busy with a whole string of recognisable names wanting to find out more. As a result of that we have settled on a format that will allow us to seed eight riders straight through to the Grand Final on 11th August where they will be joined by the top four riders from each of the two qualifying rounds on 30thJune and 21st July. The Grand Final will run on the standard 20 heat individual programme. With the arrangements now firmly established I am buzzing to be able to name the first four seeds that will compete in our Grand Final. They are former World Speedway Number 2 and World Pairs Champion Gordon Kennett, 1984 National League Riders Champion Ian Barney and British Indoor Ice Champions Wayne Broadhurst and Tony Atkin who are both equally at home on shale and especially grass where they hold multiple Championship titles. I’m told all these guys are already gearing up, both physically and mechanically, to be as competitive as possible and the other four seeds, who are already signed to the series and who are equally as keen, will be announced shortly. I know Barry and Martin can’t wait to see these guys blasting round the wide-open spaces of the Smallbrook raceway and I’ve got to say I’m the same. Summer can’t come soon enough”.
  10. barrybishop

    Isle of Wight 2022

    Hi All, We have already held several My First Skid sessions following the flood. The track is in first class shape. Other little bits that needed repairing following the burst are being done as and when materials/volunteers are available working with the loss adjuster from Southern Water who have been very good. now we look forward to more MFS (this Thursday and every 2 weeks) before starting another action packed speedway adventure from June 23rd. Many thanks and I trust you are all well and looking forward to the start of the season with your local clubs. All the best, Barry
  11. barrybishop

    Isle of Wight 2022

    I agree... someone can create something under Nora Speedway... that will be just perfect...... We stage "real speedway" thank you...real speedway that includes youth racing at every meeting, real speedway races at every meeting with other categories, real speedway that includes new rules for the benefit of the sport as a whole, real "inclusive" speedway.... real speedway full stop actually.... but then I like passing, action, characters, interaction, shale, and so on... so we have "real speedway" and the Islanders were defunct some 7 years or so ago
  12. barrybishop

    Isle of Wight 2022

    We are also extremely proud to be leading the way for female inclusion in the sport.... NORA Women's British Speedway Championship The Isle of Wight’s Smallbrook Stadium will host the first NORA Women's British Speedway Championship during the Wightlink Warriors 2022 Shale Track Racing fixtures. The brand new competition will see eight of the UK’s top female speedway riders racing in a three round series on July 14th, July 28th and August 2nd. Cumulative scores will then be used to determine the top four riders who will then race-off at the end of round 3 in a dramatic ‘winner talks all’ Grand Final to decide the first Women’s Champion. Being the first female British Championship in the sport, it’s sure to generate a lot of interest from riders, fans and sponsors alike. Warriors co-owner Barry Bishop added, "We have always ensured that speedway is accessible to anyone here on the island and we are delighted to see the number of females participating at a competitive level. Female participation has grown significantly over the last 15 years or so, following on from the Two Fat Submariners Ladies Only Speedway School. That baton has now been taken up by Alan Critcher and we are delighted that he has agreed to be our meeting coordinator for the 2022 championship which I know will get a lot of interest throughout motorcycling and is another great result for the Isle of Wight. With two Island based racers in Steph Whitlock and Anastasia Sallee hoping for selection, who knows, maybe we will have a local favourite on the podium. Now, we cannot wait to get started and to finalise the competitors. There will be lots of opportunity for businesses to align with all the events at Smallbrook Stadium in 2022 through various sponsorship and marketing packages which will be available shortly." Championship Co-ordinator Alan Critcher said, ""It has been a long held desire of mine to see a structured, meaningful and competitive opportunity for lady riders. In 2021 the seeds for such a competition were sown when, on two occasions, the Isle of Wight staged some Ladies Only Races as part of their regular meeting framework. The interest generated by these races has resulted in the Wightlink Warriors promoting the 2022 NORA Women’s British Speedway Championship. This will be contested over three separate rounds, with riders scoring points, based on their finishing position in their three programmed races at each round. At the conclusion of the third round, the top four riders by virtue of their aggregate points scored, will be seeded to the Grand Final, to be raced on the same night as round 3. The winner of the Grand Final will be the 2022 NORA Women’s British Champion!!! My personal thanks go to Barry & Martin, for their acceptance & promotion, of this truly ground breaking Womens British Championship." Any lady riders wishing to take part should contact Alan Critcher via Facebook Messenger or email speedwayontheisland@yahoo.co.uk and the organisers will be in touch.
  13. barrybishop

    Isle of Wight 2022

    This will be excellent..... NORA British Upright Speedway Championship The NORA British Upright Speedway Championship comes to Smallbrook Stadium in 2022. This brand new event will see two, eight rider qualifying rounds (30th June and 21st July) each featuring different riders with the top six from each qualifier competing in the Grand Final on 11th August. Depending on the riders scores on Finals night, they will then race-off in C, B and A finals with a ‘winner takes all’ A final determining the outright champion. The Championship co-ordinator Lee Coleman said," I am really pleased to be associated with the Wightlink Warriors and proud to help behind the scenes with the British Upright Speedway Championship. The Upright category is attracting more and more interest and this is an exciting opportunity for all the Upright riders to race for a National title on the Island. In fact I wish it was happening a few years ago as I’d have entered myself! Any Upright Speedway riders out there wishing to take part can drop me a message via my Facebook page, or email speedwayontheisland@yahoo.co.uk and we’ll be in touch!" Wightlink Warriors co-owner Barry Bishop added, "Last years upright racing was very well received by the fans and riders alike, so we are thrilled to extend our initial taste of upright racing to bring forward the NORA British Upright Speedway Championship and whilst I can’t announce just yet who has requested to participate I am sure speedway fans are going to be delighted."
  14. barrybishop

    Isle of Wight 2022

    We fully appreciate that we are not for everyone. However we have embraced the European/US style of speedway meetings (and I have been to both of them) which last year worked very well, and we hope for the same this year. Personally I dont see the point to say this or that and that along with "glad its not my club" and not have actually experienced what our race nights are about and include. It is so easy for us Brits to put something down rather than saying well done, that is brilliant, good effort, congratulations... sadly it is a known Brit trait However, the simple fact is, and again we fully appreciate that it is not for every speedway/motorsport fan, but the overwhelming result of the year was that people really enjoyed what we put on, loved the atmosphere, and returned. Imagine what could be done without restriction, or fear for riders/clubs being penalised. Our view of the sport remains the same, keep supporting your clubs where you can, attend where you can and provide constructive feedback to your clubs about what you want to see on a race night. Thats exactly what we did. All the best all and thank you all for you feedback, it helps us grately.
  15. barrybishop

    Isle of Wight 2022

    2022 Fixture List Following a highly successful 2021 season of varied on-track activity, the Wightlink Warriors Shale Track Racing Club have today announced their NORA Motorsport race programme for 2022 with eleven consecutive weeks of racing over the peak summer months starting on 23 June. In fact thirteen meetings are currently planned with two events taking place in the weeks commencing 1st August and 15th August. Commenting on the programme of events, co-owner Barry Bishop said, “We had a fantastic summer of racing at Smallbrook last year and the feedback from those who visited us endorsed our vision of providing exciting racing alongside non-stop family entertainment. The format of our meetings was ideal and so when Martin (Widman – co-owner) and myself sat down to prepare for 2022 it was right that we replicate what went well, but with some new innovations for our supporters to enjoy. In addition to conventional speedway featuring our Warriors and Wizards, we had no hesitation in including the Grass Track solo’s to do battle for the Island Masters series title and a brand new Open Championship event to round off our season in September. Sidecar speedway has always been well supported when it been staged on the Island and so in response to both rider and supporter input, we will be giving the ‘chairs’ a meeting in July. We also want to give more track time to the female speedway riders and have agreed to stage a Ladies British Final in August that we hope will bring together the top riders from up and down the country and that will sit alongside the NORA British Open Championship that was so dramatic last year and whilst mentioning Championships we are delighted to be hosting the NORA British Upright Championship for the first time in August. Additionally we have been working with our friends in the UK Flat Track community. A couple of the Flat Track riders have been practicing at Smallbrook and have really enjoyed our big, fast circuit and their impressive laps have encouraged us to include Flat Track as part of our race night offering this year. We will be unveiling our Wightlink Warrior team members shortly. They will be operating at a level equivalent National Development League standard. We are also actively engaged in building the Wightlink Wizards team and will provide the names in due course. Please remember that meetings can be subject to late alteration or cancellation so it is always best to check before starting out on any time consuming journey. Our media colleagues, social media platforms and website will be updated with all the breaking news as it happens and so I would ask all supporters to keep a close eye out for the latest information and as always we will be happy to hear from those with any questions via email to speedwayontheisland@yahoo.co.uk ”. Fixtures: 23rd June Warriors Three Team Tournament – Round 1 Wizards Team Challenge (opposition to be confirmed) Pee Wee bike and Youth Development races (bikes up to 160 cc) 30th June Island Masters Series Rd 1 Upright Engine Speedway Qualification Pee Wee bike and Youth Development Races (bikes up to 160 cc) 7th July Nora 500cc British Sidecar Speedway Final Flat Track Racing Pee Wee bike and Youth Development races (bikes up to 160 cc) 14th July US Style Handicap Speedway – Individual Meeting NORA Womens British Open Championship – R1 Pee Wee bike and Youth Development races (bikes up to 160 cc) 21st July Island Masters Series – Round 2 Upright Engine Speedway Qualification Pee Wee bike and Youth Development races (bikes up to 160 cc) 28th July Warriors Three Team Tournament R2 NORA Womens British Open Championship – R2 Pee Wee bike and Youth Development races (bikes up to 160 cc) 2nd Aug NORA British Open Championship – Individual Meeting NORA Womens British Open Championship – R3 and Final Pee Wee bike and Youth Development Races (bikes up to 160 cc) 4th Aug US Style Handicap Speedway – Individual Meeting Wizards Team Challenge (opposition to be confirmed) Pee Wee bike and Youth Development races (bikes up to 160 cc) 11th Aug NORA British Open Upright Championship – Individual Meeting Flat Track Racing Pee Wee bike and Youth Development races (bikes up to 160 cc) 16th Aug Warriors Three Team Tournament – Round 3 Blast From The Past Pee Wee bike and Youth Development races (bikes up to 160 cc) 18th Aug Island Masters Round 3 (Individual Meeting) Wizards Team Challenge (opposition to be confirmed) Pee Wee bike and Youth Development races (bikes up to 160 cc) 25th Aug Speedway Best Pairs Flat Track Racing Pee Wee bike and Youth Development races (bikes up to 160 cc) 1st Sep NORA British Open Championship (Grass Track) Blast From The Past Pee Wee bike and Youth Development races (bikes up to 160 cc)

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