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  1. My feeling is that good news could be on its way!!!
  2. It is possible that this is the same person who appeared last year in many guises one being "Messiah of BSF"
  3. Lets be clear!! Dale claimed to be unaware of the E Mail I had from Jason Lunn ,until I sent it to him. The EM ail from Jason Lunn is unequivocal that it was all down to Speedway not EOES
  4. I still have the E Mail from Jason Lunn stating it was all down to Peterborough Speedway. To use a phrase currently in vogue "some may have different recollections"
  5. Speedway has been trying to commit suicide for years maybe this year they will succeed
  6. I understand there will be some good news shortly on this matter.
  7. wealdstone


    "promoters often looked after their own interests rather than the sport" Substitute always for often and there you have it.
  8. As one enlightened promoter once remarked what is the point in increasing admission fees if it results in a significant number of fans no longer attending.
  9. Has anybody actually said anything yet re season tickets? I suppose like a number of us at Peterborough many let the management hang on to our 2020 money. As yet there has been no mention of season tickets or how much they will be. Do management assume that those that have left their money with the club will automatically want a season ticket without knowing the cost or what we are going to get for the money. It is surely about time the fans were given some sort of clue as to what the bosses are planning
  10. wealdstone

    Football 2020/21

    Unless FIFA ,UEFA and other authorities get behind it , seems a non starter as if not clubs and players involved will be committing professional suicide.
  11. wealdstone

    BLM Uk protest marches

    There is a petition going around claiming guidelines for hairdressing is discriminatory against black people( can you still use that phrase?)
  12. wealdstone

    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    I will tell her she is wrong,
  13. wealdstone

    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    Have heard from my Late brothers widow in Thailand that they are having a surge of the virus across the country at the moment .
  14. wealdstone


    Nothing but good things to say about new delivery method.

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