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  1. Really, must have watched a different race to the one I watched!!
  2. No , just given the better gate that time
  3. Maybe if you play to the teams strength and not Lamberts ego, Just like that heat. Bewley on 4 = a win!!!
  4. Did MPT Jump the start?
  5. Yes second bite of the cherry. He wouldn’t of beat him in the 1st running. Thompson was gone.
  6. And yet after making progress they still replaced him in heat eight. He would have been off of gate one, where I think he would have had a good chance of beating Connor Coles. He had already beat his opposite number in heat two..Hagon was a bit up and down to be fair. So it would have been nice to see Max get his full programmed rides.
  7. tyler42


    Yes, he's being talked about in a big way. I seem to remember a local lad to you winning the youth 125cc world championship twice!! "Multi British Youth Grass Track Champion Kyle Bickley retained his World 125cc crown after scoring a 15-point maximum in the Czech Republic on Saturday following winning the same event last year in Germany." but unfortunately as soon as he progressed from the conference league, "where he was very good" to the 2nd division he struggled big time and eventually retired at a very early age. So I would say being a good youth rider is not a guarantee of turning out world class, but I hope the young English rider William Cairns is as good as they say, because we do need another superstar to be coming through .
  8. tyler42


    Unfortunately when the grass track production line dried up, so did a lot of the talent. If you look at the amount of star quality riders who came from Grass Track back in the 80s and 90s the list goes on and on. Now we are in the situation where if you take away the British GP riders, Brennan Is the only young up and coming rider who looks like he might make the grade in the top flight league in Poland and the GPs. We keep being told we have a great prospects coming up through the youth scene yes Tom Brennan came through that system and young Flint has done well to qualify for SGP2, but he's still only a rising star in the top league, when he should be kicking on by now! The days of Doncaster, Cross, Tatum, Wigg, Havlock, Screen etc have long gone!
  9. Fantastic camera work!!
  10. It was aways the promoter's wishes to get both top leagues as close in standard as possible. To an extent they achieved this by the doubling up system. You only have to look at last night’s meeting at Ipswich. Both Nicholls and Harris scoring very well, but in their next championship meeting they will be riding against some of the youngsters we have been discussing! So once again this has to be down to the promoters who have allowed this to happened? The pro arguments for doubling up is due to lack of riders. But who created this dilemma? Once again the promoters, by weakening the top league, it would make their running costs cheaper. I think they achieved this, but to the detriment of the sport at what costs! Last year saw the return of good quality riders. i.e Woffenden, Holder, Sayfutdinov to name but a few and this season the league has been bolstered by a whole batch of top class riders. So with that in mind the doubling up system shows it's flaws. Take last night’s meeting for an example. Nicholls, King, Ellis, Harris and Wright should be plying there trade in the top flight only. They shouldn’t be anywhere near the Championship league, but the promoters created this and now we have the silly sight of seeing Harris and co riding against, Second strings riders who were reserves last season and second string riders who are now heat leaders, add in the development league riders! Money for old rope as the saying goes for the likes of the riders I mentioned.
  11. Yes they are very weak, but it was the management committee who decided to weaken the league to such an extent, that all clubs have got Development league riders in their teams this season . Sam McGurk is not the only rider struggling. Poole have struggled for a No7. Trigger up until last week hadn’t pulled up too many trees. Berwick's Young reserve is struggling, Edinburgh 's reserves are up and down. The young lad at Glasgow looks out of his depth. In all truth a lot of these boys should not be riding in the championship, all it's doing is draining them of there confidence. Nine times out of ten they only score points off of each other or if a 1-5 rider has an e/f or falls! The management committee voted for it, no doubt to save money. So it is them and not the young lads, fans should be moaning at.
  12. That would depend on how many ex riders are on here!!
  13. tyler42

    Aces v Lions

    I thought Young Killeen rode very well and did not disgrace himself. Even when he failed to score in a couple, he was on the pace. Put his senior partner to shame imo
  14. tyler42

    Aces v Lions

    No Tatum can’t add up!!!
  15. tyler42

    Aces v Lions

    He might be in form the second division, but I don't think he would have got much change out of the Aces reserves to be fair.

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