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  1. On 4/23/2020 at 12:50 PM, EnglishRoundabout said:

    There was definitely an issue that particular season. It happened on at least three or four occasions. Mind you, I’m sure it’s not unique to Somerset. 

    I sure it was the twinkle in your eyes ER 


    Hope your keeping well 

  2. 1 hour ago, Najjer said:

    I don’t think there is some big master plan for averages to drop and then someone else has already been lined up. I just think that Somerset have been the financial decision to not spend anymore than X amount and therefore the team isn’t anywhere near the standard you would come to expect a few seasons ago. If that is what they have to do to keep the team afloat, then that is what they have to do.

    The biggest mistake was not signing Wilson-Dean last season. Why that didn’t happen, I don’t know. He’s now come in on an inflated average that he won’t achieve just to compound the mistake further.


    Nail on head Najjer

  3. From rebels WEB Site


    Somerset boss Gary May is disappointed that he won't be able to bring Chris Harris back as an Oak Tree regular in 2020 after the Cornishman became a confirmed starter for Birmingham.

    Championship rivals Brummies made the announcement today and May said "I am genuinely sorry to see Bomber move on, but that is part and parcel of speedway and the annual merry-go-round of riders. At the end if the day he is not owned by Somerset rider so we had to go into the mix to negotiate a deal. Of course I would have loved to have him back. I can tell you for sure that he had featured in no fewer than fifteen of my team permutations but at the end of the day we just could not strike the right deal for Somerset Speedway. I have always said that I am not prepared to risk the future of the club by offering riders deals that we can't possibly meet, we know what we can afford and we must always strive to operate within our budget. We weren't too far away on the numbers but that's how things turn out I guess. 2

    "I am still determined to bring a competitive side together for 2020 and I have filled a notebook on possible teams. It's hard, very hard. Putting a team together is a bit like making buying and selling a house. If something down the chain happens there is a knock on effect throughout that chain. Likewise if one rider in a chosen seven drops by the wayside you have to take an overall look at the make-up of that side. Quite often we are working on fine margins as far as averages are concerned, and there are only limited resources out there."
    "What I can say is that the planning goes, the 'phone bill is rising but I am sure we well get there with a team to do us proud."

    Harris captained the Rebels to the SGB Championship play-off semi-finals and was a member of the SGB Championship Fours winning quartet. After just one season, Harris sits in 36th position of the all-time Rebels race winners with 52 victories to his name, and is 46th in the all-time points scorers with 264 race points scored in 2019, despite riding most of the campaign with a wrist injury, one which he is awaiting an operation on over the winter.

  4. 5 hours ago, Paulco said:

    Hard to really understand the reasons why . Pickerings injury didn't help,  as has Heep's absence . But the two main reasons look like being Lawson's contribution from reserve wasn't what was hoped for and Wells has been poor on the road . 

    Lawson impressed me thought he had a reasonable  meeting , only one scoring early on.

  5. From Rebels WEB site

    Teams from
    Somerset: Rory Schlein, Anders Rowe, Chris Harris (Capt), Nico Covatti, Nick Morris, Luke Harris, Nathan Stoneman
    Edinburgh: Sam Masters, James Sarjeant, Josh Pickering, Ricky Wells (Capt), Ellis Perks Cover for Cameron Heeps, Connor Coles, William Lawson


    thanks for update BobC

  6. Somerset v Sheffield  jenga

    Lineups as per Rebels web page

    Somerset: Nick Morris, Anders Rowe, Rory Schlein, Nico Covatti, Chris Harris (Capt), Luke Harris, Nathan Stoneman - TM Garry May
    Sheffield: Danny King, Josh MacDonald, Todd Kurtz, Justin Sedgmen, Kyle Howarth(Capt), Zaine Kennedy, Drew Kemp - TM Simon Stead

  7. Teams 

    Taken from Rebels WEB Site


    Somerset: Nick Morris, Anders Rowe, Rory Schlein, Nico Covatti, Chris Harris (Capt), Luke Harris, Nathan Stoneman - Team Manager: Garry May

    Glasgow: Craig Cook (Capt), James Sarjeant, Claus Vissing, Rider Replacement, Rasmus Jensen, Kyle Bickley, Connor Bailey - Team Manager: Cameron Brown

  8. From the Rebels WEB Site http://www.somerset-speedway.com/news.php?extend.2548

    Kurtz out Morris in Gary not messing about 

    Following the decisions of both Valentin Grobauer and Henry Atkins to step down from the Somerset Rebels, team manager Garry May has taken on a new strategy of going for a very heavy top four attack that has cost Todd Kurtz his place in the Rebels seven, as they welcome back former number one Nick Morris, and will operate with a brace of two pointers at reserve.

    May explained the rationale behind the move that despite having such a strong attack, with a trio of eight pointers, falls under the 40 point limit to which teams can be built. "Our place in the play-offs is still not guaranteed and we face some stern opponents over the final run-in and so I felt that we couldn't afford to slip up. With Henry and Valentin on fairly low averages I could have just gone for a like-for-like change but felt that as too often this season, we have just fallen short of what could be some precious points, we needed some extra fire-power to improve our chances of making the top four. 
    When I saw that Nick Morris was available it looked the perfect opportunity, although to be able to introduce him I needed to shave some points from somewhere else and take the gamble that, although it would leave us with a long tail, we would have a superb top four. 
    "Unfortunately that led me to having to make a difficult call to Todd Kurtz and let him go. It was probably one of the hardest things I have had to do but to his credit he accepted the reasons behind the move and he took it on the chin.

    Completing the team rebuild May has drafted in 22 year old Welshman Nathan Stoneman and 20 year old Londoner Luke Harris both two pointers which means 17-year old Anders Rowe steps up into the main body team in only his first season at Championship level, a move that May also admits is a bold one.

    "I spoke to Anders about the plans I had, explaining that his improved average would move him out of the reserve berth under the new team structure, and he agreed that he would take the challenge on. It's without question that a big step for him and I am encouraged by his attitude."

    The Rebels have eight more league matches to fulfil and May has set a minimum target of 12 more to give them on a total of 36 to make the play-offs. Their first opponents under their new look will be second placed Glasgow on Wednesday, the Tigers having already won four out of their five away matches to-date.


    Covatti Back


    CASES' SOMERSET REBELS:- 1 Rory Schlein 2 Todd Kurtz 3 Valentin Grobauer 4 Nico Covatti (subject to fitness) 5 Chris Harris (capt) 6 Anders Rowe 7 Henry Atkins Team Manager Garry May 

    BERWICK 'MIKE HOPE OF WOOLER' BANDITS powered by Clear Energy Consultants:- 1 Kyle Howarth (G) 2 Jye Etheridge 3 Kevin Doolan (capt) 4 Danny Gappmaier 5 Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen 6 Fernando 'Coty' Garcia 7 Leon Flint Team Manager Gary Flint


    From Rebels WEB site http://www.somerset-speedway.com/news.php?extend.2536

  10. 41 minutes ago, Najjer said:

    We hit 70 one year against one of Lawrence's Mildenhall teams! From memory we had 6 paid maximums that night!

    Edit - http://speedwayupdates.proboards.com/thread/4028/somerset-mildenhall-19-08-30pm

    They were the days!!

    What a memory for one so young Najjer , some great names there. even Werner got a paid max

    1. Jason Doyle..........3, 3, 3, 2' = 11+1
    2. R/R
    3. Emil Kramer..........3, 2', 3, 2' = 10+2 
    4. Stephen Katt..........2', 3, 2', 2' = 9+3 
    5. Jordan Frampton..........3, 3, 2', 3 = 11+1 
    6. Matthias Kroger..........2', 2', 3, 3, 2' = 12+3 
    7. Brent Werner..........3, 2', 3, 3, 3 = 14+1 
    8. Kyle Newman..........1, 1, 2', 1 = 5+1 

    Read more: http://speedwayupdates.proboards.com/thread/4028/somerset-mildenhall-19-08-30pm#ixzz5tIDhBhcN

  11. ht1 2-4
    ht2 4-2 6-6 Rowe 1st
    ht3 5-1 11-7 A lovely 5-1 from our guest Thomas Jorgensen and Valentin
    ht4 5-1 16-8 Atkins wins 16-08 rebels
    ht5 5-1 21-9 rebels
    ht6 4-2 25-11 rebels
    ht7 3-3 28-14 rebels
    ht8 1-5 29-19 rebels
    ht9 5-1 34-20 rebels
    ht10 3-3 37-23 rebels danny ayres ; barker lost a chain when on 1-5
    ht11 4-2 41-25 rebels
    ht12 3-3 44-28 rebels
    Interval time now
    Valentin is currently on a paid maximum
    ht13 4-2 48-30 rebels
    ht14 3-3 51-33 rebels
    ht15 4-2 55-35 rebels

    SOMERSET 55: Valentin Grobauer 11+2, Chris Harris 11+1, Thomas Jorgensen 9+2, Rory Schlein 8, Anders Rowe 7+1, Todd Kurtz 5+1, Henry Atkins 4.
    SCUNTHORPE 35: Ben Barker 11, Danny Ayres 9+1, Simon Lambert 5, Josh Auty 5, Jake Allen 4, Ryan Kinsley 1+1, Stefan Nielsen r/r.

    from rebels web site

    rebels win 55-35 

    Read more: http://speedwayupdates.proboards.com/thread/19062/somerset-scunthorpe-championship-3-19?page=1#ixzz5seFq08fY

  12. 22 hours ago, drew2 said:

    Friday is now the changeover day in the area for holiday makers which is difficult to get them to speedway on their first night there after possibly long journeys. Wednesday's are much better traffic wise for riders I understand too. Obviously Wednesday does clash with Denmark which affects some riders. Who would be a speedway promoter!

    Totally agree wed better traffic wise


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