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  1. therefused

    Playoff Semi Finals 2018

    Let’s face it star man doesn’t have a clue and his agenda against belle vue and in particular the nss is extremely odd
  2. Edinburgh is £18:50 to get in this year? Bloody hell.
  3. therefused

    Somerset v Kings Lynn Tuesday September 4th

    buster counting his pennies again going for the cheapest option.
  4. but why did we have the hottest, driest summer on record with barely any fixtures taking place? they should have been rearranged earlier in the year.
  5. Turns out the Lynn game plan worked perfectly for this meeting. Didn’t bother putting the effort in on the motocross track as we knew we were always going to finish above Poole. Led them into a false sense of security and then smashed them last night. It’s clear Lynn were never trying for this one, we never wanted to win it.
  6. therefused

    Race for the Top 4

    Still think Poole will win it all. If Lynn finish top i would choose Belle Vue in the semi final.
  7. therefused


    I cant see there being 19 teams in the league. More likely to be around 16 at the most if it is one big league. So we need 112 riders for that. Knock it down to 6 man teams and you are looking at 96. A much more realistic number in my opinion.
  8. Fair play to the promotion for doing all 30 heats. Not sure what the meetings were like as I wasn’t there but happy with the 6 points
  9. therefused

    Belle Vue v Leicester 20/8/18

    and you never let us forget it either. do you have a problem with auty?
  10. therefused

    Somerset v Poole Prem B. 20/8/18

    Kurtz is very poor
  11. It will probably be Ryan Kinsley, or Taylor Hampshire I would imagine.
  12. Iversen definitely missing. IVERSEN TO MISS WOLVES DOUBLE-HEADERTru Plant Stars re-group as Esbjerg pull rank and recall Niels Kristian Iversen ahead of next weeks double-header against Wolves. The Tru Plant Stars race Wolves twice in one evening next Wednesday 22nd August, at the Adrian Flux Arena. A double victory on Wednesday should see the Stars go to the top of the Premiership table and further strengthen their chances for the outright league title . With the cut-off date for the league to finish being the 10th September, matches become even more critical at this end of the season.The team were already well advanced in their preparations for Wednesday but losing Niels has required a re-set in strategy. The Stars had named an 8 man squad (number 8 being a reserve) with Josh Bailey coming in at number 8.The management are currently evaluating the possible options of a replacement for Niels but, due to other fixtures, are limited to selecting a guest rider from Belle Vue who are a strong rival for a play-off position. The other alternative is to race with one less rider and use the rider replacement rule on the evening.The promotion will announce their plans early next week.Dale Allitt - team manager and Co-Promoter - “Esbjerg had previously agreed that we would have Niels through to the end of our campaign and so you can imagine my disappointment and frustration when they changed the parameters. Niels will be back with us for the home meeting against Poole on the 29th August”. Why was Bailey already scheduled as number 8, will anyone else be missing?
  13. £27 for an adult ticket for this. Ludicrous.
  14. I guess it depends on what team it would benefit as to whether it is extended
  15. I never said £18 for 15 heats is ok did i?
  16. Do you really expect both meetings to have 15 heats next week? I dont, the first one might do and then next will probably have 10. It will be at least £25 to get in, for 25 heats. Not really great value for money in my opinion. Not that i would have gone anyway.
  17. Im in Swaffham and its totally dry here.
  18. What sort of reply is that?
  19. You can’t defend this starman, it’s pathetic
  20. My prediction, Shovlar to tell us how good the meeting will be and how good the track has been all season. When it's on TV, the track is shite as per usual, Shovlar to come on here defending us telling us it is a one-off. The following week Poole have a meeting that isn't on TV and Shovlar tells us how good the track is once again.
  21. Referees are pretty pathetic when it comes to speedway to be honest.
  22. therefused


    In my opinion, every track should have a 2-minute clock. If the rider isn't ready to race in the two minutes, tough they are thrown out. I would allow rolling at the starts as long as the rider didnt actually touch the tapes. This would cut down on restarts when someone moves.
  23. I asked this and got no sensible answer.
  24. therefused

    Belle Vue v King's Lynn 06/08/18

    Any oil down your way going spare? That should sort it.
  25. Just seems strange that all of a sudden a team is riding on an off night

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