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  1. But Thursday isn’t a race night?
  2. other teams have done it. why not poole?
  3. i guess it is possible but why have no other teams ridden on thursday before?
  4. why is this on a thursday?
  5. therefused

    Belle Vue v King's Lynn 06/08/18

    On 8/4/2018 at 10:11 PM, Steve Shovlar said: No. The track was good, as many have said. No, youve said it many times now. I dont recall many people saying it.
  6. therefused

    Belle Vue v King's Lynn 06/08/18

    a poor team that beat you?
  7. therefused

    Belle Vue v King's Lynn 06/08/18

    Because he doesnt ride for Poole
  8. therefused

    Belle Vue v King's Lynn 06/08/18

    Now we will be riding on a good track and not the rubbish tip that is Poole, i expect us to keep this within about 6 points.
  9. therefused


    They wont have too? Only if its on TV.
  10. He’s also mentioned it was a spillage. I thought it was put down on purpose, a couple of Poole fans have said that now...
  11. therefused

    Poole should be docked points and fined

    The Poole fans (shovlar) really doesn’t help when they wind everyone up. Cant blame Starman he’s just thick.
  12. Oh yeah I forgot it’s ok to pour oil on the track when no one can see it happening
  13. wether it was before the meeting, during the meeting or after is irrelevant. Poole trying to pull a fast one, at the same time pulling the wool over all the Poole fans in the process. if Swindon done this shovlar would be on his soapbox bleating. Had enough of this forum now, what a mess it has become
  14. Piss poor from Lynn no excuses from me. Doesn’t change the fact that the Poole track is a mess and has been for a long time.
  15. If shovlar says the track is good enough times does it make it true?
  16. therefused

    The 2 minute Polish system

    i agree with this and have been saying it for ages. Another small thing i would implement is the start marshall only pulls the tapes down just before the start of the race. This may seem like a petty thing but with the new rule of riders not allowed across the centre green it can mean on some tracks they have to go all the way round the track compared to others where they come out at the fourth bend and down to the tapes.
  17. Pay him enough and he would come
  18. If he rode for Poole you'd think it was ok.
  19. therefused

    Swindon - Wolves 30.7.18

    god this forum has gone to the dogs recently.
  20. therefused

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    If garrity is going to be out for a number of weeks this has to happen. Would be tempted to do it even if garrity is due back soon
  21. therefused

    Birmingham Statement

    Sorry Rogers is a moron, can we get him moved out of Speedway in this country now before he puts more clubs in trouble.
  22. therefused

    more investment for NSS

    Starman is so jealous of the NSS its unreal.
  23. Would definitely go to Manchester for a Grand Prix. Hope there is one.

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