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  1. Who is the second reserve? 

    Im thinking we probably lineup something like this.

    1. Cook

    2. Proctor

    3. Jorgensen

    4. Kerr

    5. Riss

    6. Bridger

    7. Kinsley

    It does look fairly solid, and should always have a good reserve if the number 6 position changes. Concerned that its lacking in the engine room, and realistically I cant see Kinsley picking up many, if any points home or away. 

  2. 9 hours ago, 4thbender said:

    Promoters shouldn't concern themselves with signing up riders. The announcement of a new strain of the virus is scheduled for April, leading to another lockdown and abandonment of season 21. All part of the Plandemic. Unless/until there is a people's revolution, we are stuck with this until The Great Reset. Google it.

    Google ‘moron’ and it’s a pretty accurate definition of yourself 

  3. 11 minutes ago, mickthemuppet said:

    Latest odds to be the next leader and some of those that stood earlier have fallen from grace

    Lixa  Nandy                       4/1

    Angela Rayner                  11/2

    Andy Burnham                     8/1

    Sadiq Khan                        12/1

    Dan Cardon(Who)              15/1

    Rosena Allin Khan (Who)    17/1

    David  Lammy                       23/1

    Richard Burgon                       25/1

    Bridget Phillipson (Who)        25/1

    Emily Thornberry                      26/1

    Liza Kendell                                35/1

    Rebecca Long Bailey                  37/1

    Jeremy Corbyn                           80/1

    Not a very encouraging list is  it 




    The reason you are saying who against it is that half of these are spelled incorrectly, where have you got this list from? 

  4. 17 hours ago, Technik said:

    My own personal view is that an Easter start date is a very bold claim. I don't think there will be any chance to get the public into sporting arenas before the Football season is over in mid May.

    Some events for 2021 have already been cancelled ie isle of Man TT & Glastonbury. 

    Glastonbury hasnt been cancelled (yet)

  5. 10 minutes ago, geoff58 said:

    glasgow or any other championship team don't need to bother about the polish rule it only applies to extraliga riders and no one from that league is going to ride in the championship !!

    I do understand that, but it’s a bit of a knock on effect isn’t it. A rider in the premiership may not be able to ride over here anymore, so someone currently in the championship may move up and potentially drop their championship team, so I would say Glasgow do need to worry about it 

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  6. On 10/6/2020 at 5:06 PM, topsoil said:

    Can anybody help with a general enquiry? Is it possible to stream an event like this, save it to a device, then watch it at a later date (much the same was as a Sky Planner)?

    Not really, the only way you could do it is to record your screen while streaming it, but this would be a massive file so not really likely. 

    However, if im right in thinking this will be streamed on youtube, in which case they may be looking to upload to youtube after the event has taken place, so you may not even need too. 


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