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  1. Wow, that's not many, backs up some of the media reports I'd seen, but hadn't really accepted, cheers for the info
  2. It's not an answer as such, sorry, but the results, when back, do state Covid 19
  3. Oh you've witnessed my driving before ..... I agree...... in fact, without anything to back it up at all, I was more concerned about SpaceX or whatever it's called, crashing on the school, but still, the sentiment was nice
  4. Back to school today for some children......... 11/13 children returned in my daughter's class (including my daughter)........ a good time had by all it appears
  5. Isn't he meant to really be Phillipino (?sp)?
  6. Wow, that sent me to Google, wasn't aware of that at all..........
  7. I 'think' it's all sports, yeah? Again, I think Sami Nasri, the French footballer, was banned for receiving IV therapy
  8. I wish I'd never seen this..........
  9. So incredibly pious (MSM, not you )
  10. Yeah, absolutely, I wonder if we'll ever know for sure
  11. I think the issue could be lag between swabbing and results (about 18hrs usually where I am, never less)....... so Dave comes in with a broken leg, goes to the non covid ortho ward, asymptomatic, is swabbed (as is everyone) on admission, and comes back +ve, 18 hours later....... in that time he's been in a bay with other patients, seen by the medical team etc...... all of whom are wearing PPE, however I'd guess there'd be potential there for cross contamination.......... all theoretical, of course, but potential.......
  12. JC71


    In The Bahamas, an apple pie will cost you $3.00 In Barbados, an apple pie will cost you $2.00 In Grenada, an apple pie will cost you $1.75 In Jamaica, an apple pie will cost you $4.00 And those were the pie rates of The Caribbean
  13. I also think the rumour doing the rounds was that the ban was going to extend by a month til the end of May............ giving rise to people like my brother, who lives in Bangkok, panic buying in a 2 day break they had and almost literally filling his apartment with boxes of beer, and then moaning he's got boxes everywhere..........
  14. Tsch, you think you've got it bad, you should spare a thought for Kyle Walker.......
  15. That 'fit and healthy' nurse died, apprently, of hypercoagulation............ there's every possibility the powers that be are clutching at straws to say Covid killed him
  16. G'day E I........ it's to do with the virus membrane I think........ not all virus' composed the same, but most are (hence 'only' 99%).... as far as I'm aware, as long as there's at least 70% alcohol in the gel, it will kill coronavirus', as long as they're not buried under other stuff on your hands (for instance, if you have just eaten chocolate, and some has melted on your hands, and you had some virus under the chocolate on your hands, using aicohol gel wouldn't work, whereas washing hands with soap and water will)
  17. It's been about 48 hours since he was mentioned, I hope everyone still holds Kyle Walker in their thoughts #prayforkyle
  18. 100% agree, see it literally every shift I do
  19. JC71

    The Mccanns? Whose Fault?

    Aparently John Podesta currently (as in right now) getting a hammering on Twitter (I'm not on it so can't confirm)....... there's a Youtube clip that keeps coming up showing 'him' abusing a child...........
  20. JC71

    'the Donald' Trump

  21. Nooooo, really? My mistake then. I'd hoped that sniping at footballers had long since stopped. Cheers for highlighting
  22. I think it seems to have dropped off a bit now though, which I'm glad about, in the first couple of weeks it seemed to be open season on footballers........
  23. Took him years to come out, and now he's got to stay in

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