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  1. heathen52

    Birmingham v Leicester 15th April 2024

    Pawlicki and Milik have been given averages of 7.5 Lampart has been given 6.0.
  2. heathen52

    Brummies 2024...

    I'm guessing the signing of Klindt is not going to happen, though Perry Barr being something of a gaters track would suit him down to the ground, Lampart will be kept for 2 reasons 1 that he could be the solid middle order rider that the Brummies need. 2 That he would become an asset. Which means the rider that should be released is Milik he is 30 now and doubt their is any improvement in him and lets be honest he has been disappointing so far, he is the guy that I would release to bring Klindt in, However neither would be what the Brummies need they need an out and out No1 and dithering around waiting to see if anyone can step up will see them or Kings Lynn take the wooden spoon yet again, both are the current holders of these pieces of wood from last season and are favourites yet again to retain this useless piece of furniture. It really is time for Nigel Tolley to put his words into action and sign that genuine No1 sooner rather than later, it is no good him spending ££££,s just to keep the Brummies in existence he needs to take the next step and bring in that other Top class rider that's badly needed.
  3. heathen52

    Lions v Aces 18/04 PR1

    I have said previously their should be at least 3X1 Lap races during a meeting ie 1 for each rider nominated, at least give it a try just be something different to the norm.
  4. heathen52

    Oxford Spires 2024

    The Birmingham track is predominantly a gaters track and we all know Nicolai is primarily a gater, horses for courses maybe ?, Klindt for Milik or Lampart, as someone else said Klindt for Lampart keeps Cook at reserve for longer, whereas Klindt for Milik gives Brum a bit more wriggle room to bring in the top end rider that they badly need, personally I would offload Milik he is 30 and aint going to get any better, whereas Lampart is 22 and could still improve. I have no idea what they will do but Oxford are not messing around whereas Brum who badly need strengthening up appear to be dithering yet again.
  5. heathen52

    Birmingham v Leicester 15th April 2024

    Looks like Give us a B is holding fire until tomorrow, I dread to think what his mood will be like having paid to watch what can best be described in an old fashioned way as Tripe .
  6. heathen52

    Birmingham v Leicester 15th April 2024

    I said earlier if the Brummies could'nt win this with this team they would struggle to win a meeting all season, 5-1's from the Leicester reserves against so called Brum Heat leaders is not what the fans want to see, Tolley has 2 choices carry on and lose shed loads more, or put his hand deeper into his pocket and get a true No1, Milik is finding it tough, Worrall is not a heat leader right now he aint a very good second string, Flint flattered to deceive against Sheffield, hard as it may seem Lampart, Milik or Worrall have to make way for a proper No1 goodness me Nigel Tolley needs to bring in quickly a proven experienced team manager that knows who to sign and what he is doing, their was one kicking his heels down in Swindon but Tolley has placed his faith in the wrong people yet again.
  7. heathen52

    Birmingham v Leicester 15th April 2024

    Firstly I think this meeting is in the hands of the weather gods, I have been to and from Bilston to Atherstone and Bagworth near to Market Bosworth, and to put it bluntly it threw a bit of everything at me, Thunder, Lightening, Strong winds, Hail, Heavy rain showers, and Sun, it was really heavy stuff over Leicester way but not so bad around Birmingham and the Black country, so long as we don't get to much of the heavy stuff that wind should dry the track out from the heavier showers that we have had so far, that's the weather assesment over with now to the meeting. If Birmingham can't win this meeting with Scottie guesting for Lampart then they will struggle to win any meeting, Leicester have some decent Heat leaders but most of them have been inconsistant so far this season, Birmingham have struggled so far without a genuine No1 until tonight when Pawlicki makes his debut, basically there are to many if's but's and maybe's to forecast a winner if Leicester's heat leaders can get heir gating gloves on then they should win, but if they don't then they won't, if Pawlicki performs as he can and gets back up from Milik and Scottie then the Brummies will shade it, as I have no doubts Birmingham's reserves are stronger, but in summary too close to call but whoever gates best will win on a track that has proven itself to be a bit of a gaters paradise over recent seasons. Just a heads up, the 3rd & 4th bends have given a bit of help when riding a wide line, the 1st & 2nd bend has so far this season done nothing but cost riders when they have gone out wide (not even Bomber) hopefully someone may try something different around bends 1&2 tonight.
  8. heathen52

    Swindon Stadium

    Lakeside, Am i correct in thinking the land owner no longer wanted Speedway their. Rye House, The Owners again do not want Speedway. Wimbledon, GRA did not want Speedway nor in the end Greyhound racing. Hackney, Was that site required for the Olympics. Wolverhampton, Yet another requested to leave by Stadium owners. Stoke, Landowners sold the Stadium. Boston, No idea. Eastbourne, Unviable or should i say Bills unpaid. Newport, Closed and demolished by Owners. Exeter, I,m guessing that yet again Stadium developed by Owners. Cradley Heath, Sold for development by the owners. Long Eaton, Sold for development by the owners. Coventry, Situation fluid and ongoing. The common factor amongst the majority of closed Stadiums is that they were closed for future development by the Stadium owners, some of the exceptions being Sunderland, Newcastle, Bradford, Workington (Rugby). The major issue is that primarily Speedway promoters are tenants of these Stadia and therefore it is out of their hands what the Stadium owners decide to do ie take the big bucks from developers or loose change in rent from Speedway promoters usually on an annual lease. As for Osborne he is a developer, sold Bristol, Closed Reading, Milton Keynes, and Swindon, something went wrong at Hereford, and Torquay don't want to play ball with his new Stadia idea, I have no doubt he is on the look out for potential none League Football Stadiums preferably in the South West..
  9. heathen52

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    Thats a bit of an arrogant statement mate, Plymouth are generally well supported with a decent away following it's just a pity that a lot of riders don't want to travel down to Plymouth for home meetings, plus the racetrack is not a favourite of many riders though Mark Phillips has tried to extend the track a little over the close season, I wish Plymouth all the best for 2024 and hope they can get some decent weather to complete the Track improvements.
  10. heathen52

    2024 Premiership Predictions

    I am surprised Birmingham managed to even get one point .
  11. heathen52

    Birmingham v Oxford Mon 1st April PL

    So far this season the Brummies have done reasonably well however having Nichols at reserve I thought they would have beaten Oxford tonight, instead they never really threatened to take the win, and this was primarily because to many riders had what can best be described as off nights, 5 riders scored 14 points between them (not good enough) this was not helped by the track again proving itself to be more or less a gaters track, when someone passes on the 1st 2nd bend one almost pees oneself in disbelief its so smooth that it almost rides like there is opposite camber, NT told me there was going to be some banking added over the close season (Nope not done) mind you NT also said money was not an issue, well it could well be if the Brummies don't start to win a meeting or two, they have started the season pretty well but it could soon start to fall apart if they dont put some wins on the board. I want the Brummies to start winning because they are the only Speedway team left in the West Midlands and if NT cant pull it off then I doubt anyone else will want to try.. COYBrummies.
  12. heathen52

    Brummies v Tigers 25/3

    It was a good meeting to watch though not much overtaking, Birmingham put in a good effort to take the points, but in the end were beaten by 2 GP riders showing there ability this will be the Brummies weak spot at the end of meetings, very impressed with Milik and Flint, and feel there will be more and better to come from Cook and Worrall, my biggest concern would be Lampart, however it's early days and not fair to judge on this meeting, Brum are one top heat leader short of being challengers sort that out and they will be up there.
  13. heathen52

    Brandon Update

  14. heathen52

    Brummies 2024...

    Surely Birmingham have to sign a short term replacement for Pawlicki ?.
  15. Might get 30 if they are lucky.. The reason I say that is if they are not allowed a guest facility then they can use rr it still means they are going into the fixture without a No1 and relying on 2nd strings to score the bulk of there points.

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