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  1. They just make it up as they go along, example Birmingham, Pawlicki and Milik. 1. Piotr Pawlicki 7.50 2. Wiktor Lampart 6.00 3. Steve Worrall 6.44 (6.60) 4. Tom Brennan 5.87 (6.02) 5. Vaclav Milik 7.50
  2. heathen52

    SON 2 Belle Vue Friday 12th July

    Because this is Speedway UK style..
  3. heathen52

    Birmingham v Oxford Mon 8th July PL

    Couldn't have put it better myself. The people running Birmingham have been there long enough to have learnt something, sad to say it seems they have learnt bugger all, they continue to make mistake after mistake and the big worry is that we may not have any Speedway in the West Midlands if this continues, Track and Track prep dreadful, Team going from bad to worse, Team management have names but no brains, Promotors that are incompetant in allowing all of this to continue week in week out, sad to say the Buck stops there, how the heck can you ask fans to keep paying to watch such a sub standard set up ?.
  4. heathen52

    Who is this ?

    Eric ?.
  5. heathen52

    Birmingham v Oxford Mon 8th July PL

    We are aprox 10 miles or so West of Birmingham and pleased to say the rain has kept away in fact it's been a pretty decent day, yeah some heavy clouds rolling across at the moment, but just looking at the forecast I think the rain will arrive late this evening, so lets hope we have a decently prepared track that will give us some decent racing, I still think Oxford will edge it by about 6 points or so.
  6. heathen52

    Birmingham v Oxford Mon 8th July PL

    I think this is a difficult meeting to predict, Lindgren should have a better idea of what set up to use, Brennan's form has dropped off a touch just lately, Sedgy who knows which Sedgy will turn up ? and the same goes for Flint, Lampart gates and goes but when he doesn't he may as well not bother, Pawlicki has shown signs of settling in but then again if the Team managers don't use him right their is no advantage in having him at reserve, Becker for Worrall should be an improvement But Luke is having a poor season up till now. Oxford we all know Tungate rides PB probably better than any rider here tonight, Harris needs no introduction, Magic not the rider he was going on this seasons form, Riss inconsistant but another that knows PB well, Wright should score well, Kemp seems to have gone backwards and Boughen is still learning his trade, I think whereas the Brummies will need to be at their best to get a result, Oxford may just have to much strength in depth. The weather is forecast for light showers so probably not much dirt to be seen and therefore the usual gaters track.
  7. heathen52

    Brummies 2024...

    Whatever business acumen Nigel Tolley has he needs to bring it to the Speedway management team, because as things stand it appears whoever makes the decisions at Birmingham Speedway does not have a clue how to pick an actual team, this season is already proving to be another write off and Birmingham will end up with nowt again except for more £££££,s down the drain, and that's the worry how long can Tolley continue throwing money at a losing team ?. I will say again if Nigel Tolley continues then he simply must get an experienced proven manager in, one that knows how to pick/manage a winning team.
  8. heathen52

    Brummies 2024...

    Why should Worrall always ride at 2 ?, is it because he likes to ride in heat 8 for easy pickings.. anyways back to the rest of them, a disgraceful performance at Kings Lynn tonight the fans deserve better performances than what they are getting, Tolley needs to read them the riot act, perform or get out.
  9. Their goes any hope Birmingham had of winning the meeting.
  10. heathen52


    Another foreigner pushing an english rider out wonder what UKVI may have to say about it ?, these visas were supposedly issued if you cannot fill a vacancy, is it any wonder that UK Speedway is in such a mess. I can understand using heat leaders as the UK does not have sufficient riders of that calibre but here we are using foreigners when their are english riders of similar calibre.
  11. Brian, I have to say I agree with the points you have made, I would also suggest the Perry Barr track is primarily a gaters track where you occasionally get the odd overtake predominantly round the 3rd and 4th bends, the 2 riders that are consistently performing below par are Worrall and Pawlicki, Worrall is on a downward spiral which he seems unable to ride himself out of, Pawlicki can best be described as disappointing, Sedgy is also past his sell by date, Flint is what he is a young reserve learning his trade, and Lampart comes under the same bracket, The one shining light for the Brummies has been young Tom Brennan without his scores I dread to think where Birmingham would be, yes you should be doing better than what you are doing but the mistakes were made in the original make up of the Team, the Team badly needs another Heat leader to support Freddie and take some of the weight of young Tom's shoulders who you could get I have no idea maybe another ex Wolf in Jacob Thorsell, as to who you leave out ? it's six of one and half a dozen of the other, probably to late now anyhow but better late than never, keep safe Brian and lets hope for an uptake in form.
  12. I think Kings Lynn wanted it more, plus the Brummies are being hampered by poor management decisions Brennan at No2 was baffling to say the least, and as for Worrall the less said the better.
  13. They certainly didn't help, Worrall is not a heat leader whereas Brennan has shown numerous times this season he can do a job at No5, choice of guests was key for the Stars, and has been proven for years gate and go for the most part at Perry Barr.
  14. heathen52

    Swindon Stadium

    Yes but that means very little, Perry Barr is leased but Its public knowledge that Birmingham city Council would like to see it developed sooner rather than later and have told the leaseholder words to that effect, so who knows what's happening behind the scenes at Wimborne road.
  15. Yes but Bomber aint a No1 and struggled last night whilst guesting as a No1 for BV at Sheffield and his recent form over the last few weeks has not been great, the weather looks set fair for Monday so we will see .

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