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  1. Fireblade2022


    Not true though! It was claimed that they were going to run on concrete, but the Stock car people have stated they will be running on shale!
  2. Fireblade2022

    With the loss of Long Eaton.........

    Not up to planning officers and Councillors who have planning voting rights cannot express an opinion before it’s considered.
  3. Fireblade2022

    With the loss of Long Eaton.........

    Why are they woke? The actual meaning of woke has nothing to do with it. Woke people are more likely to be anti greyhounds. No planning application has ever been submitted and it’s not far from the site of one of the old Nottingham tracks.
  4. Fireblade2022

    Somerset Closure

    You are clearly deluded! Accuse me if you dare of doing such. A council has to have a cabinet and political colours and there’s no such thing as an independent as that lean one way or the other. Planning meetings I’ve been to has no three line whip as it’s illegal.
  5. Fireblade2022

    Somerset Closure

    It is illegal to have group decisions on planning applications.
  6. Fireblade2022

    Thurrock Hammers ??

    No it’s a decision to help the football team fins a new site and to retain speedway. It has zero cost!
  7. Fireblade2022


    Star has been on the shelf at WHS every week.
  8. Fireblade2022

    Somerset Closure

    They can’t throw out what hasn’t been submitted! If there’s no planning application there’s nothing to consider.
  9. Fireblade2022

    Somerset Closure

    Ownership is nothing to do with determining a planning application. The application only is considered.
  10. Fireblade2022

    Defunct Tracks

    thanks for that!
  11. Fireblade2022

    Defunct Tracks

    Isn’t the new football stadium built directly on the site of the old track?
  12. Fireblade2022

    BSN Streaming

    I didn’t know!
  13. Fireblade2022

    2023 Fixtures?

    Is there any site where you synch them to a smartphone?
  14. Fireblade2022

    BSN Streaming

    That’s the price still showing on the app!!

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