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  1. There were also more teams, 19 when i started going, so 18 league matches, more then now riding against each other twice, so riding each other more than once would have been impossible
  2. If he drops back to reserve then he would have to replaced as a rising star
  3. In that case Poland would withdraw his licence, could be different for non Polish Riders And then there's the money, can you earn more in Poland than than the UK
  4. Looked like some of the riders cared who won
  5. The Third Man

    Kings Lynn v Sheffield 6/6

    Pickering said he was a least 4 weeks away two weeks ago, so if he is riding it is a fast recovery Hope he is though, and fit
  6. Think he knows that, he missed the comma between though and after, that puts a completely different meaning on the sentence, easy enough to understand what happened
  7. Hope they list two track records in the programme, one for the championship and one for the PL, that way Rickys name will stay in the programme
  8. We were in Polands position years ago, what we said went so we didn't have problems except for the odd world championship meetings, and little or no doubling up
  9. You obviously didn't see him in the play off final last year then
  10. The Third Man

    Aces v Tigers

    Think you will find that was a risk assessment is, something with the potential to cause harm, thats what the outside of the track was
  11. The Third Man

    Aces v Tigers

    Not on purpose, but what would happen if someone was pushed wide into it?
  12. The Third Man

    Aces v Tigers

    Perhaps they had somewhere else to be
  13. The Third Man

    Aces v Tigers

    Then why the desperation to keep it going, the videos a mate has sent me of the track grading look like a ploughed field
  14. The Third Man

    Aces v Tigers

    Whats the more important, Belle Vue trying to get a win or rider safety?
  15. The Third Man

    Aces v Tigers

    That went well, Sheffield heat leaders paid 20 from 8 rides, how did Bewley do?

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