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  1. Congratulations Peterborough! Got to feel for Belle Vue and their fans tho
  2. Apparently he can’t ride under appeal until the SCB court hearing. Whether there are kangaroos at that court remains to be seen It does seem bizarre that a rider can be told minutes before it is posted on the website that he has been banned without even having been spoken to, never mind being asked to put forward their side of events. I have absolutely no idea what it is all about btw but in general sports tend to at least give a right of representation. Unilaterally ‘sentencing’ a rider without their knowledge or input just doesn’t sit right with me
  3. Lioness

    9/11 20yrs On

    Sadly Rick Riscorla, the security guard, was one of those who died. He did get a small 5 minute piece on the National Geographic 6 parter. Some of those staff he saved gave testimony to what he did. They felt he could have got out but he chose to go back for a final sweep to try and make sure everyone was out
  4. Lioness

    SGP Vojens 2021

    Releived to see them both walking away, that was horrible.
  5. Lioness

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    My latest gripe is more of a niche one. Bloody facebook handing out bans to people (yes I kopped one) referring to people from Linlithgow by the term that has been used for over 500 years and refusing to accept all the historical evidence of its derivation to be from a hero dog and not a racist comment against females Directory - My Linlithgow
  6. Lioness

    9/11 20yrs On

    I dont think we should 'move on' from the past but it would be nice if we started learning from it Re 9/11, I have been watching the documentaries, thought the National Geographic one was really emotional. No sensationalism (as if you could make it more sensationalist) but some pretty raw emotive stuff. I had a close family member there that day and I still remember pretty clearly the 36 or so hours before we knew they were safe, maybe thats why I always get hooked up on it but I think its really important to todays world that it is 're-lived' if you like. The one thing that irks me slightly is the quote that always seems to come up about it directly causing 2996 deaths. it didnt. It cost many more between suicides afterwards and illness - most often cancers - caused by inhaling the clouds of dust, especially among service personal. For me, it is too soon still to 'move on'
  7. Lioness

    Plymouth shootings

    Firstly apologies, I read your previous post wrongly, I read it as you wanted to do away with licensing altogether and make it a free for all. My mistake! Some residences do still have a need for them - farmers. I have seen what a farmer has to do to get his licence renewed and it’s not just a case of box ticking. I don’t think our gun laws are different up here but they could be. I agree with you to the extent that guns kept in private homes should be very much an exception. Btw, Thomas Hamilton did NOT slip through the net. Members of the public had expressed concerns previously, police officers had raised concerns previously, one had even bluntly said he should not be allowed a licence. However the senior officer with the final say gave permission. He was said to have had a passing acquaintance with Hamilton although rumours of hand shakes were denied There is certainly discussion over why Davison was given his licence back especially with the reasons it had been taken from him. Lack of licence might not have stopped him but it would have made it more difficult as I assume his guns would have been taken from him at the time. Any licence decisions should not be taken by, or be capable of being influenced by, one person - no matter how senior
  8. Lioness

    Plymouth shootings

    Perhaps the question should be why are people like Ryan, Davison and Hamilton slip through the licensing checks? Common knowledge round here that Hamilton’s gun licence should never have been granted and why it was. Was there incompetence or worse in the cases of Ryan and Davison also? There is no way to measure how many shootings/atrocities gun licensing has prevented but there is no disputing that we are not as badly affected as other places and legal guns are harder to come by. Perhaps the emphasis should be on why the regulators issued licences in these cases and the failings there, rather than sweeping statements that licensing doesn’t work when numbers suggest otherwise
  9. Thanks for the replies guys. So basically because IoW are 'only' doing exhibition type stuff and entertaining with speedway with a few other things thrown in the BSPA threw their toys out of the pram. As a result because Coles took part in an event promoting speedway and trying to get it to appeal to holidaymakers as a good night out the BSPA are bully boys and saying its their ball and Connors not playing with it as far as the british final goes Typical
  10. Sorry, being dense here but why does him riding on IoW last week matter?
  11. Lioness

    Plymouth shootings

    Mine was obviously Dunblane and how the vile thing that committed that atrocity got his gun license It will be interesting to find out who sponsored the Plymouth individuals gun application….. Thoughts meantime are with all those caught up in what happened at Plymouth last night
  12. Lioness

    Sandcastles and Redcoats

    I was taken to Butlins at Ayr twice, at 8 and 14. Don’t remember much as an 8yo but in the later visit I was involved in an accident on the cyclone fairground ride. The young guy working it was trying to impress by jumping on the carriage as it was speeding up, he mis judged it and was hit by another carriage. We were stuck on the ride for a few minutes that seemed like a lifetime til it was stopped, initially made to sit where we were then ushered off car by car. I still remember the sound of the guy being hit. I know my parents were just protecting me in their own way after but I was never allowed to talk about it or ask questions, I didn’t even know if the guy survived. I never went back to Butlins even tho I had the chance in my late teens and have never been one for fairs since. Guess I’m one of the few who doesn’t have happy memories
  13. Lioness

    Home Schooling

    My friend made the decision to home school just before lockdown started and her young one has come on in leaps and bounds. She has a knowledge beyond other kids of the same age and soaks up knowledge because it has been made more relevant for her. She is articulate, polite, well behaved and makes friends easily There are a lot of good resources out there for kids who are home schooled but I think the parents have to be fully invested in it. It is a lot of work for the parents when done properly It’s like everything else - it is brilliant for some but not others. You have to take into account the whole family unit and circumstances, not just the individual kid.
  14. Well that answered the national anthem question for Laguna and Sayfutinov….. Tchaikovsky’s piano concerto no 1 it is then !
  15. Basically they cant call themselves Russia or claim it was a win for Russia if either win the GP. It all seems lip service to me tbh and something I get bitter about. A friend of mine and her hubby lost in the World Mixed Doubles (curling obv) to Russia in Sweden in 2016. one of the athletes who was found to be abusing the rules was the Russian male in the pairing. He was found guilty but they didnt take the title off them. If Emil wins the SGP he WILL be world champion. The reason the GP is being called Togliatti and there is no flag is to allow them to hold it. Technically it shouldnt really be getting referred to as the Russian GP. Anthem I have no idea about but we might find out soon with Emil. Its all stupid stuff down to the international authorities not being willing to come down hard on the drug culture within the Russian Sports system

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