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  1. Last unread post

    If you click the black circle for the topic that you have unread posts in it goes to the first unread post (clicking the title just takes you to the first page)
  2. Don't like the new format

    Every time things change there's always negativity. I'm finding it clumsy just now but give it a few weeks then just like the last change we will be used to it and when the next change comes along we will be wanting this one back!
  3. Testing

    Just being trying...
  4. Can't agree. The riders sign contracts to the end of October. The fact fixtures are a shambles is irrelevant. Riders going home before the end of October whilst their clubs still have meetings to complete have to accept 100% of the blame.
  5. I've missed something. Why is it interesting in the pits? Genuine question
  6. Isn't Saturday Glasgows night? Shouldnt Edinburgh be running their dance on the Friday?
  7. He accused BWD of deliberately causing Jack Smiths fall and injury and continued to imply over the next few days that BWD did this to other riders. It was pretty pathetic stuff to be honest and at least BWD rose above it. An initial outburst I can forgive, it's a high adrenalin sport, things get said in the heat of the moment but it just made Worrall look silly and pathetic and attempting to be a bully the way he carried on imo
  8. After Worralls comments on BWD after Jack Smiths accident earlier this week I'd kinda like to see BWD beating him in every race
  9. Is that a relatively new rule Neil? (Last 5 years or so). I only ask as it was done a few years back when Redcar appealed a heat result in a meeting against Glasgow and the rede larded result after the appeal was farcical as they updated the Redcar rider in second, not the Glasgow rider in third and gave a point to a rider who DNF
  10. I was just a couple of miles away this afternoon, rain was very heavy and for about 20 minutes around half 3 it was like a monsoon so not a surprise that it was called off
  11. Lack of NHS/ambulance cover on a Saturday night in Glasgow is always going to be an issue due to resources, or lack of them
  12. Seems at odds to what was said elsewhere with others saying it was Cook doing the decking. Did anyone who was there see it?
  13. Woo hoo! Brilliant! I'll get my curling gear....
  14. Holder Sacked

    Alice's sister?
  15. Glad you said that Paul. I'm just back in from a two hour walk in a t shirt and jeans and it was maybe a wee bit overcast but pretty hot and dry. Was shocked to see the speedway was off. A bit of premature stuff going on?