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  1. Lioness

    Warsaw 2019

    Can’t see anyone who saw that tonight saying ‘oh yeah, must watch the Speedway tomorrow ‘ Fair play for trying something different but can’t see it being worth televising live
  2. Lioness

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Wish I could like that more than once Gregory, clever.
  3. Lioness

    Newcastle 2019

    While I agree with that bit (it is the nature of uk speedway and fans expect most competitive teams possible) I really don’t think the sacking by text side should be overlooked. Thats despicable. Although among some of today’s promotions it doesn’t surprise me, I did not have Newcastle down as one who would behave in that way. Common decency requires at least a phone call. Sadly decency and speedway don’t seem to go hand in hand too often these days. surprised and disappointed at how it’s been done, not that it has been done (it’s a results driven employment after all)
  4. Lioness

    Celebrity fans

    Had a lot of time for Neil, he was a good guy - it was a good bunch of players we had at the time. I was heavily involved at the club at the time, happy days strangely even though we were in major financial strife at the time. He’s still well thought of by my generation at Falkirk. His goal really wasn’t offside though!
  5. Lioness

    Celebrity fans

    Actually Screm, Berwick do have a celebrity fan, I’ve seen him there. Guy by the name of Neil Oliver. Ollies goal was never offside in the 97 Scottish Cup Final! (ask any Falkirk fan lol)
  6. Lioness

    Blair Scott on Jeremy Kyle

    Does anyone know how his parents are doing?
  7. Lioness

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    I’m maybe mis interpreting things here and apologies in advance if I am but I can’t help thinking we are always asking for transparency for the fans but when someone goes down that line they are told to take it to a private medium? we can’t have it both ways.
  8. Lioness

    Blair Scott on Jeremy Kyle

    Just for the record, in my line of work I have come across many addicts. It is an illness no matter how it started. The reality is that addicts come from all waulks of life, some have decent upbringings, many don’t. Reality is very few succesfully overcome their addiction. For the minority that do, I respect them rather than refer back to what they were when their addiction had hold as they have fought and won a battle few can. Remember addiction can come about from legit sources as well as illegal drugs. This case as it stands, it’s his family my heart goes out to. For their sake, I hope he proves to be in the strong minority
  9. Lioness

    Blair Scott on Jeremy Kyle

    Went and watched this on catch up after seeing this topic. I remember Blair riding. I genuinely hope he does succeed but I’ll save my sympathy just now for his family. His dad especially. He came across as a lovely man who was broken by what Blair has become. He was given all the advantages in life from what was said on the programme. I just hope he (Blair) will be able to see soon just what he has away from drugs and that it’s enough to make him overcome his demons
  10. Cheers Jenga, I'll live lol. I'm a pharmacy dispenser and part time carer so sitting down isn't an option. Had a few in the care home laughing today as we had a pretend race out in the back gardens, three of them on zimmers and me with my crutches. Laughter is the best medicine and best care option. Kinda brings us neatly back to speedway lol
  11. I can sort of see the riders point of view iro the quoted bit of your message. I'm currently on crutches after my knee decided to pop out again. I've got a doctors line and shouldn't be at work but I am for two reasons. One, I don't get paid if I'm off and two my work ethic has always been that if you can you do so I'm driving to work and leaving the crutches in the car. Actually there is a third reason, I get bored too easily! Maybe some riders are in the same position? its a no win situation really cos we are quick to criticise if riders aren't riding. personally just as an example I didn't feel at all cheated when Shane Parker declared himself fit ten days after breaking his collar bone and rode in (and won) the PL pairs
  12. Lioness

    2018 Warsaw Gp

    And yet it took a few viewings and quite a bit of discussion from the pundits before they saw it. I think he was right to take his time and make sure he was excluding the correct man as it was a close call. Just my opinion
  13. Lioness

    2018 Warsaw Gp

    Good meeting and cracking final ride from Tai that deserved the win. Good advert for the sport and what a great crowd Ill be controversial and say I thought the referee had a good meeting too. Consistent re starts and took his time to make sure of his decisions
  14. It's in the comic err I mean rule book that it is the team managers responsibility to ensure his riders getto tape within the allotted time and wearing the correct helmet colour. Someone posted the regulation a couple of days ago
  15. Lioness


    Tried to PM you Paul but it won't let me. sadly a member of the family has confirmed its true RIP Marty

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