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  1. Lioness

    josh bates

    after a year and a half without racing, isnt it a bit bizarre to call for any rider to retire at this stage?
  2. Lioness

    Glasgow v Redcar 11/04/2021

    Hope they said 'thank you' to you! lol It might not help MikeBaker though because they might not be making provision for travelling fans - probably depends on the level set
  3. Lioness

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    Aww bless her. Glad that she is now back and enjoying having all her family round her!
  4. Lioness

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    It’s an archaic judicial system that always assumes a child is better with their mother without taking everything into account. My cousin suffered similar with his daughter - she was 5 at the time and all details were kept from her (as well as presents and money sent) . As soon as she turned 18, she got in touch with him, learnt his side of the story (she was told he abandoned her) and for the last 5 years has stayed nearby and no longer has contact with her mother (even tho my cousin has encouraged her to stay in touch with her). I know what it did to my family Badge and I am really sorry you are having to go through the same heartache
  5. Whereas every other post is about the meeting? In fact love him or loathe him, so far Shovvy is the only one who has mentioned speedway and also given a link for anyone wanting to watch it! Hmm.... lol So, anyone got the teams? Hope for the sake of the track staff that it’s cooler next week than it is today or they’ll be battling dust !
  6. Lioness

    Martin Bashir

    Actually that’s not universally true. Vicky Hamilton’s family have had items returned to them
  7. Lioness

    Martin Bashir

    I wasn’t the one making accusations
  8. Lioness

    Martin Bashir

    True - but it seems strange to accuse a grieving mother when the other party has just recently been outed as a liar and a bit of a heartless one at that. IMO
  9. I doubt very much if they will listen. It does not look good for the guy, he has been outspoken about things that were going on within the country for some time and had to flee fearing for his life. He now fears he will face the death penalty. The governing body has barely stopped short of making wearing red and white illegal - the colours of the opposition party - they dont sound 'reasonable' to me, it looks very much like the beginning of an even more nasty dictatorship than has been in force for the last quarter of a century. Im glad the UK and the EU have at least taken sanctions over it, I just dont think it will make a difference Every political asylum seeker will now be looking very carefully at plane routes now before flying anywhere.
  10. Its an interesting one from a club point of view. If you allow live streaming once crowd restrictions are lifted it may well result in more people watching due to on line coverage but at what cost? And how do you police it? If someone within travelling distance takes you up on the live stream, it costs the club in real terms. It could be three or four people watching - thats basically free admission for all bar one person - plus you lose out on takings at the bar, at the snack outlets, for programmes, half time draw tickets, souvenirs. Yes there will be people watching who perhaps wouldnt live but the numbers would not make up for potential loss of income. If you advertise for away fans or for say fans over 50 miles from the track, how do you police it? In todays internet market of VPNs its impossible. How would you make sure it was only away fans who used it? Maybe some sort of arrangement amongst the clubs (ha! yeah right! lol) where their season ticket holders get to buy through their own club who know where they live? How is that fair though to fans who pay per meeting? Whats to stop friends from different tracks 'making an arrangment' or sharing the feed? Much as I have loved having on line streaming from all sorts of sports over the pandemic, in the real post covid world I am not sure that there is any way it would work for the clubs. Happy to be proven wrong
  11. Lioness


    There is actually another way to do it to try and protect a facility. Dumbarton supporters owned a ‘ransom strip’ round their old ground and when the ground was sold off for development they were able to secure a new built ground on the outskirts of the town as part of the deal. Edinburgh Accies are trying to do the same but their case is more difficult because it’s historical and Scotland’s positive prescription laws could come into play. I always saw it as worth looking at though. It won’t ultimately stop a club loosing its home but could be the difference between surviving elsewhere and going out of existence obviously that’s no help for clubs already lost though
  12. Lioness

    Edinburgh 2021

    Judging by the covid regulations in other areas (shops, workplaces etc) it wont all be about how many people are allowed in, they will have had to plan for separate areas of the stadium. they may have to make arrangements for separate entrances/exits. If they do they can probably use the gate at the side of the loos (assuming its still there?) as presumably they will be allowed to switch to the main gate being used by the end of the meeting? Fair play to them for going for it though, remember they are facing a new situation too and will have had to do a lot of planning and will need to be cut a bit of slack on the night if there are teething problems.
  13. Lioness

    Glasgow 2020

    anyone want to talk speedway?
  14. Sorry re last post Badge, my computer has gone weird (yeah I know, in good company!) Anyhow not to badge but in general what I was trying to post is people think vaccines stop you getting something. They dont. They give you the immunity cells needed to fight it so you are far less affected by it (in principle). Exactly the same reason you can get the flu (all be it less seriously than it would have been ) after the flu jab

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