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  1. Lioness

    Jason Garrity

    Nice one Richard
  2. Lioness

    Jason Garrity

    Its a shame that the Poultec stuff seems to have been hidden amongst a thread for a someone convicted of an evil crime. The Poultec scheme looks an excellent programme for young riders and they deserve lots of positive coverage for it imo
  3. Lioness

    Newcastle 2020

    a footballer is not meant to give a speech at his testimonial events though or it becomes chargeable!
  4. Lioness

    Jason Garrity

    I very much doubt that prison will change him Moomin when all the chances given to him by people in speedway - promoters and riders - were just abused. I agree with everything else you say. Plenty of kids from rough areas don’t get anywhere near the chances he was afforded yet make good. You just can’t help someone who is obviously evil to the core
  5. Lioness

    Jason Garrity

    plenty of them but he isnt worthy of them. Until COVID stopped me in my tracks remember I worked with vulnerable people. For me it is one of the most despicable crimes you can commit
  6. Lioness

    Jason Garrity

    pity they didnt have the power to add an additional sentence of putting him in a locked room with his hands tied and with fit healthy young relatives of the victims. Even unfit older relatives. From what I have been told from people who were around speedway in Manchester yes he had a bad start in life but he was given chance after chance and chose to go down this route. Hell mend him ETA they are looking for people to try and test COVID potential immunisations on. I'd say scum like this should have that added into their sentence too. They forfeit the right to be treated humanely the minute they prey in this manner on vulnerable people
  7. Great stuff from Zmarzlik, again the best racing was between him and Woffy.
  8. I think I must be the only person to have fallen out of love with F1! I am very much in a minority though. If there is one thing that most other sports can learn from F1 it is what a difference you can make with a good marketing strategy, good promotion, and making it appeal to the younger masses and the media
  9. Hey everybody loves the hedge! Its actually a tidy wee ground, enjoy my visits there
  10. The way we played last season there was more chance of that than a football thread! lol
  11. Falkirk FC - or if you are literary minded (sp?) I think it was Oscar Wilde
  12. Thats when you 'expect the unexpected'
  13. Lioness

    Corona virus

    That figures
  14. Lioness

    Mr Garrity

    Wouldn’t the terms of his release not restrict internet for 3 years as he was put on the register?
  15. It would also make it quicker to glance at and see what is on that night on line in the chronological order like a fixture list

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