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  1. What is more unacceptable to me is the amount of money he will be taking home from these meetings,Dirk Turpin springs to mind.
  2. Keith Chapman - Failure or Success?

    It's not just Chapman to blame,don't think there is any trust among Present Promoters.Like others have said it need Independant body to sort things out.Unfortunately that will never happen IMO .
  3. Don't think these matches count toward Green Sheet,( could be wrong though).
  4. Belle Vue 2018

    The opposition was dire to say the least.!
  5. Redcar v Glasgow 17/5/18

    Kus needs to speed it up when in front! If Barker hadn't made a move ,Worrell or Wright would have.
  6. Good win for Bandits,Sheffield were disappointing ,certainly not as strong as last year,agree with others Shane's was not far of the pace and gave 100%.Good to see the water cart in action again.
  7. 2019 Sgp Qualifiers

    Now now ,we complained enough when Penhall let his buddies get some points.Dan doesnt deserves critisisum ,he got his chance on merit.Lambert seems to have moved up a level this season,good luck to him.
  8. Redcar v Glasgow 17/5/18

    That was the Ben Barker Show tonight,great stuff.Special mention to Jack Thomas he was also impressive looks areal prospect.
  9. Glasgow 2018

    Speedway to Hi -Tec these days.
  10. Glasgow 2018

    Tigers better hope Vissing doesn't have his usual mid season slump or they could be struggling.
  11. Redcar v Glasgow 17/5/18

    The sport is in the same shambolic situation as last year,now add in lack of regular meetings.!!
  12. Is Fricke giving his all for Aces.Beating much better riders in Poland every week.
  13. Berwickbandits2018

    The neck brace bit was on the updates,come from Team manager.
  14. Berwickbandits2018

    Updates said Josh G knocked him off ?
  15. Workington 2018 .

    Think Bewlay will be missing too.
  16. Berwickbandits2018

  17. Berwickbandits2018

    Speedway updates reported that NJB took a head knock in his last race at Rye yesterday.Any updates?
  18. 2019 Sgp Qualifiers

    That's a tough qualification criteria,from the rounds one bad ride and you could be out.
  19. Workington 2018 .

    It's a poor reflection on the way the sport is being run.
  20. Workington 2018 .

    I'm genuinely pleased that your doing well,love my visits to Worky really enjoy the racing there.I hope the results puts afew more on the attendances as it was pretty poor when I was over for the Berwick match ,it can't survive on these numbers.IMO.
  21. Workington 2018 .

    It's interesting that Worky have never track their full Team this season so far,guest or R/r in every match.
  22. They all seem to want to ride anywhere but UK.Tells you something IMO .
  23. The best thing next year would be 1 league and normal race nights,as so far this season it has made no difference regarding guests and missing riders.!!! It's just a circus nowadays.
  24. 2018 Warsaw Gp

    He certainly "squeezed" Pawlicki up though and left him nowhere to go,he was behind him ,not really along side him. Think the ref got it right.