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  1. Think its 6 pts down can only be use once ,but not in Heat 8.
  2. Berwick just got on with it,nobody cared because they though we were Cr#p now there's total panic from other clubs trying to get into top 4 before the so called cut off date ( which will be extended to suit no doubt).Ludicrious situation.Imo.
  3. Fromafar


    When the RIGHT TEAMS into the top 4 I would imagine.Thats speedway!
  4. Geography not your subject I see.
  5. The most entertaining match of the season by far IMO.I would like too think the track was prepared that way ,but more than probable the natural watering of the track due to weather done the trick,some great racing from both teams,Peterborough were better than the score suggests,Scotty was in a different class,Bandits got stuck in too though.Just wish racing had been like that most of the season,but IMO it has been poor.The Bandits have performed above expectations for me and deserve to be in the mix for play - Off's .Lets face it the fixture planning has been not thought out very well but attendances have held up.You need a weekly speedway fix,hoping they can sort something better out for next season regarding leagues and fixtures.I know that I Personaly moan about track prep but I think tonight proves a point that it can be done (even if some riders moan about it),you have to provide entertaining racing like tonight and the fans will attend.Junior match was good and you can see the inprovement of the young lads as the season progressed.
  6. Fromafar

    Ronnie Moore

    R.I.P Ronnie one of the greats in the sport.
  7. Fromafar


    Think Doolan is our rep.Thought I heard it announced last Sat.
  8. Maybe not raining in Armadale.YET!
  9. When did he ever get his kevlars dirty,gate and go merchant or tootle round at the back.
  10. Hope you consulted Rory too.
  11. That would make sense to me,but no one seems interested in getting dirty to suit the fans these days.The best meetings are usually on a track that has been watered by the weather ,if it is not raining of meeting this should be an option,like you say just turn the dirt over. Cook had no problem riding in the GP last weekend on a rain affected track.
  12. Maybe doesn't trust that you will fork up later
  13. Just to make sure they get their money at a later date(if they are not getting paid)that has happened at a number of clubs IMO .It is their source of income after all.
  14. Impressed with Tero these days seems to have genuinely improved.
  15. Agree,that's the reason I don't leave the house if there is a cloud in the sky,the people running the the sport and the riders have brought this situation on themselves,there technical solutions regarding Machinary and Track prep but the head is in the sand from the people running the show.There will be an excess of riders in GB just shortly.Sad days.
  16. Fromafar


    Think your ok for Berwick on Sat weather looks reasonable ,not sure about Newcastle .See Berwick had a result at Ippo tonight though.
  17. Fromafar


    If it rains from now till Sept 9th we might be in the play offs..
  18. At £18 I would be giving it a miss.Is that not an understrengh Team.
  19. It's just about money for riders these days.
  20. Interesting to how good a meeting Kurtz has is he really wanting to help BV get into top4.
  21. That looks a very poor Sheffield team.Monarchs should have a big pay day ,weather permitting(it looks a dodgy forecast though).
  22. I agree riders are dictating the sport,but Promotions don't seem to want to come together to sort it out season after season.Self interest rules.
  23. Cook will be happy and least he should score some points at his level and earn some money.The sport is a complete joke.
  24. Fromafar

    Somerset vs Poole (Final)

    Apoligies read it wrong.
  25. Fromafar

    Somerset vs Poole (Final)

    The points should be awarded to Poole then, or are they the dates that only suit Poole too.

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