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  1. But when we used him it was in the rules...
  2. Shame KL suggested it then, just to stop us using Ellis.
  3. By KL and other fans who cannot let it go.
  4. I'm talking about fans though
  5. Chapman didn't agree, it was their idea! Poole agreed.
  6. lisa-colette

    Somerset 2019

    He was named in Poole's and at p+p which was the point I was making. Get with it!
  7. Think you need to look at your no1 tonight as well not just blame the reserves!!
  8. lisa-colette

    Somerset 2019

    They obviously do otherwise Chris would have been in Somerset's line up not Poole's!
  9. Same old KL always trying to steal other people's guests! KL copycats has a nice ring to it!
  10. Hahahahahahahahaha!!! Stop it my sides are hurting now
  11. No falling out needed! I like the playoffs even when Poole don't win them. It's an exciting end to the season! And I was completely gutted when Poole lost in 2010 to Coventry but you know what I posted 'well done Coventry' on the same night, shame some KL fans couldn't do the same. But if they want to hold on to their bitterness than that's up to them!
  12. Yeah and we didn't win the league! Plus we were 20 points ahead in the table, more than double what KL were over us! So if I can take that, surely you lot can handle this. Or maybe not..
  13. Well it was one of the closest playoffs in terms of teams strengths and any injury or ref decision could have quite an impact on the result.
  14. This is what Gavan would say... " Poole are so rubbish they only won by 4 points they should take all Morris's points off and award the title to KL..."
  15. British Speedway will be a much poorer place without Harris riding in it. Chris wants to do with gp qualifers and so on next season, so be very surprised if he suddenly quits!
  16. lisa-colette

    Poole 2019

    Ask the chairman and your promoter!!
  17. Here you go, seeing as BV stuff keeps creeping on the Poole threads, thought we could discuss them winning the league on this one!
  18. I mean really?! Do I have to start singing 'let it go' at you or something? I have a terrible singing voice but if that is what it takes I'll do it!
  19. I was being diplomatic!
  20. He's getting withdrawal symptoms from not being able to debate with Gavan!! Well some of us just have withdrawal symptoms from the season ending
  21. lisa-colette

    Poole 2019

    And nobody can include Poole in that cos ours have been below 8 nearly all season! Swindon on the other hand.. I really hate the thought of 6 rider teams though.
  22. lisa-colette

    Poole 2019

    There has to be more than 7 teams! Not sure the min. amount of teams BT sport want..?
  23. lisa-colette

    Finishing Averages Table 2018

    I'm sure they would have found some other issue to 'debate'
  24. Hijacked by one of your own fans though, who just can't let it go. Cannot see which way this is going to go. I would have made KL the favourites but now Somerset have booked Wright I think Somerset might just edge it, but Covatti needs to be on it.

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