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  1. I don't get why people do that. Not like Drew excluded Chris!
  2. lisa-colette

    Redcar 45-45 Oxford

    You do realise you got 2 points right?
  3. Some fans appreciate it when a rider apologises for a bad night, if you do and don't have twitter here it is: https://x.com/Leon_Flint1/status/1804250098135924854
  4. If you look at MPT average not much choice. All Poole HLs are too high, so really just Zach Cook. Plymouth only ones can use are everyone below Barker (not really HLs). Worky could have Vissing, Tate but prob not fit yet or fly in Vuolas. Oh, not Vissing actually as you not at home! Bit unlucky there as averages are so close!
  5. Yes, maybe time to get rid of superheat as now the Daily Echo saying we lost the meeting! If the media struggle with it prob best to scrap it tbh.
  6. We didn't actually lose though! It was a draw after 15 that is why we have a league point
  7. They signed him before that happened. They insinuated in the press that if the injury happened before that, they prob wouldn't have but they didn't want to go back on it.
  8. Thomsen actually got 3+2. Which included a 5-1 with Lawson in H11 beating Scott Nicholls.
  9. lisa-colette

    Tigers v Aces

    Brady rides for BV and the other two don't?
  10. lisa-colette

    Tigers v Aces

    He rode last Saturday did he not. Scored well, so why can't he ride Thurs?
  11. lisa-colette

    Tigers v Aces

    What a surprise!!
  12. Be surprised if we win now Heeps has found his form. If we can keep it within 10 that would be good.
  13. lisa-colette

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    Sure Starke has been guesting for Berwick recently? So no excuses for him! Also doesn't Pearson ride in Poland?

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