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  1. Perhaps get the riders to explain?
  2. penchev


    Ah the forum fannies the most intelligent of species
  3. The past is the past and we are where we are with British speedway , also I can’t say I’ve been impressed with other meetings I’ve watched on BT sport etc , so to be able to see live speedway on a Saturday evening is a plus Amd just to mention a terrific win for the bandits last night
  4. penchev


    Support it or lose it is my motto. The club are not badgering people for money for it to survive, and i cannot see anything wrong with anyone making a donation should they wish to do so.
  5. Mind I wasn't 'knocking' him just merely pointing out the fact that he does not find it entertaining and dull. The club have to try different things and if they work then fine but sometimes not every idea will work, that's life. So the club should be commended for trying to be innovated.
  6. “Been to every meeting “ it can’t be that bad then ? Since you keep going back every week
  7. Have you eaten a joke book ?
  8. Ha ha your garbage crawl back under ya own doorstep
  9. Jimmy Sarjeant won you the meeting and not the GP superstar. Sums it up
  10. penchev


    Hope being the word
  11. penchev

    Chanpionship Pairs Somerset Friday 20th

    2 Portaloos on the 2 bend hardly acceptable
  12. penchev


    And some thought the Berwick track was bad
  13. penchev



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