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  1. mikebv

    Stadium Racing

    ?? Their largest outgoing is employee wages... They are one million percent in charge of that..
  2. mikebv

    Stadium Racing

    If you want to keep team racing then run it properly with credibility and integrity, at the correct level decreed by the clubs' fan base levels, not the level that the ego"s of the promoters want their clubs to race at.... And run it on days when you can get your best crowds in, not when your employees tell you that they are available.. And do this once a fortnight but more if your fan base supports it... And dont charge more than £15 for an adult and definitely not more that £30 for two adults and their kids, but if you do charge more than £30, then dont expect most of these families to pay it more than once per month at best.. And if you cant meet the costs using that max £15 price point (£30 family ticket), then reduce your outgoings accordingly until you can..
  3. mikebv

    Why speedway is failing

    1991 it may be but several times before, and since, it has needed restructuring... I've said before, domestic UK Speedway massively lived off the back of a world beating set of English riders who were beamed into millions of homes on Saturday afternoons celebrating victory after victory.. Then circa mid 80's, English Speedway had lost PC, Michael Lee and Kenny Carter within just a few years. Names who were recognised nationally as elite successful sportsmen and not just known within the Speedway following fraternity.. Instead ITV started to show each week American and Danish riders celebrating on the top step of the podiums, and as this went on regularly for several years, 'floating fans' in particular started to lose interest, but more importantly, so did the TV and Newspapers. This lack of success was then accelerated by UK clubs who, seeing the US and Danes dominate, decided to instead of developing UK riders, started signing up anyone and everyone from the US and Denmark and then slowly from anywhere at all around the globe.. Bringing in literally hundreds of journeymen riders to be often replaced by hundreds of other journeymen foreign riders... Now all UK Speedway has is a Mickey Mouse operating model (that has been in various guises always there but in a modern social media age you cannot get away with), no major sponsors due to no 'proper' TV, Audio or written media coverage, and a measure of success quoted by the chairmen as being "getting all teams through the season".. It needs a root and branch review and radical overhaul as the operating model is failing abysmally and needs throwing out and a new one bringing in... But, as this 1991 document shows. That wont ever happen.
  4. Are there Covid restrictions on crowd levels still in Sweden ? Crowds seem well down on the norm of pre Covid days a couple of seasons ago.... And even those crowds at that time seemed well down on crowd levels of five or so years ago...
  5. Poole's track last week was good... A bit too slick probably but you could tell by the closeness of most of the racing that the riders behind were confident that the rider in front, nor themselves, were going to hit any dodgy part of the circuit, hence were able to concentrate on racing, not just riding to ensure they completed the race.. And there were a few genuine passes made that were down to rider talent and not rider mistakes... On other visits I have made to Poole they have seemed to have MX 'whoops' down the back straight.... Or maybe it was just the tide was in... Edinburgh will do well to get anything from there I would suggest given how strong Poole looked last week..
  6. mikebv

    Stadium Racing

    Most rented stadia is owned by the greyhound fraternity which I can't see wanting to sell up for development as that sport would pretty much cease to exist if they did... Therefore if ever there was an opportunity to find some common ground between use and profit (for both), it's surely now... And if clubs are losing money by holding meetings eg Brum and Newcastle, then maybe less, but actually meaningful, meetings would be better for them...?
  7. mikebv

    Why speedway is failing

    I'd raise that and ask... What is the point of either of the top two leagues....? Both equally undermine each other....
  8. mikebv

    Stadium Racing

    Or let the landlord then rent out the Speedway track to someone else...? If any track pays 52 weeks rent for 20 weeks or so use they must be crackers.. Especially in this current climate..
  9. mikebv

    Stadium Racing

    The NDL (pre covid) was the lowest level possible. .. Yet also appeared to be the most profitable.. Something in that worth scrutinising if they desperately want to keep "team speedway" for me...
  10. mikebv

    Extortionate Admission Prices

    Spot on.. Personally if with a paying adult I would make 16 and under completely free.. As many as the adult wants to bring so they can do what they want together as mates... Hardly any are there now so it will make almost zero difference to income and the more who attend together the less of an 'old fogies' reputation will exist.. And who knows, when they get jobs some may actually want to return... Nothing to lose and something possibly to gain has to be worth a go surely? NB. And no one uses social media like teenagers do, with most of their sharing being done showing all the friends, followers etc where they have been or currently are... So you will get free advertising hitting thousands within hours...
  11. mikebv

    Extortionate Admission Prices

    At Poole last week for me and my 18 year old lad it was £27... That to me was "more like it"... Not sure I would pay much over £30 for two adults and think its VFM to be honest, and never understand why clubs dont heavily discount the price to at least 16 years of age (say a fiver max), as so many get lost to the sport in their teenage years when £12 and more is bandied about as admission..
  12. mikebv

    Stadium Racing

    Bingo... Dont run 20 meetings and pay out literally hundreds of thousand in salaries for 40 meetings, with poor returns and attendances.... Instead run say 10 meetings over six months from April to September (March if Easter falls then), with BIG prize money and promote and advertise them properly, using all the Bank Holidays available, and run Saturday and Sunday if it's your best day to attract a crowd.. Even those who rent must be able to negotiate 10 meetings per season only with their landlords given the current economic situation, and those landlords who keep the bar and car park take would be pleased to have large crowds attending Speedway meetings that have some "meaning" surely? 16, or even 12 at a push, riders of similar level at each meeting, therefore all races competitive and (if only 12 riders) the prize money shared would be greater.. Plenty of meetings for the riders, a chance to still earn good money and "proper, meaningful speedway" for the fans to watch.. Stick in a few "extras" to supplement the racing similar to the way the IOW do and who knows, it may help relaunch some "team racing" that starts again from scratch and doesnt remake all the mistakes which has led it to its current situation..
  13. mikebv

    Stadium Racing

    As my lad was told when he started cycle Speedway racing.. "You dont have to be the fastest, you just need to be fast enough to not let them past"..
  14. mikebv

    Stadium Racing

    I remember the side cars at the old Hyde Rd track doing 2nd Half races and also remember the crowds that stayed behind were much higher than the usual 2nd half racing attracted.. A novelty value maybe, but Speedway could certainly do with a few of those.. Those with bigger tracks may run Stox already so the sidecars wont rip up the tracks as badly as those monsters do.. And having seen them in the US racing on tiny 110m circuits without destroying the surface, ran alongside the solos rather than after them, (akin to Grasstrack), I can definitely testify that they are a great watch.. 15 heats of Solo racing in a contrived made up team sport scenario isnt cutting it so anything else that can pull punters in has to be worth a go .
  15. mikebv

    Why speedway is failing

    It truly is akin to "Turkeys voting for Xmas" the way they just set themselves up from season to season to fail ad infinitum isn't it? I am though always amazed that no one within the sport ever comes out publicly to say "This simply does not work".. Riders, who should be earning much more for what they do, seem to have no issues (presumably because they get to ride for anyone they can night after night).. Promoters, who see stadiums much less than half full and have to set up funding pages to stay afloat, never seem to come out and question "Just why the 'hell' are we doing it like this"?.. The Speedway Star (a truly excellent publication which any sport so small is so lucky to have) seems to have had a fair few editorials and comments published around much of what we all collectively discuss on here so 'within the sport' there must be at least some tacit understanding that the operating model simply isn't fit for purpose.. Yet each AGM ends with "we have a great plan and look forward to another excellent season of speedway"... Whilst each season ends with less paying customers than the year before.....

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