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  1. I am sure it was nothing more than one of those happy coincidences that seem to happen quite a bit in UK Speedway...
  2. mikebv

    Jason Garrity

    Hardly anyone outside the few thousand who follow the sport would even notice if he came back into Speedway... It isn't like any return would drive tens of thousands away... As that has already been done by others down the years... And if anyone wants to make a stand by not going should any convicted criminal be riding then let them.... Plenty more will still turn up regardless of his presence.... And, if we are now only allowing ex cons to do certain jobs, why should others then be made to work with them? Other "labourer's" in your scenario may not want him there with them for example... Therefore, what jobs does society say ex cons can do without someone having a protest? The bottom line is hardly anyone in this country has heard of Speedway, let alone Jason Garrity...
  3. Moving North... Have Denmark called all tomorrows meetings off..? And next weeks, just to be on the safe side..?
  4. mikebv


    A distinct lack of any co-ordination by the governing body to the majority of closures.. Is it because there isnt enough riders to fill any extra teams? Hence it is "better" to let some simply disappear? Imagine if the dozen or so tracks that have closed in circa the last decade where still running? That would need over 80 riders..
  5. mikebv

    Belle Vue v Ipswich 22nd April

    Ben Cook certainly looking like "one to watch" over the next few years.. His improvement "glide path" is similar to those who have gone onto the very top level...
  6. mikebv

    Belle Vue v Ipswich 22nd April

    On these "grippy nights", where the racing always improves later in the meeting, why not let the riders do 6 practice laps or so each before the racing..? That would be 84 laps, the equivalent of around 5 races worth of match laps.. Moving the dirt out so, meaning the inside grip reduces, hopefully making the racing improve quicker..
  7. Plus... That banner could have come away from the fence and wrapped itself around someone's legs, causing them to trip and drown...
  8. For meetings that important, they get rescheduled, just so the integrity, and credibility of the league is maintained... (I am still laughing writing that last bit)..
  9. Some of our lads do appear to have a bigger expectation of them than maybe their capability level would currently warrant... Messrs Screen, Loram, Woffinden, Lambert and Bewley were, whilst well under 21, beating world level heat leaders regularly... Wouldn't be a bad thing to lower expectation, and therefore pressure, on these lads.. If they reach HL level in Div 2 and No6/SS level in Div 1, it will be an achievement...
  10. mikebv

    Belle Vue v Ipswich 22nd April

    Let's hope Doyley gets his compo... Although, if he flew Ryanair, it may take a "while"....
  11. Then give it to them.. Another incentive to get the match on.. Edit. Ian beat me to it... And, as an aside, some ST holders might not make any rearrangement date anyway so lose out regardless..
  12. Just give both teams one point each... No one gets paid so no costs to the clubs, and also, maybe, the riders would be more inclined to ride when "less than 100%"? Which as the years go by, is becoming less and less the norm.. Apart from obviously, in October when "all of a sudden," play offs take place in all sort of conditions...
  13. mikebv

    Belle Vue v Ipswich 22nd April

    Two riders missing should see the match not even taking place... Ipswich Select is OK as a testimonial meeting team, but not OK as a team to be involved in a professional UK Sports League..
  14. mikebv

    Belle Vue v Ipswich 22nd April

    I remember that photo from Matej in his Manchester hotel room the night it was rumoured he wasn't going to make it.. Sent to social media about half ten at night.. Luckily we had a flood so the meeting got called off anyway.... Climate change hitting Gorton in isolation that night. Unlucky...
  15. Would go to Brum to watch that team....

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