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  1. mikebv

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    I thought EVERY rider had to be available to ride for Scunthorpe on a Friday.....
  2. mikebv

    Pits crew attire

    And someone walking around the pits shouting... "Does anyone need methanol?"!!!!
  3. mikebv

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    Doesnt Chris get one for EVERY team?
  4. mikebv

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    They will probably only see the back of it..
  5. It was an empty net, central position, two yards out.... He is a proper legend when it comes never letting anyone down.. (And must be due at least a couple of dozen league winners medals combined from both leagues).. Edit: And the same amount of runners up medals too for the same seasons..!!
  6. Cannot happen, as it has been decreed that Bomber (or anyone else), could only ride for ONE team in the play offs, if his own doesnt make it.. Seemingly last years play off situation has been reviewed and we now have the new regulation... Perfectly acceptable... Some, however, still dont take this sport too seriously...
  7. mikebv

    27 years on

    It was a "paid for" 3hr (when it first launched), advert... What an opportunity given the size of the business (very small in real terms).. Hardly anyone knows who you are even in the area where you trade, and you go out on TV for 9 hours (with the two repeats), at all times of the day.. And you get paid for this advert!! You can advertise nationally, as well a locally, your product.. Instead, we had promoters moaning that the crowds dropped.. Rather than fixing the many self inflicted reasons why they did.. And making these nights "unmissable" on, and off, the track..
  8. mikebv

    27 years on

    I seem to remember £110k per club (10 teams), and £5k (maybe £10k?) a match that got televised, to cover any drop in crowd/reduction in admission fee to attract a crowd in.. One promoter, post Sky money, said the up front cash basically paid for the No1 riders.. Who all effed off when the money dried up...
  9. I remember watching someone ride in the 2nd half at Belle Vue called "Charlie Brown"... His real name turned out to be Giuseppe Marzotto, and rather than being an animated American cartoon character, he was actually an Italian fella.... Wonder what happened to him? Couldn't see him making a career in Speedway to be honest...
  10. mikebv

    27 years on

    Wasn't it 20% "finder's fee"? To be fair to him, no one else "pushed against that open door", and all got well over a six figure guarantee each season for many years... What they actually did with that money sadly is the legacy....
  11. mikebv

    27 years on

  12. mikebv

    27 years on

    All working independently to try and win something that they themselves devalue to the point of almost worthlessness, (by their own operating model) is almost madness isnt it? Laughable if it wasn't so sad to see the negative impact that the operating model has had on crowds.. Maybe one day they will pool resources, put up some big prize money, and relaunch the sport collectively with some professional marketeers involved.. Or maybe they wont....
  13. mikebv

    27 years on

    Watched it again on YT not long ago.. A lack of a clear vision of travel as to where they saw the sport was the ultimate issue, which meant non stop short term fix, after short term fix.. The Sky millions being the huge opportunity missed... Using that money for example could have allowed squad systems, which would have meant Mickey Mouse didnt have any control over the sport, and the titles then had credibility... And who knows, maybe could have attracted sponsors from "outside" its fanbase.. Instead the sport paid out "the Sky money" to No1's, who then missed the most meetings as the GP's evolved hugely at that time, meaning credibility destroying guestfests after guestfests with inferior riders replacing them, thus peeing off the public.. A public who then got inflation busting increases to admission prices to not only pay for the level of riders, but also to cover the shortfall from disillusioned fans leaving the sport annually... Those left, ultimately paying more to watch less quality as the GP riders had to be "elsewhere" many weeks.. UK Speedway basically bent over backwards to the top riders, often, it appeared so the promoters could bask in the reflective glory of rubbing shoulders with them.. And then of course when the money stopped the No1's showed their loyalty and appreciation to the promoters by foxtrotting and oscaring as quickly as those planes to Poland and Sweden could carry them.. And only came back when the schedule was changed to accommodate their wishes.. Even so many years later, 2024 will see rinse and repeat.. Still no clear direction of travel.. Still no clear leadership.. Still no "outside" sponsorship nor major businesses interested in sponsoring the league or individual clubs.. More opportunities for guest riders though, so, you know, not all bad eh?
  14. mikebv

    Brummies 2024...

    The play offs definitely pull in many fans like me, who are not too bothered about who actually wins or not... It provides many "followers" with a night out at a speedway meeting that actually has decent crowds and, therefore, atmosphere... A bit of a throwback to how it used to be when we all started to follow the sport and loved it.... I really enjoyed both meetings last year I attended that the Aces were in, with good crowds at both Ipswich and the NSS.. Peterborough's Captain then turning up for Sheffield so they could defeat Ipswich in the Final, (after he had made such a fundamental impact in putting Ipswich in the Final), summed up perfectly why you shouldn't take league UK racing too seriously.. An excellent night out are the play offs...

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