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  1. Does it really matter what songs are being played? Personally I couldn’t care less.
  2. He is mate he has been a top number 1 for us so far.
  3. Lots of people were leaving after 8 heats, I made it to heat 10 I think when Ben missed the two minutes and that was enough for me and I never leave early but unfortunately I have kids to pick up. Like I said earlier if that was your first time at speedway I would be amazed if you went back. Such a shame.
  4. Morris is class all I was saying was in his heat when he came 2nd to NBJ he tried the outside and went backwards so switched back to the inside and got closer. Was only using that race as an example of only the inside line working.
  5. Not yet I don’t think other than what was said last night.
  6. It just seemed to be one of them meetings where everything went wrong. The bad crash with Kyle, the air fence breaking when Lawson hit it then with R/R and Kyle being withdrawn it just seemed like a rider was always having back to back rides and it felt like a delay after every race. With all the talk and jokes about the track lately I have to say the racing was poor last night with only the inside line working I remember one heat when Morris was going out wide he just went backwards. Unfortunately if you was new to the sport you wouldn’t be going back again. Some things you can’t control but their is no excuse for not setting the track up to have more than one racing line.
  7. Can only agree with that marko, bad crash with Kyle and I hope he’s not going to be injured for long but it’s been a bit of a shambles.
  8. I think we should have a separate thread for the lakeside track it’s the same every season lol.
  9. Having Ben at reserve is a big plus and it will be interesting to see how Alfie gets on after his 17 points yesterday.
  10. Good to hear for a minute I thought the throttle jockey comment had got to you.
  11. Lambert looks a star, what a good final and the future looks bright with him and Bewley.
  12. That could well be the case especially as this Lakeside team are just home track specialists, so we were told.
  13. Only donuts I saw were riding in white and yellow helmets
  14. Very easy win for the hammers with all the team looking impressive. I expected a bit more from Workington to be honest, apart from Campton and Proctor the rest were very poor. I was looking forward to seeing Bewley but he was a let down he seemed more interested in trying to pull wheelies in his first few heats. Top of the table now and hopefully we can keep it going and we will be stronger once Morley is back in the side at reserve.

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