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  1. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like Rye House is a very good place to watch speedway so can’t blame fans for not wanting to travel. It’s a shame how things have ended for both Lakeside and Rye House.
  2. It wasn’t long ago you was saying you would never go back to Lakeside while Jon Cook was running the club and if it folds it folds, why the change of heart?
  3. Rye House should make another date available, it was the stadium that Lakeside must be paying rent for that caused the meeting to be cancelled. Unfortunately any other time the meeting would have to be run again and if it can’t because Lakeside can’t stage it then Peterborough have to go through. What a total shambles of a sport though and I can’t see the Lakeside promotion being bothered to run next season at Rye either and I don’t blame them.
  4. Let’s go back to arena and give the place a proper farewell, try going out in style. Lakeside is not going to survive at Rye House. Come on you clowns you know it makes sense!!
  5. What a farce, please come back to arena even for one more year!
  6. Enough fans turned up at that piss poor run down stadium with a s##t small track for the club to keep running though.
  7. Might aswell move the club to Peterborough then if they close down, Peterborough hammers maybe lol. Don’t see the club surviving at Rye House, fans won’t keep travelling to watch poor meetings every week.
  8. I am yet to hear anyone say a single positive thing regarding the Rye House track and the standard of racing, is it really that bad? Every meeting I think I’ll make the journey then when it comes to the day I just can’t be bothered and reading all the negative comments Iam not sure I’ll bother next season either.
  9. Speedway has knocked the common sense out of me.
  10. Some people need a sense of humour....or maybe it’s me that needs one lol.
  11. Haven’t seen Lakeside confirm this has been agreed yet maybe Peterborough have jumped the gun announcing this.
  12. Peterborough must have just seen the two Lakeside riders riding the grass track meeting and decided they now fancy riding. Fingers crossed Lakeside release a statement saying they can’t do that date now.
  13. When would Peterborough like the meeting run if not next weekend?
  14. Maybe you should use twitter if you want the latest information Waco.

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