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  1. Lakeside 2018

    I can’t wait to see some speedway again, really looking forward to seeing how Morris, Newman and Ellis go and will also be good to see Zach.
  2. Lakeside 2018

    It does seem strange as Kim has always said how much he enjoyed riding for Lakeside. Can’t say I would enjoy working anywhere if I was owed a load of money.
  3. Lakeside 2018

    Just been reading this on Twitter. £26k he is owed. Disgraceful. Iam shocked why he continued to ride.
  4. Lakeside 2018

    Good to see the club launch the new junior members trackside club, hopefully it proves successful and gets more youngsters interested in the sport. I think they will be doing more school visits aswell.
  5. Lakeside 2018

    If people want a topic for when old people die any chance someone could create a thread for it. Cheers
  6. Lakeside 2018

    Does anybody care about this drivel?
  7. Lakeside 2018

    One person who is not to blame is Max Clegg, can he not claim loss of potential earnings or at least be compensated? This must have cost him thousands.
  8. Lakeside 2018

    I agree with you Marko it’s going to need Zach to really push on, he was top class last season so fingers crossed he can push on again this season.
  9. Lakeside 2018

    Shame there incompetence has cost someone a job
  10. Lakeside 2018

    That’s a massive loss and a complete mess.
  11. Lakeside 2018

    Seems not everyone is happy with all things Rye House right now reading through the Rye thread. People don’t seem to be happy with the promotion which surprises me after hearing so many good things about them. Hopefully see some fans who went to Rye from Lakeside come back this season.
  12. Lakeside 2018

    Start as we mean to go on I suppose.
  13. Lakeside 2018

    So first meetings of the season and already us or Somerset will be using a guest or R/R lol.
  14. Lakeside 2018

    Have to be honest Iam glad the meeting is the evening one, rarely see a good meeting at arena during the day. Probably being a bit selfish mind you lol.
  15. Lakeside 2018

    That’s a good way to start the new season, Lee will always be a Lakeside legend and never forgotten.