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  1. Newcastle 2018

    Really i want some of what your on Morris is crap anywhere but S*it heap park , and how can Morris be best reserve in league ? with a lower average than Aarnio who is also total crap
  2. Redcar v Glasgow 17/5/18

    riding in the Czech Republic picking up his weight in potatoes as payment,battering now as nobody can have an off night and been carrying at least two all season.
  3. Redcar 2018

    The Redcar team was built around Barker being supported by Kus ,allowing MBA and Jordan Stewart time to settle in ,but both Barker and Kus are riding well below their averages putting pressure on the rest of the side , only really Busch who can hold his head up
  4. Having watched them both ride in the danish league i think Mikkel is the better of the two , its just how he he adapts to the british tracks especially Newcastle which is a breed all on its own
  5. not seen tonight`s results other than this one , sure that`s twice Ippo have lost at home , did Pijper not ride for you lot at one point,think Mikkel could be okay if he gates , but who knows i will go for a Kus 15pt max
  6. That was in the Havelock days long gone them now , none are title winners , i would say Redcar have the better side as it stands ,but pretty sure Nicki Pedersen can be brought in from May on an OAP average
  7. Got similar score to what Ipswich got the previous week or so , to be honest was not expecting much more , same goes tomorrow with at least two riders never having ridden there before , if kus turns up might keep it around a 10pt loss never do much at the dog track
  8. Two crap teams battling for the wooden spoon this season
  9. Ouch tib and fib break under knee does not sound good
  10. Newcastle 2018

    but also boot on other foot Mikkel Andersen on a 5.2 or Bukhave on a 7
  11. Newcastle 2018

    blokes signed twice and not lasted till may booting Auty didn`t help like
  12. Newcastle 2018

    is Richard Hall riding then
  13. Redcar handed fours

    stand by my original post no chance of winning it
  14. Redcar handed fours

    so peterbrough fans not travelling then since they have pee all chance of winning
  15. Championship Predictions 2018

    ooooooohhh touchy about said rubbish side
  16. Newcastle V Redcar 3/9/17

    rules need clearing up massively redcar have huge grounds to appeal the joke glasgow fan mcgregors decision to allow r/r for lambert,who regardless was never going to be at that council tip in newcastle either on sunday or in the following week
  17. Not been to bad close racing in odd heats without anybody looking like passing .
  18. Betting For Whole Season

    i was undecided to take or not will most likely be voided as bet365 have odds other way round , just checked again and kings lynn are 1/10 on ladbrokes
  19. Betting For Whole Season

    Have ladbrokes cocked up the odds , why are rye house 1/10 away from home
  20. Redcar V Workington Sgp Cl

    Thought a seam was on a cricket ball , took a good few attempts to make sense of that English not obviously the first language in Workington just gibberish.
  21. Swedish Elitserien 2017 Round 3

    It was not working for me Dave , use this link https://sportowefakty.wp.pl/zuzel/relacja/73497/lejonen-gislaved-eskilstuna-smederna other matches are at top of page
  22. Swedish Elitserien 2017 Round 3

    Was a 5-1 to Lejonen , currently 31-23 https://sportowefakty.wp.pl/zuzel/relacja/73497/lejonen-gislaved-eskilstuna-smederna
  23. Betting For Whole Season

    They had it down to start at 18:00 , will be why its no longer on the site.
  24. Cracking effort by the headball oystercard to win the tie by wiping out Busch like he did to Bjerre last year the bloke`s a liability and that cnut johnson can *u*k right off ,
  25. Considering the bears teams of the last few seasons that have been put together with the leftover scraps going nice and cheap , it is refreshing to have a side that should win the majority at home and be capable of putting up a good effort away from home maybe with the odd win here and there.