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  1. alang

    Knockout Cup Draw

    Bye for Leicester.Bye bye for Berwick
  2. alang

    bandits 2020

    Day after first set of new averages next season
  3. alang

    bandits 2020

    i would imagine the team has been built to a budget to try and keep the club financially viable.If the post on the Glasgow thread is true that they lost £100k again this season then good luck to them and others in a completely different world to Berwick and other teams with less wealthy backers.I would doubt if Berwick would survive with losses a fraction of that.The team had to lose points somewhere from this season to get down to the 41 point limit and it probably avoided wholesale changes with Kevin stepping down.I agree it doesn't look the strongest team but neither did this year's and they did ok.Cook also hates the Berwick track but does ok on it and although totally different quality riders you can't write off Bickley because he said he didn't like the track.I'm not defending the promotion as being faultless but in the real world you cut your cloth to fit the situation.In any case if if any rider is underperforming in a meeting he can always take a "comfort break" and Mr.Doolan can put on his kevlars and helmet if he's in the pits.Nobody would know.
  4. alang

    bandits 2020

    We're guaranteed to finish in the top twelve with that team then
  5. alang

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Make more sense if Berwick signed Covatti and Coty.They could be buddies there too
  6. alang

    bandits 2020

    Promotion only thinking of fans wellbeing.Last 2 years finished best of the rest and didn't have to stand in the freezing cold October nights in watching playoffs.Bring on seventh place and we'll only have to watch on freezing cold summer nights
  7. alang

    Berwick, Sheffield and Kent.

    They can have as many mid week meetings as they like at their new multi million pound stadium at some place called Berrington Lough
  8. alang

    Berwick, Sheffield and Kent.

    Must be the first decision from the pre AGM.Going to rename the national league the premiership,the premiership to be called the championship and the championship the national league.British speedway has been saved at last
  9. After last night with a big crowd and great atmosphere does anybody think that IF all 3 teams run next year there could be a place for each club to run a double header against the other two for some sort of northern championship based on aggregate scores or 3 points for a win but not counting as league matches.It could be run with the old 13 heat format to save a bit of time and cost.Would maybe work if the fans would turn up for them and create an atmosphere like last night.
  10. Winding up the best referee in world speedway
  11. Would be a bit worried about assuming 6 points on Saturday.We have a guest who is not the best gater on a track which might not be the best for passing.His own team is also pushing for a play off place so will he be under a wee bit pressure from his own promoter to hold back a bit.He is good to watch though - usually!
  12. If,according to SCB, possible violent acts/assaults took place based on witnesses and video evidence why are police not involved or is violence no longer a crime
  13. 40 pages of blame on either side.Simple answer is ban both Glasgow and Eastbourne from rest of league and award Berwick 3 points for their upconing home meetings and 4 for away meetings against each team.Might not finish bottom of league then eh?

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