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  1. 7 out of the 14 riders in this meeting were Europeans.If Brexit goes ahead in March next year I wonder how many will be able to work in this country next season unless they can claim to live here permanently for the purpose of employment.Even if there is a 2 year transition period it's going to be an issue at some point if visas are needed.That's basically one full team out of two riding today which would be missing.
  2. alang

    Glasgow 2018

    Oh for the days when the top riders rode in the top league and the lower league was for the part-time riders,youngsters and middle ability riders.The championship has become the premiership with a different name.Glasgow just taking advantage of the situation.The real credit has to go to the bspa who have spectacularly managed to completely destroy speedway in this country in the space of only a few years-you have to give them credit for at least succeeding in something.
  3. check the last post on page 14 of continuing decline of speedway by ch958.Maybe nothing to do with football
  4. After last night you could have shortened your post to "is there anyone going to this meeting"
  5. would it not be possible for the bspa, or a marketing agency appointed by them, to distribute a questionaire at every club to be completed by fans who attend meetings asking what their ideas and wishes for the future are.One league?Doubling up/down?Squads?INDEPENDENT ruling body?Surely someone could come up with something easily completed and meaningful.Would any notice be taken of the answers?Doubt it unless the promoters get the answers they want but they can't keep telling us at the start of every season that they are full of optimism following life-changing decisions at a hugely successful conference and then the exact opposite happens every time.It sums up the basic intelligence of the bspa when they can't seem to understand that by ruining the sport by taking seriously unpopular and unwanted decisions they hit their own selves financially.
  6. You missed your opportunity last night with all the A1 cabs taxi people in the sponsor's lounge.
  7. alang


    According to Roy Clarke last night he would be missing for 10 days.Mind ,he also asked Nathan Greaves if he would ride as a guest next Saturday if asked.He might be a wee bit lonely if he does come up seeing as there's no meeting.
  8. Warned for jumping the start of heat 14.Bowtell fell off in the restart and excluded.Next restart Newman jumped start again and got excluded from race for 2 warnings.Ref got phone call from pits but still excluded Newman then apologised and let him go off 15 metres which is apparently what Newman must have wanted anyway.Which all proves that nobody anywhere has a clue what any of the rules are.
  9. Would the team be better balanced if Kevin and David were at 3 and 4 and John at 2 for a wee while before going down to 7 (or 8!)
  10. Exactly.Huge opportunity to build on what was a happy,entertained crowd after a great meeting last week blown big time.
  11. he got old.3 meetings in 3 nights
  12. I suppose if it's rained off us Berwick fans can be proud that despite most people writing off our team,at least we'll have been unbeaten in our first three fixtures.
  13. alang


    It just seems sad that for a relatively small club like Berwick which probably needs every side pulling together for it to survive,this never seems to happen for any period of time.You can blame current and previous promotions but at least they all had the balls to put their money in and buy the club.You can blame the supporters club but they do raise funds and help the riders and indirectly the club.Surely to God even in Berwick there must be at least one individual with half a brain who can get both sides together and knock some sense into them.If not, the same old future beckons again - half way through the season,bottom of the league and rumours that the promoters are looking to sell at the end of the season.One time though there just might not be a buyer.So to both sides,swallow your pride,forget your egos and try and work together for the future of the club - please
  14. alang


    Lock both sides in a room,leave the egos outside and don't let anybody out until common sense and practical realities are discussed and settled.Simples.

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