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  1. If,according to SCB, possible violent acts/assaults took place based on witnesses and video evidence why are police not involved or is violence no longer a crime
  2. 40 pages of blame on either side.Simple answer is ban both Glasgow and Eastbourne from rest of league and award Berwick 3 points for their upconing home meetings and 4 for away meetings against each team.Might not finish bottom of league then eh?
  3. Surely the most appropriate punishment would be to ban both Eastbourne and Glasgow from the shield.Then ban Leicester because Stuart Dickson used to be manager at Glasgow then award the shield to Berwick as the only remaining semi - finalist.Also award it to Berwick because we"re nice - pretty useless admittedly, but nice.
  4. There will probably be an obvious answer but now there is no dog racing could it not be put back to where it was before the dogs were there,apart from leaving the starting gate where it is now
  5. alang

    Edinburgh 2019

    Because it's speedway
  6. Either of the two riders dropped by Edinburgh might do a better job then Garcia is at the moment.Berwick do have a history of picking up riders dropped by Edinburgh,treating them well and helping them improve after all.
  7. That was supposed to be tonight's big special surprise announcement and you've gone and blown it
  8. Could it maybe be the case that in return for agreeing a points money cut this season the riders were told they could get extra rides from r/r when the opportunity was there.Saves the promotion paying for a guest and gives the riders a chance to earn some extra points money.No idea if it happened that way but it would be fair to all.
  9. alang

    berwick bandits 2019

    For nobody.He's doing nothing else now so having a week's holiday at Haggerston
  10. If the test shows Night Nurse and nothing illegal as Wolves'statement hopes then should last night's meeting not be rerun with original programmed teams and last night's result declared void.!!!!!
  11. alang

    berwick bandits 2019

    Always going to struggle when only have one genuine heat leader in the team.Even at home heats 13 and 15 are more likely to go the way of the away team
  12. Must be going to Edinburgh or Glasgow then are you,being as how Berwick is in England,apparently in everybody's world apart from yours.
  13. Lots of fishermen on west coast Scotland use Norwegian weather forecasting agency as much more accurate for Scotland.Funnily enough a South African told me they use Nowegian service too for forecast for where he lives in South Africa!!
  14. Why is everybody so negative?We got to the quarter finals of a national cup competition.
  15. Best to be out of the cup anyway.Last team to win it went bust.It's jinxed.

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