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  1. Coventry 2017

    Dave - having thought there was no way back, you come up with a Boxing Day 2017 movie which shows the end may not be at an end. Couldn’t give a monkeys about a grandstand, being able to buy a pie and a pint or buying a scarf / photo in a track shop. The only item we need is a track and seems as though there is something there still. Ok need a safety fence and a spark to control the starting gate and necessary racing red/green lights - the other bits can be worked upon in the future. HOWEVER- how did you gain access to the stadium albeit Boxing Day. How on earth did the gypo’s gain access the the heavily fortified stadium complex ? I live 2.5 miles from the stadium and pass it on a regular basis and have seen the barricades in place to deter yet more intrusions from the scum. Heard a 4th hand rumour today that Mr Sandhu had very recently made an unsuccessful attempt to buy back the stadium for a figure of 2 million quid from Brandon Estates ( allegedly to re-start stock car PLUS speedway ) Would appear that Brandon estates still clinging to the idea of being given planning permission to build homes on the site -however they should take on board that Oakdale nurseries (across the A428 road from the speedway} sold out almost 20years ago for the same reason but nothing has progressed The prospect of seeing / smelling speedway is still a distant prospect -but not dead and buried as I thought it was a few days ago. Mr Sandhu was a saviour to Coventry Speedway all those years ago ( he spent mega money transforming the place upfront - so untypical for ANY sporting club at the time and since) If the 4th hand rumours are to be believed, then maybe he could be back once more for a 2nd coming. The Coventry public have a place in their hearts for sport (ccfc at Wembley last year for a mickey mouse cup, Wasps for rugby union) Entertainment is the name of the game and in the right hands (anything not involving the HORTON clan and his sidekick WATSON, please, PLEASE, PLEASE !!!!) could be a winner. Keep the faith
  2. Belle Vue 2018

    Need to establish when the Nuffield Clinic sessions clash with Elite speedway before Mr Cook is taken on board - sounds crass but I been through the rubbishe of the stuff that Craig appears to be going through. My glass is now half full !!! With the right people, Craig will come through this and be in a better place. Get through it and no reason why he can’t set the “ cat amongst the pigeons “ in his speedway mission, All the best to you Craig, don’t give in and keep your chin up.
  3. He don't act like a bloke who has testicles
  4. Yet another "illness" for cook - what this time, upset stomach, toothache, bit of a cough and cold - what an a*hole ! They reckon Northern guys are tough - perhaps that's the problem - is he really a guy ? Gonna be true comedy in 2018 speedway GP I reckon.
  5. Cook on the speedway world stage in 2018 - what a F'ing farce - although will make Saturday nights comical again I reckon.
  6. Respect for Harris tonight - ARE YOU FOR REAL ? - he rode like a turd - and a smelly one at that. At that showing, time for him to,get a job at B&Q like the rest of us old farts !
  7. Chuffed big time for Swindon ! Well done to all of their 8 riders tonight, especially Bomber who played a blinder !!! Having been told numerous times tonight by Pearson, Tatum, Brandon et al of Mr Doyle being the best rider in the World right now, I have to whole heartedly agree and fully hope and expect he pulls of the dream in Poland come Saturday evening. He has been loyal to the speedway set-up in the U.K. this year when the other 'prima donna's' walked away. Big respect Jason Doyle. Hope to see you back in 2018
  8. back in the day - this was a meeting that had a massive prestige and remember going up to the old BelleVue and struggling to gain a decent vantage point to watch racing with worlds best at that time - the best being British riders Collins, Simmons, Carter , plus the Danes of Olsen/Nielsen and yanks of the calibre of Penhall and the Moran brothers - now treated to the likes of Auty and so many second rate riders in a pathetic attempt to keep the sport looking as though it knows what it is doing. British speedway hierarchy need to bow their heads in shame for the guys who put their lives on hold for 60 seconds each time they race for the fast buck they "earn" yanks of Moran nor
  9. Gemini has hit the nail on the head SO STRONGLY - I been a keyboard warrior for so long just because I loved the sport, the word 'loved' and wanted change - never gonna happen - my first season proper was 1976 with Olsen at Coventry - I cried when he had his final meeting - saw him at Wembley in '78 - went to Gothenburg in 1980 assuming he would qualify - alas was at White City when he didnt. travelled with Tee Mill Sport coaches from the midlands with "fat rat Dave" as coach Rep manager (the guy that sold scarfs horns etc At Wolverhampton in the early 80's. ). we even heard en-route that Finn Thomson had broken his leg in practice and that Olsen was in! Alas bullrubbish, but at least saw Michael Lee winning and celebrating his win in the city afterwards despite wearing DANMARK Tee shirts. Must be fantastic for the Polish supporters to experience what is ultimatlely an amazing experience like I did 35 plus years on. The polish speedway authorities get so much stick from here in the U.K. However they protecting the integrity of what is still an amazing spectacle overall Wearing T
  10. See that Doyle and Lindgren are SET to be attending the league riders championship at Belle Vue in September and confess I too am SET to attend - however not a chance I this world I buy upfront tickets as expect Doyle and Lindgren to be washing their hair and armpits that day and therefore otherwise engaged - I reckon I could spend more effort washing my genitals than watching the 2nd and 3 tier replacements - the U.K. Speedway authorities have brought this upon the themselves - too many old farts with their fingers in the till - looking for a pension from the sport that they have ruined !!!
  11. Belle Vue V Leicester Friday 25th August

    Had my biggest laugh for ages - although to see a certain Mr cook in speedway GP in 2018 will be far more amusing - he mentions about himself striving being to a world champ - maybe one day - snakes and ladders, tiddly winks possibly. Time for his parents and those close to him to be realistic with him. At least with Carl Stonehewer back in the day, he recognised his own potential without being a prick about it.
  12. Why would any human with a brain want to endure another speedway meeting involving Kings lynn and Wolverhampton- too late unfortunately for wolves fans who at least made the effort, to buy a tin of paint from B&Q and watch it dry on the way back to the midlands. read recently that mr chapman contemplated giving it all up - he clearly lost the plot and should be in the funny farm - no longer being in charge of what was once a decent and PROFESSIONAL sport in the U.K. Time to go Buster PLEASE
  13. been watching speedway updates on the Kings Lynn vs Wolverhampton and it is so sad to to see the level of riders making up the teams (mr Lindgren excepted) you only have to look at the match reports in speedway star each week and see the riders in reserve berth who would top any number one in almost every British premier side. the sport in the U.K. being run by too many old farts with their " fingers in the till " who are lining their pockets for their retirement - thank heavens for Ronnie and Terry as otherwise where would British Speedway be right now !!!
  14. Holder Sacked

    would thoroughly expect Mr Holder will put his "two's" up at British speedway - however could that glory for him be denied with regards a VISA - no employment in the U.K.until at least 3rd week in April - so would potentially be an immigrant seen as seeking benefits if he was allowed into the country.beforehand. Looking at Justin Sedgeman example from earlier this year, there appears to be a need to apply and be granted by a certain date. Perhaps he could get a tourist visa so he could tend to the plants in his Poole back-garden so making it look "pretty" for new tenants / owners. Holder better-days have long gone so hopefully no dispensation given to the Aussie tart.
  15. King's Lynn Stars 2017

    massive respect Mr Chapman - they thought they were above the sport in the UlK and Holder and Batchelor bet black and red came up. could be a massive turning point in speedway in the U.K. I love the racing aspect - I don't need the names - ok it may drop down a level but still there will be support from the hard core. Long live British Speedway without the Ars@oles - plenty of multi national talent who out to impress us fans - and without us they don't exist.