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  1. foreverblue

    Oxford Spires 2024

    Yes Klindt should have been given more time, I know he wasnt great early on but he is now showing his true form so a bit of a hasty decision. They need a top rider but apparently Riss wont be dropped. I said at the start of the season Oxford Premiership team were good and they would be had they kept Klindt.
  2. Good meeting and good result considering our guest didnt trouble the scorers. Vinnie tries but alas not much to show for his efforts. Unlucky in heat 14, obviously Boughen prefers to ride on his own as he would never had won the race otherwise.Superheat was strange, first running there should have been an exclusion but alas the ref bottled it just because the cameras were present and Masters dived, Nicholls would never have come off after such minimal contact.
  3. You were only pointing out the facts!
  4. It isn't the falling in that is the problem, it is the falling out, painful!
  5. Heeps is always good at Oxford, his away form has picked up now which is good for them but still looks a very average team that we should be capable of beating.
  6. foreverblue

    Oxford Spires 2024

    But with his new lower average, it gives you a massive chance to improve the team.
  7. foreverblue

    Oxford Spires 2024

    As a Poole fan, love to see Lindback again but I dont think he is the answer, I think Oxford need a top rider maybe Vaculik.
  8. foreverblue

    Oxford Spires 2024

    If Birmingham can entice Lindgren and Kings Lynn Kvech then I think Oxford could and should get someone in with the points they have spare.
  9. Yes should be a good one, shame Rob and you can't make it.
  10. foreverblue

    Oxford Spires 2024

    Magic may not be the rider he was but he is a lot better than his current average so it has to be Riss that goes in my opinion.
  11. foreverblue

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    So when is Jan Kvech signing for Glasgow?
  12. foreverblue

    Oxford Spires 2024

    Good to see Magic hitting a bit of form, Kerr and Riss were woeful considering they are ex Kings Lynn riders, maybe a bit of grace could be given to Kerr as he is just back from injury.
  13. foreverblue

    Poole 2024

    Two meetings off!!
  14. foreverblue

    Poole 2024

    Would have thought a guest would be the best option.
  15. foreverblue

    Oxford v Witches 13th June

    Most of us have seen much worse conditions in the past but with modern machinery it seems more difficult.

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