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  1. Matt Davis

    Geoff Gammage

    Yes Steve he was at Horspath on Sunday!
  2. Matt Davis

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    For those looking for a speedway game, speedway challenge 22 is available on the App Store/Google play. On speedway challenge you can play as a rider starting your career, a manger or online
  3. Matt Davis

    Oxford Cheetahs 2022

    Correct it has been boarded off
  4. Matt Davis

    Oxford Cheetahs 2022

    Capacity is 2500 Which is exactly the reason why the tickets are online at the moment. Can you image the chaos of 3000, 4000 turning up on race night and having to turn away 5-1500 people? There will be tickets on sale on the day but you risk not being able to get in if the stadium is at capacity!
  5. Matt Davis

    Oxford Cheetahs 2022

    I should hope he would be the first to do the first laps at the opening meeting
  6. Matt Davis

    Oxford Cheetahs 2022

    The way I understand the race night decision is as follows; Monday - premiership race night Tueaday - free Wednesday - free Thursday - premiership race night Friday - too many other clubs already ride Friday Saturday/Sunday - greyhounds
  7. Matt Davis

    Oxford Cheetahs 2022

    Whilst I admit I don’t know the facts about pay, I would be very very surprised if there was any truth what so ever in these “rumours”
  8. Matt Davis

    Oxford Cheetahs 2022

    Jason Crump announced as team manager this morning
  9. Matt Davis

    Oxford Cheetah Cubs 2022

  10. Matt Davis


    National league team are to be called the “Chargers”
  11. Matt Davis

    Oxford Cheetah Cubs 2022

    Oxford Chargers to name 5 riders tomorrow at 7am
  12. Matt Davis

    Belle Vue 2022

    Has he signed yet?
  13. Matt Davis

    Oxford Cheetahs 2022

    Last 2 riders announced tomorrow at 7am
  14. Matt Davis

    Oxford Cheetahs 2022

    video update from Kevin Boothby the leaseholder https://fb.watch/ac3XYVQv7T/
  15. Matt Davis

    Oxford Cheetahs 2022

    Does anyone know what Kyles average is?

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