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  1. Looking forward to it
  2. Matt Davis

    Darcy - Credit Where It's Due

    Was thinking the same....
  3. Matt Davis

    Riders Wages. Enough For The Danger?

    Considering Holder is earning more than the average yearly wage in just a week, I wold have said he earns enough!
  4. Matt Davis


    Good to see you back posting, impartial one
  5. Matt Davis


    I havent seen the tweets being discussed here, but what would the reaction be if someone like Wayne Rooney had said the same thing on Twitter? Same applies to the swearing. What these guys put on Twitter is public - If they wanna swear and so on then so be it, but I can't imagine Alex Ferguson being too impressed if Wayne Rooney was f-ing and blinding on Twitter?
  6. Matt Davis

    Bikerfm Speedway Show - Every Tues 8pm-10pm

    Very much looking forward to the podcast as I was unable to log on at the time of broadcast
  7. Matt Davis

    Bikerfm Speedway Show - Every Tues 8pm-10pm

    Thought the same, mate..
  8. Matt Davis

    Rip Lee Richardson #RICO

    Cannot believe it. RIP Lee Richardson
  9. Matt Davis

    Where Is 21st C H ?

    Like Shovlar then, he's still around and hasnt been banned AFAIK
  10. Matt Davis

    Where Is 21st C H ?

    Impartial One, John Leslie
  11. Matt Davis

    Six Man Teams

    No doubt if it happens it will be 6 man teams, less heats, and more to get in!
  12. Matt Davis

    Riders Or Clubs

    Used to have a team and a few favourite riders, then it all went pear shaped
  13. Matt Davis

    Who Would You Support

    Kyle Newman/Max Clegg. By the way - excellent way of promoting your business by starting this thread
  14. Matt Davis

    Bike Seized By Police

    Poppy I would guess
  15. Matt Davis

    Bike Seized By Police

    Done the same as the lad in question here many a time and never thought twice about it, and never been caught. I always start my bike and ride it up and back down the road once to check it all works (nothing worse than traveling 130 miles and the bike wont start) To be honest, until now I had never even thought of the consequences...
  16. Matt Davis

    Andreas Jonsson To Become Polish Citizen

    Think he said he was going to do this a few years ago. I assume he can and will still ride for Sweden?
  17. Matt Davis

    Peter York - How Much Longer ?

    He was shocking this morning. Why on earth he insisted calling Todd Kurtz "Todd Crumbs" I'll never know
  18. Matt Davis

    Photographers At Speedway

    This is nothing new, years ago I knew of a young lad who was a keen amateur who took photos from the outside of his local track and was told by the promoter at the time he had better stop as he had spoken to his solicitor about it!
  19. Matt Davis

    Oxford/swindon Rivalry

    That's sounds like a description of a posh bird from Swindon
  20. Matt Davis

    I Miss It And It Hurts

    Hey - It's my opinion! Do I miss Oxford Speedway? Yes, a little Do I miss it as much as I used too? No Have I got used to there being no Speedway in Oxford? Yes Have I found other things to spend my disposable income on instead of Speedway? Yes
  21. Matt Davis

    Oxford/swindon Rivalry

    I was only 2 in 1988 so it certainly wasn't me!
  22. Matt Davis

    I Miss It And It Hurts

    You get used to it mate, find something else to do then before long you wonder what all the fuss is about!
  23. Next time you go to a meeting, try looking at it as though youre not a fan of Speedway. You'll then understand why young (or people of any age) dont go. It's terrible! The only reason I would go to Speedway this year is if it was potentially a good meeting (eg Coventry Vs Poole) OR to see mates. Its also way too expensive, and after recently getting "in to" football, I'd rather pay the extra £5 to watch it over Speedway! Something that never would have happened a few years ago!
  24. Matt Davis

    Rear Guards

    Seen a photo of the rear guards Josh Auty is using this season and they look terrible
  25. Matt Davis

    Track Shapes

    Scunthorpe looks less 'oval' from above

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