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  1. Matt Davis

    The Smell Of Speedway

  2. Matt Davis

    Speedway Beginners Book

    The power of Facebook hey Just out of interest (nosey) where are these posts from Mike Donaldson? In one of the Speedway groups on Facebook?
  3. Matt Davis

    Speedway Beginners Book

    From Greg has said on Twitter, im not sure thats what Snapper has said to Greg sponsors.. Not that I know Greg at all, but he comes across as resonable kinda guy - Would he (or anyone) be so out spoken if it was just a case of Snapper saying "Hello, I'm writing a book about speedway with input from riders such as Greg Hancock......"
  4. Matt Davis

    Speedway Beginners Book

    Greg definitely not happy!
  5. Watching that clip still makes me blub!
  6. Matt Davis


    Or this link, their website translate to English http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=pl&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.zuzel.zgora.pl%2F
  7. Reports direct from the Stadium - Very busy and big queues! :shock:
  8. In a strange kinda way.. I really wanna go just to see how many people arent there
  9. Jan Staechman has tweeted that the 4 wild cards have been announced: Nicki Pedersen, Fredrik Lindgren, Chris Harris & Darcy Ward Nothing official though!
  10. Matt Davis

    Oxford Fans

    Because with the one off events, theres no committment, no long term contracts, and its easy money for the stadium. They are there one night, gone the next!
  11. Matt Davis

    Neil Street

    RIP Neil Street. God bless
  12. Matt Davis

    Speedway Advert - Grit

    Get copying then, reckon you could make a few quid!
  13. Matt Davis

    Getting Into Speedway

    Lydd would be perfect
  14. Matt Davis

    Premier Sports

    Definatly not. He has been known to describe the racing as "crap"
  15. Damn, blast, bollox! What about us who wanna go to both? :cry:
  16. Matt Davis

    Speedway News Paper

    What a great bloke he is! Remember his banter well. I think it was something to do with a nicki pedersen cap that caused the upset?
  17. Matt Davis

    Premier Sports Tv.

    I think Dave's brilliant. Reads out tweets and the commentary is much less towing the part line than the Sky stuff. There was even a comment tonight about him not screaming
  18. He even just pinched "high, wide and handsome" from Lanning. What a legend the man is
  19. Phew! I was getting worried when it was only Sam and Chris to start with
  20. Looks like no Millard after all
  21. Just a joke between me and Chris
  22. That's true enough - I wonder how much the likes of Tony will get paid for a "one off"
  23. He's got feelings you know and his family might read this thread
  24. Matt Davis

    Polish Extraleague Play-offs

    Just put my dinner on, come back and theres now tractor racing - Whats going on?!

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