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  1. yesterdaysman

    New Forest Training Track 1958-1961

    George Major says: I went there a few times in '58/9. It was not so much a track as an oval thrashed out in the bracken. it was accessed through an opening between the trees, there were several of these, all looking very much the same. I don't know how my dad managed to find the right one. From memory, there never seemed too much organisation, sometimes none at all. I think there was a notice saying only three riders on the track at one time, so I guess it was a bit on the narrow side. I don't remember any established S A L riders ever being there, so probably all wobbler's, like I was and not many fast laps going on, but not too sure on that, as a long time ago. It has to be remembered, there was not much happening in Speedway at that time, so we were glad to ride on anything resembling a track. Here are a couple of old pics, a family member would have taken with an old box camera or "Brownie 127" . Not very clear, but might give you some idea.
  2. yesterdaysman

    12th California-in-england Reunion 2017

    Well, George Major popped over from the Isle of Wight, but very few of the few noticed, so I don't think it was him! Would like to mention a couple of super supporters, who brought bikes to exhibit & attend most events, when & where possible. That's Andy Day & Rob Snow from Southampton, who unceasingly strive to promote the speedway scene.
  3. yesterdaysman

    Who Has Ridden At Most Uk Tracks?

    I wasn't questioning your fantastic work daveallan81, just saying tmc missed them in his article as on previous page. The Neath meeting I was referring to was at Bradford (Greenfield) Hope this clears up any confusion.
  4. yesterdaysman

    Who Has Ridden At Most Uk Tracks?

    Also missed Bradford (Greenfield) W C round May 1962 & V Neath June 1962 (63)
  5. yesterdaysman

    Litchfield Speedway Supporters Club

    I think this has been mentioned before, but might have been on "Brummies" site. Anyway, here goes, I have one of these models and it says on box notes, it was an ex Midland Red single deck bus that was purchased by a group of Coventry supporters (presumably from the Lichfield area) in the '70s, to follow their team and star rider Ole Olsen to meetings. It was painted in the club colours of yellow & black. There was no mention (as far as I can remember, & can't lay my hands on the model at the mo) of how long they ran it, or what became of it, but they must have been a very keen bunch!
  6. yesterdaysman

    Provincial League

    It would seem that in hindsight George Major may well have been able to ride in the return leg at Cradley! George tells it like this: In the meeting at Newport, just before my ride against Peter Vandenburg, Roy Morton, (team manager) said, if Vandenburg gets away push him hard, he won't fight as he is at Belle Vue in the PR final tomorrow. I said, Err, I'm at Belle Vue tomorrow as well! Nah, don't worry, you push him hard, he won't mix it. So I did and he did mix it and I ended up going into the fence! I was carted off to hospital for X rays on my right arm & leg but they found nothing broken, though I was in a lot of pain. they asked if anywhere else hurt & I said just a slight pain in my left wrist, so they X rayed that & said I had broken the Scaphoid. I said it wasn't too bad so if I could have some pain killers for the other side I'd be fine, as I had a big meeting next day, but would get the wrist fixed after that. They told me it was vital to get it sorted straight away, as I may lose the use of my hand if it were left too long. So I excepted their advice & a plaster cast, saying goodbye to my chances at Belle Vue & the rest of the season. After many weeks & several more X rays at the Hospital in Oxford, it was thought it may have been an old injury & when I thought about it I remembered I had been troubled with a painful wrist for most of the season two years before, at Neath. In the winter of '64 I moved up to live in the Midlands & took all my notes to the hospital in Walsall. The old guy there was of the view that it would never mend now & I would just have to live with it, which I did! In the '90's I developed Arthritis which locked the movement in my wrist, but my hand works ok. So with hindsight I could possibly have carried on riding for the rest of the season!
  7. yesterdaysman

    Can You Name These West Ham Riders?

    My shot at 5a : I reckon it's 1954 and from L to R is Gerry Hussey, Jack Young, Pat Clarke, Brian Crutcher and Leif "Basse" Hveem.
  8. yesterdaysman

    Roger Wise

    If I remember correctly there were two brothers, Roger & Ken, who were both very good grass track riders from Swindon. There is an article in the book on Bristol Speedway by Robert Bamford & Glynn Shailes, in which it states, Roger turned his hand to Speedway with Bristol in 1946 with some success, but when they were promoted to the first division in 1950 he found it very hard going. The following season he suffered a loss of confidence, which resulted in him losing his team place, but managed to secure a place with Oxford in the second division. On returning to Bristol in 1952 things went quite badly for Roger when he was involved in a track crash with Reg Reeves at West Ham. Roger was taken to hospital suffering from head injuries and concussion and was sidelined for several weeks. Although returning to ride in the Bristol team he was never the same rider again and retired at the end of the season. Outside of Speedway the brothers had a bakery business starting, I believe in a shop at Highworth and then moving to a factory in Upper Stratton around 1950. R&K Wise ltd. grew to quite a substantial firm over the next fifty years, reported to have employed 400 people at peak times. I often wondered if he had ever tried for a team place at Swindon and if not why not, but I have never heard of any connection as a rider. He did, however, have one season as team manager for Swindon in 1962, but after finishing the season just one place up from bottom he resigned and past the post back to Bob Jones.
  9. yesterdaysman

    Speedway 25 Years Ago

    You might remember when George Major travelled from Oxford to Newcastle for home meetings, in 1961, in a Morris Cowley side valve van which would often burn a valve out on the way up. This would result in having to regrind the valves, in between heats, to be able to make the eight hour (no Motorways) return trip the next day.
  10. yesterdaysman

    Completely Pointless

    George Major taught him all he knew about Speedway in his "Brummie" days! Good to see it wasn't wasted. Now, only second half, but can't remember Lynn Brown (the dad) at Cradley in the '60s, ever scoring a point. Remember people having bets on which lap he would be lapped on! Lovely chap though and never lost his enthusiasm.
  11. yesterdaysman

    Here's One For The Buffs.

    I have in my possession a postcard posted 6th October 1947, in Maidenhead Berks, to Mr G.H. Cole, (Howard Snr.) with a message as follows: (bit difficult to decipher!) Mon.6th Oct. J.C. Yates, 69, Halifax Rd. Pinkneys Green, Maidenhead, Berks. Dear George! (it is George isn't it) I'm sorry I never sent off that Telegram until late in the afternoon but Marshall never let me know until lunch time on Sat! I'm riding for Cradley at Wombwell this coming Fri. the 10th so arranged with Marshall over the phone yesterday to get my bike taken over there. Of course they will set off from the workshops at Walsall so do you think you could get my bike over there by Thursday. If I can arrange a lift o.k. from Birmingham I'll be up the workshops myself Friday as it's none too easy to get from here to Wombwell, also my leathers are at the track. What I shall probably do is to come up to the workshops and chance a lift, Cheerio, all the best Johnny. Now, this seems to me a bit of a hit & miss preparation, so I'm thinking our man is a second halfer being given a chance, or just making up the numbers for a long away trip! Anyone have info on this?
  12. yesterdaysman

    Dirt Track Riders Association

    Hi trackie, Pretty sure it changed in Ron Hoare's time as secretary 1982 - 2001. Can confirm it was still "Dirt Track Riders" in 1984, (unless they were just using old cards up) Had changed to "Speedway Riders" in '94 but will have to see if any more old cards turn up to narrow it down a bit . Have to say though, it is viewed as the same Association when listing past Presidents and Secretaries.
  13. yesterdaysman

    Wayne Briggs

    I always had Murray down as the middle brother, don't know why though. Remember him when he ran the Jawa place for Barry in Southampton, under the railway arch. I was told many years ago that Wayne was running some lorries contracted to the council in or around Edinburgh, but that was just after he had stopped riding. Never saw him at any meetings up there after he finished though, not that I was a regular visitor, but wondered if he cut off completely!
  14. yesterdaysman

    Pat Flanagan

    Last time I saw Pat he was living in the Exeter area, but that was a good few years back! I'll see what I can find out when I can get a minute.
  15. yesterdaysman

    Just Like To Say "hello"

    Hi Lightning and a slightly belated birthday greetings to you! Something I just remembered, did they have the cooker at the garage when you were there? I remember the first day I was helping out, as the morning went on a lovely smell of cooking filling the garage as Cyril kept checking the operation and at lunch time producing a grand joint of pork. I didn't eat much, if anything, during the day at that time, but Cyril insisted I have a large hot pork sandwich, "to keep your strength up" as he said. He certainly knew how to look after himself or at least with no fear of starving!

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