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  1. JOS50

    From cinder to shale for sale

    An unprecedented sale and opportunity to view up close 100 machines, 200 race jackets plus a mass of posters and memorabilia , without reserve.
  2. At Pugh's Ledbury 5 and 6 July.
  3. JOS50

    The Crooked House Pub

    New York Times article well worth a look, including a wicked photo from 1907.
  4. Next day 1 July, Lot 859 Jawa 2valve Speedway machine, Lot 1028 Jawa 2v. 500cc grasstrack machine ex. Gerald Short.
  5. lot263 Maximum racing bike cover also lot 264 Cov Comp bike cover, lot 260 Jawa ex. pipes+++ lot 254 Jawa cylinder head complete. ++more.
  6. Lot 257. 1967 Jawa 500cc speedway engine, matching timing cover, cam plate, c.case no's, exceptionally clean and tidy motor, almost new std. barrel/piston,valve seats/guides,etc. The exhaust port thread less than perfect but usable, the magneto sparks but has an earth leak. Lot 256 Dell' Orto speedway carbs.
  7. Lot no.265. c.'65 Jawa rolling chassis, with Uk made fibreglass and saddle.Excellent auction co. friendly, helpful and the lowest fees in the land.
  8. JOS50

    Wolves 2023

    Over 15'000 votes and counting, just hoping you'll on here have signed
  9. Apologies for delayed reply, when I mentioned Fred Tuck I'd forgotten about Frank, shame on me, especially as he top scored for Swindon '52. I bought this jacket from W. Clarke of Knowle so it's probably Frank's. His son Richard had rides for Swindon, Milton Keynes and Weymouth '77 '78.
  10. I've got an ancient Bristol Bulldogs race jacket with F on the back, could it be Fred Tuck?
  11. H J Pugh auctions Ledbury once again includes speedway and grasstrack bikes and parts in the motorcycle sale on the 19 and 20 November.
  12. JOS50

    IOW 2020

    Have to say it's great to see bikes going round with big wheels and no dirt deflectors.
  13. I assume you know that methanol used to be known as wood alcohol.
  14. JOS50

    Hastings Saxons site updated

    Fine site, Giles responds to Hastings Closure.

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