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  1. stevec

    Danny Ayres RIP

    This is shocking! For those that have not seen Danny ride, I can assure you he really was something worth watching. His style, his emotion he showed for winning and losing, the way he was with the fans, the way he played up to the crowd (both home and away fans). He was a real personality. Right up there with the likes of Screenie, Adam Skorniki and Magnus Zetterstom It is so, so sad that someone who goes about making other people lives a little bit better could be struggling so much with his own. And I really mean that, I would have gone home with a smile on my face every time I saw him ride, little knowing that maybe, he didnt feel so good. I almost feel an element of guilt for that.
  2. stevec

    Sheffield 2020

    You lucky sods Sheffield fans!!! Nicki rode for Eastbourne some years back and I have to say he is one of the most exciting riders to wear the blue and yellow! I would love to see him back at Arlington and I may well take in a Sheffield fixture or two just to see him ride in the UK Wow!!
  3. stevec


  4. stevec


    I just hope they bring the green helmet colour back.
  5. stevec

    Craig Cook Ban Dropped

    This is just unbelievable. Yu could....and we did, go on for days aurguing over who started it, how it happened, why it happened, was it provoked etc etc but it is a FACT that Cook thew a punch and was involved and was the main culprit, hence the original ban being longer. How the hell can he get away withoit a ban. This is the SCB at its worse and a fingers up to fairness!
  6. Blimey, been away from this thread for a day due to an operation and I come back to a science lesson....weird One observation I have. Why do people take time read these threads and the saying it's gone too long or getting boring. Just font click on the thread title. For those of us still posting and reading....we want it. Anyway my statement for the day speedway is the winner here
  7. Wouldnt it just! Having said that I reckon 99% of Glasgow fans and 99% of Eastbourne fans could happily sit down and watch together with nothing more than some light hearted banter!....Unless it all kicked off, and then i would get the hell out of there!
  8. More like pacifying them. There was a little sawduct put down and the tractor did about 5 laps round the track.
  9. Yep, that happened. Ref looked, asked for a little work to be done and declared it fit for racing.
  10. They were there and on the scene. What facts would they have not known? That rightfully apologised and I commend them for doing so. They complained about a track that was fine Did not even get changed ready to race on time Pushed three of their riders off before the eastbourne had even been introduced Had a rider run into a marshal who was trying to stop them from riding on the track when they should not have been Then had a rider shoulder barge that marshal (still would debate that it was a missed head butt) And then thump someone else (who was having a go at him but not trhowing punches) Then they have a rider refuse to ride in heat 1 (who later goes out and proves how riderable the track was) and btw, he was an absolute pleasure to watch. A brilliant rider! Personally, I would put the whole thing down to gamesmanship and handbags but please dont try to make out Eastbourne were as bad. Eddie got stuck in after he had seen punches and god know what else thrown.
  11. It has been mentioned plenty of times, just ignored by those that want to blame the marshal
  12. Absolutely not! Thats is the whole point and where things started to go wrong. All riders are meant to have been intriduced before any push off, These three risers decided to push off and start doing practice starts befoe the Eastbourne riders had been introduced.
  13. You have misunderstood. All the bikes were on the track, lined up and facing the main grandstand on the back straight. This is how the riders are announced at Arlington. They stand behind the bike, get introduced, wave and then sit on the bike waiting for the rest of the riders from both teams to be introduced. The away team is always introduced first. Once all the riders are introduced, all 14 riders (or less if RR is being used) are pushed off and they have a lap or two of practices starts and 'getting the feel' of the turns by sliding in. As the bikes are pushed off, little mascots, guests, media etc etc are either marched off the track or walked to the safe area on the centre green. What happened Saturday, is three or so of the Glasgow riders were pushed off before the Eagles were introduced and started their practice starts at turn 4. Down towards turn 1 and then, you see what happens. Its possible that Cook was going off but unlikely as most riders would at least do a lap and a bit round the track and not be happy doing just 3/4 of a lap. But, maybe Cookie had already decided he was not going to race and hence was going to the pits. Even if he was, the marshal would not have known that and would have wanted to stop the riders going round turn two and into the area where people were still milling around on the track.
  14. Trust me, he most likely was not. Like many on here I like Craig Cook and was looking forwards to seeing him ride. I completly understand that people want to defend him, if this happened elsewhere and say Ed Kennet was involved, I would also want to defend him. BUT as I keep saying to people and everyone seems to either not read all the posts or chose to ignore you must understand the whole thing. Parage was still ongoing Bike were not meant to be riden round the track at this time, they should have been stationary will both teams were introduced The marshall had to react to something that he would not expect to happen. I track full of riders, personel and guests including kids just a little behind him and riders on bikes coming round towards him. I dont think either Craig nor the Marshall wanted a collision but the marshall did what he thought he needed to do to stop him from carrying on round the track, whih is likely to have been what his intention could have been.
  15. You need to fully understand the situation. First, I agree that Cook didnt deliberatly ride into the marshall. The marshall steps to the left as Cook goes to the right but the important thing is, the riders needed to be stopped. They should not have been riding round the track at the time. Lots of people are having a dig at the marshall but this was an unusual situation. The parade and announcements were going on, Eastbourne team being introduced and guests including children in the area. The Marshall just wanted to stop the bikes going round. The red lights were also on. I have met this marshall a couple of times and he is one of the most placid young lads you will come across. You can tell that by the way he walks away from the confrontation with Cook rather than retaliating

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