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  1. Eastbourne 2018

    NOOOOO! Not the toilets debate again! We have been having that for years!
  2. Eastbourne 2018

    Just looked. Great to see them riding in Eagles colours!
  3. Eastbourne 2018

    So its Baseby.
  4. Eastbourne 2018

    Not sure I agree its liked by most supporters. Yes, going into play offs and the such, any team is glad to use a flying guest, wherever in the team he is but I think we would much rather a reserve that is going to do well for us full stop. I think most would have liked to see more of Charlie Saunders then see what guest we would be getting each week. I am a little surprised everyoine is assuming Charlie Powell will get a place as he looks a little at risk with his average, in my opinion. But the fact that he has not gone public saying he has not been signed, maybe means he is. Personally, I would like to see Georgie, Mark and Daniel Spiller complete the team
  5. Eastbourne 2018

    Agree with Midly but dont see why Eastie cant have a good side as well.
  6. Eastbourne 2018

    Blimey....on the condition they leave a 'quiet' part of the stadium for us 'over 40's!!! I can put of with a little Taylor Swift but club music is best err, left in clubs!!! Seriously, I do get where you are coming from though. I remember Terry Russel trying this once. Had some BIG speakers all round the stock car track but they lasted about two matches! I did hear it was due to complaints from locals but if I believed everything I heard. Martin Dugard would have had about 5 comebacks and we would be riding our meetings at the Amex due to houses being built at Arlington!
  7. Eastbourne 2018

    Tom, according to sports argus.
  8. Nl Agm 14th December.

    Anyway, moving on. Looks like eastie are not using Jake Knight as his average is too high so I am guessing thats been discussed and decided.
  9. Nl Agm 14th December.

    Lol, just when you think you know it all! Now I get why Kelsey is back on such a low average!
  10. Nl Agm 14th December.

    Is there really that much manipulation going on now we have the rolling averages? I know people talk about it but I am not sure it really happens
  11. Eastbourne 2018

    Completely disagree. Its so much more than just a colour change. Its a complete re-branding and new approach to marketing. Maybe it will all fizzle out and all we will see in a years time is the same ole, same ole but just a different colour. BUT, the talk about the need to market and re-brand to get people to come to watch is what we have been wanting to hear for years. Its also a relief. For me the rumours and guesses that the Dugards were selling would have felt a little like the beginning of the end for me.
  12. Eastbourne 2018

    Well they are saying something that has not been done in 89 years. Speedway started at Arlo in 1929. If you assume thats the beginning of 1929, thats 89 years ago. So it could be a move to a new stadium or ownership or both!
  13. Eastbourne 2018

    Interesting! Cant be anything too massive as agm still to happen Kyle Hughes? Both Spillers? Martin Dugard on an assessed 3 point average Connor to don a race suit? Or maybe not even rider related
  14. Nl Agm 14th December.

    I would like to see a change in the rules that if a NL rider signs mid-season for a club in a higher league, the NL team gets priory over the rider in fixture clashes. Do away with playoffs. And a 30 second back to tapes warning put on in the event of a unsatisfactory start, unless someone has gone down and needs to sort bike out.
  15. Eastbourne 2018

    This is the one time I would hate to be management. Surprised no-one has mentioned Jake Knight, surely he figures as a starter. Glad Baseby has been mentioned. Its too easy to forget injured riders and he was flying before he got hurt. Georgie is another no brainer and already I can see I am running out of points! So I am thinking something like 1, Jake or Mark 2. Kelsey (One last chance and can be dropped to strengthen up mid season) Sorry Kelsey. 3. Tom 4. Not sure but I agree Charlies average does not help him so probably a promising 4/5 pointer 5. Georgie or Mark 6. Edwards 7. Ethan Spiller or Charlie Saunders but I guess thatch a non-starter. I have not even looked at what this adds up to and its pretty pointless until we know the points limit anyway.