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  1. stevec

    Mildenhall v Eastbourne Sept 2

    Why even argue about this. Both teams have made what the feel is the right decision. they may be right or wrong but they think its for the best. Why not just give them our full support, even if it means we have to miss the match. Anyway, more important;y, who's gonna win or is it a no brainer? Certainly Mildenhall look pretty much unbeatable home and away! I am desperate for Eastbourne to win the league but I certainly would not resent this team doing it if we cant!
  2. stevec

    Does this league have a future ?

    Its such a shame we have these discussions every year. It really isn't just this league in question. I mean, how can you take a league seriously when a team in the bottom half of the table (4th) could win the title? I watched 'once there was a jolly swagman' the other day and then watched some youtube videos of speedway back in the heyday. Jeez, it would be amazing to see that again but it will never be. When I was between 5 and 12 there was only one thing that mattered outside of my family and friends and that was speedway. There was not much else outside of homemade go carts and scalextric. Now days you have to drag the kids away from PS4 and social media. They have better things to do. There is one thing speedway needs and that is to find a way to get people track side. And nobody really knows how to do that. You can chuck money away with advertising, you can reduce prices and all that does is make you worse off as a club if it doesnt work. You can tinker with the format and still have ftg racing. Sure everyone likes to have a moan at Eastbourne about the track and lack of racing but I have been to big wide tracks and still sit through a load of ftg racing. Just maybe with the added bonus of the home star that misses the gate but just opens his throttle for an easy pass down the straight! Hardly racing! As for this league. I was so anti it when Eastbourne joined but I ended up loving it. I was watching 7 guys, all British with smiles on their faces all enjoying what they were doing....and some great racing. I wish I knew how to fix it so that all leagues were watchable and profit making. Maybe speedway is just what is is. A low level sport where we have to accept it and try to run clubs cheaper. I just dont know. All I do know, is I will be there, trackside until its gone!
  3. stevec

    Eastbourne v Plymouth (NL)

    Ditto comments on Richard. Not only did he ride well but he just looked great, real action packed style. Loved him when he rode for Eastbourne and I hope he carries on going well.
  4. stevec

    Kent v Eastbourne 30/07

    Remarks like this made as a one off judgement do annoy me. All three of these riders are more than capable of controlling their bikes and worthy of being put in front of the paying public. I have seen the best of riders (even in the top leagues) made to look amateur on certain tracks or conditions. To suggest they should be hidden away somewhere and get more training is stupid. (What number is Tom at again)? I think the whole thing has been blown out of proportion, most likely by the shocking looking accident that Nathan had. It is never nice to see a rider slam into the fence like that and emotions can run high when its due to being taken out by an opposing rider. I have seen a lot worse in my years of watching speedway. Lukaz Dryml being taken out at Birmingham by Daniel Nermark springs to mind and that left Lukaz on the sidelines for some time. But, we got over it, thats speedway. Then there are suggestions that little ole Tom did it on purpose. Well, maybe he is pretty skillful after all? To take the risk at that sort of speed and take someone out of the meeting but know that you will end up okay, thats clever! Oh but yeh, your gonna get excluded!! Time wasting? Well how many times has someone watch their team and a rider goes down. Under your breath or sometime out loud you say "Stay Down" get a re run! Again, I have seen my team on the bad side of the rules. Well up at Arlington when the rain starts to come down, home riders at the tapes while the away riders are standing looking at the track and asking for a referee inspection. Or the opposing team purposely getting a 5 - 0 to bring in a tat sub in the next race! But, we got over it, thats speedway. So, we have a team with a crazy curfew. Our riders have thrown away points and we are down. Sorry, but I for one was looking at the time and thinking, hopefully we can get to 8.30 before heat 10. Dam right the Eastbourne management should be thinking that same thing! It up to the ref to control this, as soon as the riders go over the tapes at the end of four laps, get the 2 minutes on. If a rider is doing a lap of honour, whats stopping the four riders getting out for the next race? I am told that the race after that, the Kent rider did a lap of honour for winning as race (but that may be hearsay). Seems like get got their justice and won the match. Would they have gone on an got the 4 points without the Eastbourne 'time wasting'? Well I would say that heats 13 and 15 may have looked pretty good for Eastbourne and once Jason and Tom stopped throwing things away, maybe we would have overturned the lead, who knows? Just move on everybody!
  5. stevec

    Eastbourne v mildenhall 14/7/18 OFF

    the trouble with that is, they would then get slated for not running a match just because England 'might' do the unthinkable and get through to the third place playoff in the World Cup...yeh right!! It does seem a strange thing to do but why cant people simply understand that the club have done what they think is right for the club?
  6. stevec

    Eastbourne v Kent 16th June

    Yeh, Georgie was great in those two races. It is always great to win and being a massive eagles fan, I want to win every lap of every heat.....but that was not top drawer speedway....except heats 13 and 15!! Local rivals they may be but I would not wish that on ANY travelling fan
  7. stevec

    Brummies v Kent Ch Wed 25th April

    Attended this as a neutral and really enjoyed it, despite the temperature. I felt sorry for the Kent fans travelling all that way to have such a promising start but end up with quite a heavy defeat. There was some good racing and clearly a couple of racing lines. Leon Flint!! Good find. Cracking gater and has some real pace. One of those finds at reserve that can make for a good season for the team. Not sure Brum will be as strong looking when he cant have 7 rides though.
  8. stevec

    Brummies v Kent Ch Wed 25th April

    No idea, usual drivel I expect. Yeh, sods law it will be off and hotel TV it is!
  9. stevec

    Brummies v Kent Ch Wed 25th April

    Not a fan of either club (Eastbourne is my club) but I am in Wolverhampton on business tomorrow evening so may pop along for this. Bit of speedway or night on my own in a hotel room? no brainer really!
  10. stevec

    Eastbourne 2018

    Mmmm, I must admit, it is missing from this link but was mentioned elsewhere. Could be it was simply left out or an issue with promoting a new website on the old one? http://www.eastbourneeagles.co/news.php?extend.1174.1 As for you question about why the new website, I kind of agree, why not just rebrand the old one? I am guessing its easier to buid a new one so they can keep the old one running or maybe, they are using someone else to build the new site. Could also be that the old website does not lend itself to the rebranding I often aurgue the need for new website and things, including my own company, I was outvoted on changing and rebranding our company website and making it 'mobile friendly' but I do get the augument that if you dont keep with the times, you start to look dated. Personally, I just want to see the Eagles riding as a team at Arlo for as long as I am fit enough to attend. If the management deem certain cganges are worthy to keep things going, I will always support that. As much as I am a tranditionalist, I am nt a great fan of blue and yellow together as colours anyway.......ooops, did I say that out loud!
  11. stevec

    Eastbourne 2018

    Where do you look for Eastie news? It was in their website, they made a press release to the likes of the Sports Argus and on social media. Noit trying to pick an argument but I am not sure what else they could have done. BBC certainly would not do anything on it!
  12. stevec

    Eastbourne 2018

    They did make a big announcement across social media about the website and change of colours when it happened.
  13. stevec


    So then general opinion is Eastbounre will be second, again! NNNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!
  14. stevec

    Eastbourne 2018

    NOOOOO! Not the toilets debate again! We have been having that for years!
  15. stevec

    Eastbourne 2018

    Just looked. Great to see them riding in Eagles colours!

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