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  1. Really, I thought it was Watford Gap where the North started?
  2. Eastbourne. Its pretty much a team that Lakeside may have put together if the were Championship this year anyway. The club has been great to support the last few years and I think it will only get better
  3. stevec

    Eastbourne 2019

    Great News, Cant wait to hear him utter those words "Welcome to a sunkissed Arlington"
  4. stevec

    Eastbourne 2019

    Its never easy to judge what will put crowds up for speedway. I wouldlike to think that a few Lakeside fans may come down. I base that purely on the fact that I would have considered going to Lakeside had Eastbourne ever shut down and that was based on the fact I would have had to battle the Dartford crossing on a Friday night. The fact that Cookie and some Lakeside riders are involved, it may entice some Lakeside fans, espcially as it is on a Saturday.But who knows? For me, I am not too fussed about the team winning everything this year. Just keep it good at home and have a solid middle table first year in the league will be great from me. Any better and I would be very happy. I just cannot wait to get behind a team full of local and British riders.
  5. stevec

    Eastbourne 2019

    Yeh, that would be my woryy if we have all three of them. Mind you, I trust in our management to do the right thing!
  6. stevec

    Eastbourne 2019

    Only one I am not sure of is Bowtell. How has he progressed over the last year or so? Certainly used to struggle at Arlo. Is he championship second string level or would it mean Goergie be in the main team?
  7. stevec

    Eastbourne 2019

    Ah, it feels so good seeing the Eastbourne name in this section. I was gutted when we moved out the Elite League but soon forgot all that with the great success in the National League but I am ready. I hope we can proove to be as successful in the Championship but at the same time, I am happy to be patient for a year or so. I hope all fans feel the same!! Surely Georgie and Tom at reserve but who else?? Exicting couple of months seeing signings come in!! BUT BLIMEY!!! Away tris are gonna be a bit of a long haul! Hope some will come back to back!
  8. stevec

    AGM November 2018

    Hope so. Been the same for years. I will be honest, I am not sure there is much that can be done. Speedway does not fit in to the lives of people in the modern world. Speedway was my life when I was a kid but there is so much more to do now that watch a load of bikes going round a track.
  9. stevec

    AGM November 2018

    Wonder who the National League clubs moving up are.
  10. I really think you need the complete and full story first. As far as I know, you dont really need much of an excuse to miss a meeting as a rider in the NL. After all, it is only semi-proffessional. On the face of it, it does not look great but you need to see full explanation before throwing the barn door at them.
  11. I think their fear, as much as anything is that once the teams were announced, no-one would turn up. The hard core would arrive to celebrate with the club and others would take to facebook to moan about paying their money to watch a one sided match. So, Eastie would lose money and get slagged off!
  12. What a night! I really dont give two hoots for those that say Eastbourne dont deserve it or are unworthy champions. For the record, I dont agree with play offs and I think the team at the top of the league should be champions. That of course means that Eastbourne would have two more trophies in the cabinet, having twice topped the league but lost the dreaded playoffs. Well last night was ours. No-one can take it away from us with their spiteful and sour words. We are the Champions. And we did it convincingly. We did just scrape by an injury ravaged team. We took at all the way to the last heat for the win on the night by beating there heat leaders (lets remember the guest is capable of scoring 16 round West Row and with our second strings and reserve, beating their reserves, who also fly round their home track. We won convincingly. As for MH not fielding a team tonight. maybe its not but it smacks of sour grapes. Hope I am wrong but like others have said, its stopped us being able to celebrate with the boys. I will finish by saying I really do feel for Mildenhall riders, management and fans. All year I have said, yeh, we will get to the playoffs but I cant see us getting by Mildenhall and I know how it feels to lose the play offs....at the same time as being unsure about your clubs future. It hurts!!
  13. lol, well you did kind of open up the debate with your last statement. Eastbourne were the first team, I believe, to be on the wrong end of the playoffs by ending top of the league but losing o=in the final, so I am sure many of us will have every sympathy fore Mildenhall should they not win BUT it will be hard to take, being called unworthy champions after the same has happened to us. By the way I always have and always will be anti playoffs and stated that at the very beginning, even getting a letter printed in the speedway star! Would be nice to keep this thread on just the meeting though and like others, I think this is going to go either way, It would not surprise me ig Eastboune keep the meeting close to say 8-10 points but nor would it surprise me if Mildenhall win by 25+ Just looking at various riders and previous results its so hard to predict. Base has scored 4 at MH this year but he has also flown round there and top scored for us. Nathan has has some frighteningly good meetings and a mediocre one. If I really had to call it, I would go with a last heat decider going Mildenhalls way but I dont know how much of that is the pessimist in me! Either way, I think it will be a cracker of a meeting
  14. Dam right we are. I want ed a 25-30 point lead to go up to MH with any confidence. Seeing as we seem to struggle with their track, as others do, I think it is still finely poised and could go either way. They have a top 3 that could match our top 3 and reserves that could outscore our reserves heavily. I think it will be an individual performance by a rider from either team that will make the difference.....like Charlie Brooks did at Arlo last week....maybe its Charlie Powels turn??
  15. I think Josh Bailey could swing it either way. If hdrides like last time, eagles will score high but if he rides like we know he can, it could be too close for us to win it it MH

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