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  1. Hackett

    Eastbourne v Scunthorpe 24/7

    Expected the meeting to be a lot closer with the Scorpions at the top of the table and the Eagles without Brennan + Newman. The latter has been excellent of late although Keheler did well as a guest considering it was only his second visit to Arlington and when he was riding for Poole he struggled taking a couple of soil samples. Undoubtedly both Ellis + Brennan would of scored more than rider replacement but a decent win for the Eagles and hopefully a confidence building result for the likes of Kennett and Kerr. Although the Scorpions were pretty much a one man team in Jorgensen. The track looked good and a number of riders complimented it in interviews with Kevin Coombes ..... Adam Ellis R/R (TA R) (JS 1') (TJ 3) (SL 0) = 4+1 Tom Brennan R/R (ZK 0) (JE 0) (DK 1) (LK 3) = 4 Hopefully much of the same next week vs Plymouth.
  2. Hackett

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Perhaps the new manager is hoping he can get a few short term letting deals with riders.
  3. Hackett

    GP Betting 2021

    Backed Janowski for GP1 which worked out and then went for Sayfutdinov for GP2 close but no cigar. Also wondered what KK would turn up so at 50/1 thought an e/w shout as he has been going ok in Poland. Should of learnt my lesson - never trust KK ...
  4. Was expecting an Eagles victory tonight but Kings booked a decent guest in Howarth. It would seem the reserves and Lewi Kerr not taking a liking to the Kent track. Good to see Edward Kennett with a couple of race wins though. Hopefully Newman's shoulder is ok for Sat vs Scorpions.
  5. Leicester were excellent value yesterday and Dan Thompson at reserve was the difference. Also must applaud the team riding of Dan Thompson by Scott Nicholls in heat 11 . shepherded him for all 4 laps. Many riders would of disappeared into the distance which may of allowed Lewi Kerr to get past but Nicholls was sublime in riding the inside line. Nigel Pearson would of approved hopefully re-run or British Speedway put this up on social media because it was excellent. AS for the track preperation that has been an artform for years at Arlington , I don't see it changing any.
  6. A number of teams are going to struggle with replacing riders this season with the travel limitations. When Len Silver was interviewed at Eastbourne he was quite strong on the fact that Kent Kings would be loyal to riders. Starke and Nicholls was impressive at Arlington but the Kings were always going to be one of the weaker teams in the Championship and Poole one of the stronger as long as the Cooks were up to speed.
  7. Hackett

    Eastbourne 2020

    The old rolling average conundrum. Hopefully a run of fixtures will help him find some form.
  8. Hackett

    Eastbourne 2020

    Checking the Speedway Star and it has averages listed as : Lawson 9.63 Lewi Kerr 8.67 Tom Brennan 7.00 Drew Kemp 6.67 Kyle Newman 6.67 Edward Kennett 5.60 Jason Edwards 4.94 Poole are making changes with Zane Keleher heading around the South Coast to Plymouth to take advantage of his higher average. Could Kennett ride at reserve or is that not possible with new reserve system. Did read that only 7 riders in Premiership are not doubling up ; so for any club considering changes due to injury or loss of form there is not a great deal of option.
  9. Could Eagles have used Jake Knight at reserve ????
  10. Hackett

    Jon Cook RIP

    Such sad news. Condolences to family + friends. An opinionated + passionate Promoter for speedway across the South. RIP Jon Cook
  11. Hackett

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    Considering the loyal following that speedway has and the tendency of the supporters to be keen on stats and statistics I am surprised a game like football manager has never really taken off. I appreciate that the sport will never have the following of Moto GP or FIFA on various consoles but I believe a Speedway game in the Football Manager format could of worked and be well received. The mobile game Speedway Challenge has a lot of the graphics and ideas right. Purchase bikes, equipment, vans etc but if you could train and develop the riders that would be an excellent improvement.
  12. Does anyone have a blank SGP racecard or British Final Card link - want to do a virtual Sussex Championship to entertain the kids
  13. Hackett

    Danny Ayres RIP

    RIP Danny .. Such a sad sad day. Condolences to his family and friends. True entertainer on the bike - always gave it 100% even in his NL days. Such a shame.
  14. Hackett

    Riders to improve in 2020.?

    PREMIER - Lidsey - Douglas - Kildemand Championship - Kemp - Flint - Nicol NATIONAL - Thompson Twins + Ablitt
  15. Hackett

    Eastbourne 2020

    Drew Kemp was excellent as a guest and opposition rider in the National League at Arlington. Hopefully the OZ Adventure will mean he can start the season in good form and build his confidence from the start. Edwards will need to develop but if he can pick up 4/5 points at home that will be an excellent achievement. Tom Brennan + Kyle Newman give the second strings a solid look.

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