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  1. I'm confused, 2 5-1's can be done yet??
  2. Stunned by Wroclaw's poor start. They should be cleaning this meeting up at home
  3. Daniel Smith

    Premiership Play-Off Ties CONFIRMED

    Maybe. 100% for a tv spectacle, every fan wants an NSS v EoES final. Best tracks in this country providing the weather plays ball.
  4. Daniel Smith

    Premiership Play-Off Ties CONFIRMED

    To be fair, many Belle Vue fans have said the racing hasn't been great this season compared to past seasons.
  5. Daniel Smith

    Football 2021/22

    Pretty much all spot on. Especially regarding mediocrity. Quite a lot of our younger generation of fans, who's never seen us win a title don't see a problem too. These are the fans the Glazer’s are targeting
  6. Daniel Smith

    Football 2021/22

    Seriously, where are you pointing the finger? Firstly, McTominay & Fred are not our strongest midfield. With the same mistakes happening, even with 2 World Class additions to the starting XI it's clearly Ole & coaching staff. McKenna & Carrick are learning on the job, Phelan is a dinosaur head coach & Ole's in game tactics are inept. I'm really concerned about top 4 to be honest. We've 13 point's from 6 games, lost to the worst team in the UCL, knocked out the first round League Cup. Here's the thing, we're yet to have played any of the 'Big Guns'. I'm seriously worried
  7. Daniel Smith

    Football 2021/22

    Ole’s obsession with McTominay & Fred is the problem. Totally reliant on individual brilliance to win game. There's no control of the game from midfield. Far to often it was long balls from back to front as nobody can trust McFred's ball retention & passing abilities. 3 years in the job & I still have no idea what the tactics are week in week out.
  8. Daniel Smith

    Manhunt ITV

    Of course there's artistic licence but to assume a 50yo can't outrun a 24yo is very nieve. It has to be factual that an arrest was close but he slipped them. It really isn't that deep that an officer couldn't catch someone on foot, at any age.
  9. Daniel Smith

    Panthers v King's Lynn Thursday

    Sayfutdinov & Zmarzlik it is then
  10. Daniel Smith

    Manhunt ITV

    Why not.
  11. Daniel Smith

    Manhunt ITV

    For the record, being a marathon runner doesn't make you fast in a getaway sprint
  12. Daniel Smith

    Kings Lynn 2022

    I would say sad time for King's Lynn, but here's the thing. If they continue with the proposed 2 'Rising Stars' the team building will have to come down to about 32.00, maybe as little as 30.00. That may throw up a bit of chaos with the other teams, King's Lynn certainly won't be as bad again. This current 7 is a lot more solid than the season starting 7 too.
  13. Daniel Smith

    Panthers v King's Lynn Thursday

    Or anyone from the Championship that doesn't have a Premiership team place. It won't happen obviously but it's also available.
  14. I honestly don't understand the Woffy bashing. He's still way clear of Bewley & Lambert. Madness to suggest otherwise. Absolutely loved Bewley's 'Wall of Death'. Brilliant
  15. You can only dream of meetings like this in the UK, Belle Vue the exception.

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