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  1. What's happened with Drabik, failed drugs test or something?
  2. At the end of the day, as much as it stinks a little, if the PZM insist rider's ride there only if they want the big bucks who can blame them? The amount of money the Ekstraliga clubs pay they should have that right & restriction on rider's. It's a huge financial inconvenience when rider's get injured outside of Poland. The issue that may not have been thought through is with squad systems. You'd know as a rider whether you'd be a certain starter or not. You'd need to weigh up whether a signing on fee & 5-8 matches a year is worth it. I'm sure most would rather then dump Poland for rides in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Czechia & UK (if it survives). That last paragraph alone could put the spanner in the PZM works more than the concerns from the top, top rider's in the world.
  3. Daniel Smith

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    I don't think Speedway for Peterborough would exist if that happens. Could you imagine the fans dismay going from the Showground to a tiny track inside the greyhound track which is already quite small at 370 meters. Would be about the same as Oxford or Rye House. Peterborough fans just wouldn't watch it
  4. Daniel Smith

    2021 Season

    Bikes are very very much more volatile today than 1946. I'm struggling to get my head around the safety of the sport in 2021. These riders will need weeks of track time. Maybe (although most fans will be climbing the walls by then) the season doesn't start until Bank Holiday Monday 3rd May with Premiership fixtures home & Away with a couple of double header King's Lynn v Ipswich Ipswich v King's Lynn Peterborough v Wolverhampton Wolverhampton v Swindon Belle Vue v Sheffield Sheffield v Belle Vue Swindon v Peterborough
  5. Daniel Smith

    2021 Season

    Just a random thought, if no racing is allowed or even tracks open for practice, just how dangerous could the 2021 season be with no riders having no competitive racing for 12 months. Even injured rider's get plenty of track time before returning, could 4 bloke at a time, off a bike for 12 months cause absolute carnage in 2021.
  6. Daniel Smith

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Yep, plenty thanks. My partner quit New Cross Wolverhampton due to bulls#!+ going on. There's a lot of very very bad practice & miss management going on in the NHS but nobody dare speak up except for trying to throw the government under a bus. Happy but not happy & upset to be the bad guy if you like. A few bullet points for you PPE being wasted for social media videos Gowns are an unnecessary shortage concern in the fight against Coronavirus Staff refusing to work Corona wards even though their own wards are empty Staff congregating from all wards every Thursday @8 & not adhereing to necessary social distancing 1000's of PPE in hospital storage that is out of date but safe in the protection against Coronavirus Departments refusing to share PPE with Corona wards although they're not busy or short of PPE Staff hoarding PPE from other staff That's a few. It's a horrible horrible place to be & staff are regularly being threatened with the sack by Matrons. For the record, my partner WAS involved in infection prevention & another ward killed her elderly, vulnerable auntie buy putting her, with dementia, a chest infection & renal faliure into a Corona riddled care home. So yes, this #ClapForCareers is absolutely bull$#!+ imo & I'm / we are fookin angry
  7. Daniel Smith

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Pretty convenient Robert Lambert is "stranded in Poland" due to Coronavirus Oh my god, never saw that coming did we
  8. Daniel Smith

    Lambert to comeback stronger.?

    The difference with Doyle is he wasn't established in the Ekstraliga. Had Doyle done the Ekstraliga at 21, been poor they would have dropped double quick and never to be seen again. He pretty much hit the ground running in the Ekstraliga and never looked back. Lambert is their earlier and has to perform or he gets left behind. History has shown how ruthless the Pole's are. If Lambert fails in the Ekstraliga in the next 2 seasons that's pretty much a top level career gone for him.
  9. Daniel Smith

    Lambert to comeback stronger.?

    For Lambert, he has to cut it in the Ekstraliga or he'll just become another one of those Brits where we end up saying "what a waste of a great talant." At his age, he's better than most other rider's around the world of the same age, except for the Pole's. Some say he has time on his side, thinking about it though, I'd now say the opposite. I think he has 2 years tops or the Ekstraliga won't ever touch him again & being in that league is absolutely critical in being able to finance any hope of cutting it at GP level.
  10. Daniel Smith

    Sheffield 2020

    You say negative, I say being 100% realistic
  11. Daniel Smith

    Will the premiership start on time?

    Spelling police alert!!!! Spelling police alert!!!!  I love you Geoff Don't have an argument so gets offensive. You're such a sexy beast
  12. Daniel Smith

    Sheffield 2020

  13. Daniel Smith

    Will the premiership start on time?

    I'm stund with the amount of Speedway fans in meltdown at the thought of 2020 not even happening. It is very very highly likely Speedway will not resume until 2021 minimum. Get used to it, wind ya necks in & get a sense of reality of what's going on around the world.
  14. Daniel Smith

    Sheffield 2020

    Folk need to get used to the whole idea of 2020 being cancelled.
  15. Daniel Smith

    Lambert to comeback stronger.?

    Was a massive fan of Lambert. I don't know but something may have happened between those 2 & wasn't to complimentary of Lambert during 2019.

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