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  1. Hopefully Berwick aren’t discouraged from doing this in future after last night, as they really aught to make streaming the new normal (geo blocked of course). Many lessons to be learnt. I think the producer may have over thought it, the amount of camera changes were quite distracting. Less is more? Never gonna be a BT standard production so I wouldn’t even try from that aspect.
  2. mucklechavvych

    bandits 2020

    Thankfully moving to the English pyramid was never up for consideration. aye the town is in dire need of it too, hopefully the plans come to fruition unlike the previous regimes new stadium aspirations.
  3. mucklechavvych

    bandits 2020

    A lot of Northern non league clubs pay more than Berwick, despite crowds not being to dissimilar, would still be hard attracting players. Only plus side would be banking on better Scottish players wanting to travel down to Berwick to hopefully “be seen” in an English league. I believe any grants would be for the stadium and surrounding community facilities at Shielfield rather than to BRFC itself, hence the proposed Berwick Sports Foundation which would take over the lease of Shielfield with BRFC SC (SC) distancing themselves from it to gain eligibility for funding.
  4. mucklechavvych

    bandits 2020

    Yep, I know, i'm one of them.
  5. mucklechavvych

    bandits 2020

    http://berwickrangers.com/fans-pack-out-jb-lounge-for-open-meeting/?fbclid=IwAR21CwWy7cKd5AGCvCi-8XDJhwhh9uMDe7QWFjA5rdLmAcLEy_0_nw8RvUk Good write up from the very professional first BRFC open forum under the new board. The Bandits will have a seat at the table on the board for the proposed "Berwick Sports Foundation" which I believe will operate Shielfield Park rather than current leaseholders BRFC SC in order to be eligible for government funding, if all goes to plan.
  6. mucklechavvych

    bandits 2020

  7. mucklechavvych

    bandits 2020

    Aye, hit the ground pretty hard on his left shoulder. Couldn't do anything about it. Track pretty crap onBoxing Day so I'm told at Kurri Kurri, bad again today. Hardly surprising with the ridiculous heat. Hopefully the former happens, very important AGM. If JB gets ousted i'd be shocked if that stops the track changes, regardless of Chairmanship at BRFC, they need the Speedway to thrive now more than ever.
  8. mucklechavvych

    bandits 2020

    Great that this is finally happening, shame that its taken Berwick Rangers to fall apart at the seems to agree to it. Can only be a good thing, lets hope racing improves enough to encourage the return of lapsed fans.
  9. mucklechavvych

    bandits 2020

    Worrall, THJ, Etheridge, Doolan, Spud, Ruddick, Flint?
  10. mucklechavvych

    Berwick, Sheffield and Kent.

    Buster's Bedrocks Bandits .
  11. mucklechavvych

    bandits 2020

    Yes, you can; its a real possibility too within in the next few years.
  12. He's at the Long track world cup

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