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  1. martinmauger

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    Indeed he did, I recently watched the 1982 Final from LA (the Carter v Penhall one) and Les was really on it, actually taking Penhall from the back, must have been gutting to lose out in that one comparitively easier race. I read somewhere it took him ages to sort his 4V JAWA as apparently they coud be well tricky to set up and he got it running 'just so' in the qualifier, which I believe he won, before the final. Comparing competitors, in any sport, from different eras is interesting but really just for fun as ultimately it isn't resolved: different times, conditions, mindsets, equipment, venues and in speedway different competition rules: World Finals v GPs. But the cream always rises to the top so winners in one era would almost certainly be a winner in a different time....
  2. martinmauger

    Boring formula 1 racing

    Pretty much spot on ^. Mostly about the fastest cars, the rest making up the numbers, racing at 200MPH knowing you have zip chance unless 3/4 of the field drop out, gotta be soul-destroying. A few peeps told me that for each race there should be a ballot so everyone gets a chance in every car. Back onto speedway, maybe promoters should mix things up from time to time with handicap racing, 12 or 16 lappers, etc....
  3. martinmauger

    Tai Woffinden on the BBC.

    He came across well love to know how he managed to wear his Monster Energy gear, maybe the Beeb thought the green 'M' was his speedway club logo. Other energy drinks are available....
  4. martinmauger

    Boring formula 1 racing

    More like "we're hoping to be quicker than the other teams at the pit stops", little comment about passing them on track....
  5. martinmauger

    Boring formula 1 racing

    I've said this before but I enjoy most forms of motorsport, F1 can be a high-speed procession and the recent GP in Japan made the Suzuka circuit appear quite dull, which it sure ain't; many incedents have occured deciding many titles there. But surprisingly as an ex-biker I can't abide MotoGP, BSB, Superbikes, whatever, though I love the IOM TT, or be bothered to work out the different categories of bikes or watch them queueing in single file up for lap after lap waiting for a mistake, EF or fall, after a few laps or so I change the channel,. But, getting to the point, I can watch F1 from beginning to end. Boring for us to all like the same things; pinching another poster's punchline, "I'll get my coat"......
  6. martinmauger

    Peterborough v Scorpions 13.10.18 7pm

    Me too, support your local team if you possibly can....
  7. martinmauger

    Advertise in Asda

    The local Asda now displays a smallish range of leaflets advertising local attactions: animal parks, stately homes etc. Well today I picked one up which is all about Santa Pod Raceway, drag racing, and it occured to me that speedway could benefit from such a leaflet campaign. I seem to recall leaflets depicting speedway info & fixtures were available at tracks in mid 2000's. The numbers of leaflets in Asda of the same subject increase and decrease so are at least some are being picked up and replaced. Interestingly none of the leaflets I've seen in offer any kind of discount just the basic info: what, where, when and how much. Just sayin'....
  8. martinmauger

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    I thoroughly enjoyed Saturday nite's GP, went down to the wire, loads of pressure, almost like a World Final....
  9. martinmauger

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    I pointed out Muller that on reflection Muller wasn't necessarily the surprise winner 1983, if GP system was in operation back then he may well have won a German round. Old World Finals and modern GPs totally different of course: almost sprint vs a marathon. It could be argued Tai was a surprise winner in 2013, doubt many expected him to turn his form around in such dramatic fashion from his previous GP series appearences though obviously he's more than proved his consistency....
  10. martinmauger

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    Don't agree that Muller winning in 1983 was a huge shock. On a German track he described as "like a mini longtrack", he admitted later he'd practiced on it all he wanted, appeared to supervise track grading and watering as the meeting progressed (!) and everyone knew he'd turn up with super-quick machinery, which he did: just the one GM such was his level of confidence. Granted his main area of interest was longtrack / grasstrack / sandtrack. He wasn't a contender on 'conventionial' speedway tracks but he was a more than handy speedway rider when he really wanted to be, he averaged 8.75 over 8 matches (I think it was) for Hull in 1976. Think he also stated the German authorities more or less forced him to ride speedway else he wouldn't be permitted to ride his preferred longtrack, etc. One off winner on a track suited to him; for sure. Shock winner at the time; not really. Well done to Woffy by the way....
  11. martinmauger

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    This ^. Also applies to Greg these days, they only did or do what they needed to or need to, sometimes you're not gonna win a race but need at least get a finish to win overall. In addition to being brilliant at what they do, consistant winners in any sport make it look oh so so easy, which it ain't obviously. Hope Woffy brings it home tonite....
  12. martinmauger

    Good luck Robbo

    Yeah all the best Robbo. He, with brother Scott, rode just the one season at Hull in 1997 but 21 years on I still recall his never give up race to the chequred flag attitude. Nice guy too, nice family in fact, from the few briefish chats I had with the Robsons. In the Hull proggie his name varied from Stuart, to Stu and on at least one occasion Stew Robson, someone was having a laugh there methinks....
  13. martinmauger

    Celebrity fans

    Recently saw an interview with Thin Lizzy guitarist Scott Gorham he was wearing a speedway hoodie, couldn't fully make out the design but it had 'Speedway' or 'Vintage Speedway' with the picture of a rider on the front....
  14. martinmauger

    Speedway Star and WH Smith

    Subscribing to the 'Star is the way to go: save about 70p a week and it's delivered to your door. No, I don't work for the 'Star . As kind of an aside, a branch of WH Smiths in Hull recently closed down....
  15. martinmauger

    St Austell

    Seem to recall the owners of the site / land, Imery's I believe, only guarranteed a few years availability for speedway after which they would likely mine or dig the area where the speedway track was sited. Think they pretty much stuck to the agreement, even perhaps allowing a further season's racing due to delays in preparing the area. I never made it to St Austell but seen videos: the 'stadium' was a bit basic, similar to the Mountains Of Mars, but no one cared. The promotion and riders made the best of things, in fact the unique nature of the venue was somewhat of an attraction. The smallish well-shaped & well prepared track provided brilliant racing though, the St Austell Gulls and especially the Trewlany Tigers were competitive and exciting opposition which are the most important things afterall.....
  16. And me, either that or they would need to rebuild the pits . Depends on what the ref said at the riders' briefling and whether he adhered to it....
  17. I somehow missed the match, was at folks' place so could easily have watched (aarrgghh!!). But Ht13 was out of the top draw, if every race, and racetrack was like that, stadia in the UK wouldn't be big enough. That heat alone shows why we all follow speedway, still a brilliant sport. Mostly. Know what, gonna watch it again ....
  18. martinmauger

    Plan to save the Sport

    Saw the Zielona Gora v Tarnow match, great stadium / track, good racing, big crowd, great atmosphere which came across on TV, made you wish you were there....
  19. Personally I watched the Touring Cars & support races from Knockhill. A good distance from Ashfield though not a big surprise the Scottish Speedway Derby was off as it literally poured down . 'Dreich' I believe the good folk North O' the Border refer to it....
  20. Hope I'm not too late but probably the most memorable Czech rider to race at Hull, the Boulevard, would have been the late Vaclav Verner. In an era when Exeter were reffered to as Czechxeter for tracking 3 Czech riders ( Vaclav, brother Jan & Ales Dryml Snr). In 1978 Vaclav took out Hull's annual individual meeting, the Yorkshire Television Trophy, with 13 points winning from Mike Lee & Bruce Penhall. On another occasion at Hull, Vaclav caused the odd issue for former Exeter team mate and skipper, the late, great Ivan Mauger in that he wiped Ivan out ! Vaclav picked loads of drive mid way between turns 1 & 2, Ivan was minding his own business, easily leading the race, when in a split second he was collected big style and finished up on his hands and knees half way along the back straight. Verner was obviously exluded following the unintentional take out of his great pal Ivan who went on the win the re-run. An interesting note was it was reported in the local paper that Vaclav literally 'canonned' off the fence on almost every lap, I can confirm he gave it a real clout on the exit and thought surely he had to have done it on purpose. I later read in Ivan's book 'The Will To Win' that he (Ivan) would often deliberatley clip the fence on the bends at Exeter to gain a quicker exit, maybe Vac was trying the same at Hull. Either way he was certainly spectacular which is why I recall his rides 40 years on....
  21. martinmauger

    Swindon 2019

    Did, only Ivan won the World Championship & WTC in 1979 as a Hull rider, see post #246. Of course Belle Vue with their long history will prob trounce everyone's 'Club's World Champions stats', prob Coventry too due to all the Danes who rode for the Bees, and also Cradley with 'win everything in sight Yanks', at one time the Danes & Yanks seemingly won everything over and over again at one time. Still, was surprised at the Hull stats and it's all good fun...
  22. martinmauger

    Swindon 2019

    Guess what: 10 Hull World Champions (!). Just kiddin'. Could be time for the 'Lego' buildings and stands to moved on site and then assembled. Hopefully....
  23. martinmauger

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    Same here, mostly to cheer on Woffinden in the GPs. His image / look helps as they are bikers, but they enjoyed GB in the SON (The Woffy & Lambert Show).....
  24. martinmauger

    Swindon 2019

    Hull Vikings had 9 World Champions, missed one; Shawn Moran (longtrack 1983). ...
  25. martinmauger

    Swindon 2019


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