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  1. Excellent clips there, for some reason 'on-bike' or 'helmet cam' footage often doesn't come out very good, but that was great. I assume shoulder mounted cameras were used....
  2. martinmauger

    Get Well Soon Dicko!

    Shame he's ill and was a good entertainer. He certainly provided entertainment at Hull and think it was when Long Eaton folded he was approached to join the Vikings but didn't sign as he wasn't keen on the Craven Park track apparently, fair enough. That said, you'd never know he wasn't a CP fan as he always gave the home riders a hard time and I'd have been quite happy had he become a Viking. Get well soon....
  3. martinmauger

    Somerset Closure

    And Hull. Shame the sport losing another track & team, premanently this case, and gotta feel for Rebels fans. Thing is, someone told me a long time ago "if you ever come into money (some hope) invest in land, the value will always go up as they don't make it anymore"....
  4. I'll just add that "personal privacy isn't an issue until it is lost", trust me on that, I'll say no more....
  5. martinmauger


    No wasn't Thomas, it was grey poodle-type specimen, loved its speedway (and its crisps) though.
  6. martinmauger


    So is doggo an Aces or Tigers fan Used to be a couple from Peterborough regularly brought their dog into the stand at Hull when the Panthers were in town. Think it enjoyed the racing while dining on crisps inbetween heats, my sometimes-speedway-fan girlfriend initially didn't beleive me so ensured she attended Hull v Peterborough meets just to see the dog . As you do.....
  7. As above (belatedly) I always enjoy reading Backtrack over and over (!), and very good to hear from Brain Larner, much more has been heard of and from Ian Thomas. Shame their partnership & friendship ended with moving Newcastle into the top league, both realsied on reflection it was a mistake, you can't win 'em all but they had a lot of success in speedway....
  8. martinmauger

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Kinda in line with the above: my girlfriend attended her brother's wedding on 30th April, only 8 peeps (I think) allowed, indoor ceremony followed by fish & chips outdoors in local park, so I couldn't attend, was at work anyhoo. This permitted number inluded the 2 registars, why 2 were required to ask "do you ? do you? then your married. Next" is beyond me....
  9. martinmauger

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    Good for you ! A previous job of mine was helping run 'Silver Surfer' & 'Computing For The Terrified' courses. Pretty much "this is the keyboard, this is the mouse, the computer won't laugh at you or bite, just because you don't know how to use one yet is no relfection on your abilities, as with everything you just need to learn", etc. One lovely old lady joined to learn word processing to, and I quote: "get her life story in print before she pegged it", i.e passed away. Well after getting her story 'down', she went on to learn basic accounting and literally ended up preparing the accounts for a row of shops in her village, I moved jobs and lost track of what she did next. Many such courses finished in Hull and the surrounding area due to the usual lack of funding, at one centre all the computers got half-inched (!), but mainly due to lack of interest by the local populace. Shame as there are still folk who want to learn about such things....
  10. At the risk of stating the obvious; if the replaced track vehicles are road legal, and I fully understand they may not need to be if only used on the track, one solution could be possibly moving them to different locations before and after meetings. Another suggestion, which a promoter [name redacted] told me was when the stadium got broken into and his tractors regularly vandalised, but no other damage took place, they actually caught the culprit(s) and gave them jobs working on the track. Problem solved - no more vandalism and it worked out cheaper than constant repairs to track equipment and apparently they did good work on the track. Obviously suggestion 2 is potentially of high risk and would depend greatly on the character of the people concerned.....
  11. martinmauger

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    Hull Vikings fans wouldn't complain too much either. A team full of great riders would be brilliant for fans of every club, but I guess the main thing for 2021 is to get a competitive league season up and running, then take it to and from 2022....
  12. I loved King Cinder, used to rush back from school to watch, even non-fans watched it, 'missed' detention and after school activities if necessary; at times you have to do what you have to do. Often thought Colin Richardson would have made an excellent stunt double for actor Peter 'Blue Peter' Duncan as they looked a bit alike, would be great to see it again, guess a lot depends if it is stored and preserved in the BBC archives.....
  13. Just to let everyone know the CHiPs episodes with Bruce Penhall are being shown on ForcesTV Channel at either 6:00PM or 2:30AM and repeated at weekends. Sky Channel 181, or Freeview 96. From what I recall there weren't many episodes which featured speedway; one called Speedway Fever, and there isn't much and the one centered around the 1982 World Final, it isn't that great and is pretty 1980's cheesy and possibly a bit of a wasted opportunity but are worth watching from historical interest. Shame Bruce left Cradley Heath & speedway itself, but you cant really blame him; vis a vis the queues of hopefulls waiting in all weathers to audition for 'Britain's Doesn't Have Any Talent Nor The X-Factor' - type shows in the quest for fame & fortune Stardom. Looking forward to the speedway bikes, meantime gotta love those Kawasaki Z900 & Z1000's which are worth a small fortune these days. Think I need to get out more....
  14. martinmauger


    Ommited the 'magic' word in my own post: "Hope I'm wrong but if Odsal was considered a GP venue think it's too late for this year.", yeh Odsal not mentioned. With the Covid situation chnaging almost by the day like last year think the GPs will take place at the venues if / when they are able to...
  15. martinmauger


    Hope I'm wrong but if Odsal was considered a GP venue think it's too late for this year. After obviously needing new speedway pits, etc building, I think a test meeting would need to be staged before acquiring an FIM 'good to go' ticket. That was certainly the case for the USA World Final in 1982 (the Penhall / Carter one) at teh LA Collesiuim a US qualifier was run there the year before. I'm sure I recall seeing pics of half the Belle Vue time testing out Odsal prior to a qualifier meet and then the 1985 Final itself, even though it had previously staged speedway it was classed as a new venue and the track was much improved on the previous circuit. I loved my visits to Bradford, before and especially after Hull re-opened in 1995.....

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