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  1. martinmauger

    Workington 2024

    Good idea; get some competive laps in at Worky in front of a crowd, before the serious league stuff starts....
  2. martinmauger

    Brandon Update

    Ok thanks, interesting stuff, fingers still crossed....
  3. martinmauger

    Workington 2024

    Think the Ben Fund meeting would also be a good 'test the water meeting' for Celina Liebmann in addition the Peter Craven Memorial at Belle Vue. She will need to jump at in the deep end & race the top riders sooner or later but think a meeting of this kind, on her home track, would be a good, better ?, 'test the water' meeting for her. As with everyone, I'm looking forward to seeing her race, good luck to her hope she goes well....
  4. martinmauger

    Brandon Update

    Query re Brandon Stadium, just a thought: what condition is the back straight stand in ? There's been lots of talk on needing to rebuild or at least refurbish the main, home straight stand, but don't recall the back straight stand being mentioned. I mean if Coventry are able to resume at Brandon, I wonderded whether the back straight stand could be used, temporarily moving the startline to the other side. Obv still long way to go but it's looking more positive, like I said was just a thought....
  5. Could well be a tad out of her depth in this meeting, but won't know if she don't try. Nutshell she is is (mostly) 'just another rider' with a head, 2 arms, 2 legs with a (broadly) similar motorcycle to the rest of the field / league and the 'proof of the pudding' will be when she is actually on-track v the rest. You can't hide in modern speedway, everyone's scores are available for the world to view & discuss, if not instantly, then very quickly. An interesting addition to the British League for sure, good luck to her....
  6. martinmauger

    Pits crew attire

    + someone to carry your kit bag, another holding a fan to your face to cool you down (Nicki P), Bruce Penhall commented "I never had that and I know what my mechanic would say if I'd asked him". Prob "do it yourself", or similar ....
  7. martinmauger

    BBC The Apprentice

    Can confirm; defo not easy, much more difficult getting the technique right than you would imagine, a speedway bike is much, much more tham 'just a 500cc motorcycle without gears or brakes', needs to be tamed bit like riding a wild beast i.e. wild stallion or cheetah - not necessarily the Oxford version. Kudos to all those who can, and do....
  8. martinmauger

    Pits crew attire

    Did same at Reading v Hull, 2000 season. Had a chat with Hull riders pre-meeting, hung out with mechanics whilst riders got changed, only left on 'warm up' as we were obv in the way, potential hazardeous area, riders need to get 'in the zone' - and we woudn't have heard ourselves think . No-one from home promotion said a word, pit exit to car park was open, occured to us we coulda poss wheeled a bike out "gotta swap it, he needs the other bike out of his van", and coulda been off with it. Very lax security, done same at other tracks but was at least asked what we wanted & warned we needed to leave at warm up time....
  9. martinmauger

    Berwick 2024

    Well there you go, though it was Briggo who I first read make the suggestion, forget which track but wasn't at Glasgow / Blantyre 1 or 2....
  10. martinmauger

    Berwick 2024

    Yeah, having supported 2 tracks, which weren't as wide as would ideally be, esp the Boulevard, 1st bend room at circuits around ball game pitches always at a premium & things can get, dicey, if all 4 arrive together. Been to Shielfield before the banking was added then lockdown era (?) mods to the straights, maybe recent mods are down to Stewart Dickson's arrival, but there doesn't seem to be any more room seen the track work pics on the website. Stiil, the track 'is what it is', you still have speedway in Berwick & come to the tapes every season, obv doing something right (obv) so much credit is due.....
  11. martinmauger


    Transponders are a good idea, true, but surprised priority was given to spend a 'five figure sum' on such things for more accurate race times given the current financial state of speedway in the UK. And, yeh what is the current position re: rev limiters ?....
  12. martinmauger

    Berwick 2024

    1stly, which pic you referring to. Mid-1970's Ivan did a few match races on 'division 2' circuits with other 'division 1' riders, likes of Jimmy Mac, also Briggo, PC & Dave Jessup. Thanks for replies, an obv position of start / finish line would be half way along the straight but one concensus of opinion seems be a tad nearer turn 4 as it gives riders more time to get into position on the line they want before going into turn , all 4 together....
  13. Frustratingly had UC on the TV last nite while awaiting the following prog on the 2003 Columbia Space Shuttle tragedy (seriously, do not get me started on that), had sound turned right down whilst catching up on phone messages, so, deep breath, missed the speedway bit. Oh well, guess I shoulda listened also....
  14. martinmauger

    Berwick 2024

    Interesting (to a self-confessed track anorak), why is start line being moved please and where to; forward or back from its current position ? For interest, similar 'football / rugby tracks', as described by Shane Parker, at Hull's Boulevard the S/L was approx half way along the home straight but was moved 10ft or so nearer turn 1 mid 1980 or '81 as the outside starting gate mechanism obscured something relevant to the rugby club (I forget what exactly). At Craven Park the start line was always about 1/3 along the home straight, from turn 1, and remained there throughout. I did say I was a track anorak ....
  15. martinmauger

    Your First World Final

    This^^. My 1st was 1981: recall Jessup had a reasonable race with Penhall til his bike packed up, & also 1985. Couldn't make 1978 (folks deemed me too young to travel alone on supporter's club coach ) or 1990 (was ill), took a while to acquire much-ballyhoo-ed 1990 WF on DVD, racing no better than '85 IMO....

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