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  1. The season is a long one and I'm sure he'll come good. Showed his class in winning heat 15 tonight. I thought it looked like machine rather than man which held him back a bit last night but he'll get there, he's too good a rider not to.
  2. I'll take that all day long. This Lynn team may not be the most talented but they seem to have plenty of grit and determination. Did Troy throttle off on the last bend of heat 15
  3. Kings Lynn V Poole 25/04/18

    Would much rather watch Kildemand personally even though he may score more points. I don't think we need fear anyone at home but Poole could be on the rebound after last night and will ride our track well
  4. Apologies, I thought we were talking about new signings. I could be wrong but I think it's R/R only for second strings.
  5. Of course the problem with all the riders named is that you would lose the benefit of having Kerr at reserve.
  6. He would. As would Mark Riss of those riding over here who appeared in the Prem in 2017. Haven't looked through the Championship to see who else would fit on converted figures.
  7. Appreciate what you say about Andersen but he needs half a dozen meetings at least, looked a bag of nerves last night and was quite ratty in between heats....needs to settle down a bit and relax on the bike. Kept turning too hard and scrubbing his speed off but I'm sure he'll improve. Lives at the stadium so should be able to practice practice practice. As others have said, the promotion have listened to their customers and the challenge is to maintain the high standards set last night.
  8. Thats a fair point. Seems Lewis has fractured his scaphoid so short term kind of goes out of the window, a replacement is needed. Not sure who would fit?
  9. In theory though Fricke could have caught and passed Iversen had the collision not occurred.......there was no chance of that as he was badly baulked by Rose and I think it was the right decision to have a re-run.
  10. Absolutely, it's all about peaking in September and that's something Poole are traditionally good at. To be fair it's only a couple of Poole people getting their knickers in a twist. And there is a lot of ribbing because of how good your team looks and because of the trumpeting from some of your fans. At the end of the day it's best to get these results out of the way early on. One would like to think that comments about average fiddling are wide of the mark.
  11. To be fair one Proctor and three Kerr would be pretty good cover in the short term.
  12. I thought it was only R/R for second strings?
  13. Don't think there was an interval as such, just an enforced break while the paramedic was setting to Lewis Rose.
  14. Early days but I'd say tonight was a step in the right direction. Young Bewley looks the real deal.
  15. Well as first impressions of the season go I thought tonight was pretty good. A meeting that flowed well (and but for the paramedic seeing to Lewis Rose one that would have been done in 90 minutes or so) with some good racing and a good result. The programme is a hundred times better than last year's, albeit more expensive and there was a pretty big crowding doubt helped by the weather. As Phil says Lambert was a different class, a quite brilliant performance. Proctor and Kerr both excellent too and although there is improvement required from the others it's very early days. Roll on next week.
  16. No interval specified in the provisional schedule semmers http://kingslynnstars.co/news.php?extend.30586.1
  17. The problem hasn't been starting at 19:45, it's been the dragging on of meetings. Should all be done and dusted in 90-100 minutes.
  18. Looks like it's going to be 17 degrees for tapes up tomorrow evening, must be a record temperature for the first match of the season at Lynn I think this will be 46-44 either way, and hoping for some better racing and an earlier finish for the benefit of everybody. Big opportunity for the club to make a good first impression of 2018.
  19. Unfortunately there seem to be more trolls and wind up merchants on the forum nowadays than genuine posters.....combine that with too many people who can't resist biting at the utter garbage that is posted and its a pretty bad combination.
  20. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Don't disagree but sooner or later people have to stop raking over old ground, wipe the slate clean and allow the club to make amends though. I was trying to lighten the mood a bit really as it was all becoming a bit depressing. Hopefully this time on Thursday the comments will all be upbeat because at the end of the day we all want the club to succeed and to be a positive place to go don't we?
  21. Kings Lynn 2018..

    The King's Lynn thread, aka the 'pit of misery' Dilly dilly!
  22. Kings Lynn 2018..

    A good score for Lambert guessing at number one for Leicester tonight. He's also had a couple of double figure returns in Poland so an encouraging start to the season. Must be getting out of the gate more efficiently and regularly. May be this will be his breakthrough season?
  23. Thought Somerset would score quite a few more than that.