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  1. Mr Webb has proved on several occasions that he is most certainly not better than that.
  2. Bagpuss

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    100% incorrect. Unless you are on a wind up like Mr Shovlar. Pretty clear from last weeks two meetings that if Iversen, MPT & Kurtz had been fit for both legs we would have won pretty comfortably, probably getting near 100 points. Our two guests averaged 4 over the two matches yet we still scored 88 points. No doubt in my mind we were the best team over the season but experienced horrendous bad luck when it came to the final. Conversely Poole riders knocked off and injured two riders which got them through to the final and then helped them win it. Unbelievably cruel luck for Lynn but that’s speedway unfortunately.
  3. Yep, let’s get this back to the cup final, it’s got nothing to do with the Play Offs or Poole. Would Charles Wright fit? Would be a good choice if so as rides both tracks well.
  4. Bagpuss

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    It’s the system unfortunately, Poole took adavantage of Lynn’s problems and won a two legged final and are champions, fair play to them, end of story. But nobody who is involved with Lynn should be scared of taking satisfaction and pride at finishing top of the table and being the best team in the regular season, especially as we were tipped to finish bottom. Injuries robbed us but that’s speedway unfortunately.
  5. Sometimes Me Webb comes out with a load of old squit on here which embarrasses other Lynn fans and that post about Adam Ellis is right up there with them. Dear me.
  6. Not the final Lynn wanted as we are pretty awful at Wimborne Road. Depends on the guest for Kurtz but can see Poole heading to Norfolk with a healthy lead. I see this as being very open, don’t think there is a favourite or an underdog really.
  7. Klindt is the ultimate confidence rider.....looks like world champion when on top of his game but can be like a national league reserve if not.
  8. Bagpuss

    Lambert to Robins, Doyle to Stars

    It very much depends on how much speedway Robert wants in the future....if at some point he is doing Poland, Sweden and GP’s that might be enough for him or he might be like Doyle & Iversen in wanting as much racing as possible.
  9. I think that’s the problem trying to book guests in October when many teams and riders have finished their seasons and probably explains why Howarth appeared at reserve on Wednesday.
  10. Really hope this isn’t another final decided by injuries and guests, it’s a pity the cup can’t be ridden and decided early in the season so it’s separate from the Play Offs. Would be great to win and not end the season empty handed but Somerset have good riders (the fit ones) and it will be a tough final.
  11. Don’t necessarily agree with the Jorgensen bit but the rest is pure sense, you should post more often Have said elsewhere that Poole deserve a lot of credit for signing Harris and Klindt when they were riding like a pair of old women and getting good form out of them. Fair play. I personally think if Iversen, Palm Toft and Kurtz had all ridden in both legs we’d have scored 100 points or so and won comfortably. But we’ll never know, and if my auntie had balls etc. Maybe next year.
  12. It’s been said before but Super League Rugby awards a league winners shield and that seems like a perfect way to recognise the team who finished top to me.
  13. Everyone ignore him and he might go away.
  14. Bagpuss

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Exactly. This years team was obviously built with the expectancy of Thursday night racing which then changed late in the day. Riders will need to be signed based on their availability for 2019.
  15. Not to be unfortunately, the injuries have come at the wrong time and ruined our chances in a final we probably would have otherwise won. Frustrating but that’s speedway. I can take comfort from the fact we finished top of the pile even though it’s ultimately resulted no trophy. Hopefully we can win the cup next week as a bit of consolation. Congratulations to the riders and supporters of Poole Pirates for taking advantage and winning the title.
  16. Bagpuss

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Depends on race nights and how much common sense is applied when compiling the fixture list (usually little). He will be on an attractive average.
  17. You know what a smiley means I take it
  18. Right here we go, the day has arrived. If we can’t win against all odds then let’s put the wind up this lot and go down fighting. COME ON YOU STARS
  19. I don’t understand this ‘helping Lynn’ thing. Leaving out whether people agree with it or not for a moment we chose a guest in accordance with the rules and then a solution was found with everyone in agreement which meant you guys get somebody whose average is too high so you are hardly being disadvantaged. If people have a problem with the situation then all three parties need to be blamed.
  20. Probably not that early but soon after I don’t hate your club but I hate Ford. The stuff he had been allowed to get away with over the years has done irreparable damage to British speedway and even if he does Foxtrot Oscar in the winter (please God) it’s probably too late for the sport.
  21. Exactly. On a big occasion and with all due respect to Adam you would want an experienced GP rider in your team even if he doesn’t like the track.
  22. Why would we not blame Jakobsen? I’m sure he didn’t mean it and he wasn’t riding dirty but he has knocked one of our key riders off and injured him. An accident but his fault, compounded by the referee getting it horrendously wrong. I think the reason Poole fans are generally despised is that very few of them have enough about them to say ‘yep we got away with one there’ and win with a bit of grace. Instead let’s sling a bit of mud the other way and see if it sticks as a distraction. Very sad.
  23. That ship sailed many, many years ago. Probably just after Ford took over.
  24. It amazes me that anybody takes a blind bit of notice of what he says. He’s a wind up merchant / troll / general wally on here. Just ignore! You’ll feel much better
  25. We’ll have to agree to disagree. I’m sure you lot remember what it felt like in 2010 when you finished top and lost the final, we’ll its pretty likely we are going to experience the same thing with the help of two injuries and a diabolical referee decision. I didn’t think we would win last night but get 40 and I thought we had a great chance. On another day and without Jakobsen cleaning MPT up we would have got them as we had the momentum and would have been taking that into tomorrow night. However it was not to be, that’s life. But I think we are entitled to feel sour about it.

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