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  1. Quite right. It’s common to swap reserves in heats seven and eight. Clegg (or any other stronger reserve in any other team) should be in heats 8, 12 and 14.
  2. I’ve been to Peterborough umpteen times since my first visit in 1991 and would never describe it as gate and go. It wasn’t even before the widening in 2001. I’m sure all tracks would benefit from being wider but if you were doing a list of UK circuits in order of priority of the need to be widened then the EoES would be way, way down the list.
  3. Bagpuss

    Scunthorpe v Sheffield 19/4/19 CS

    Odsal Boy keeps reeling them in
  4. Quite agree, but there obviously wasn’t enough water put down before the meeting to soak the base. Tracks should be prepared and maintained for spectators not riders.
  5. Three things are needed to keep the dust down and the track good on a warm afternoon; the correct equipment, the know how and the desire to achieve that goal. If any of those things are missing it won’t happen and you end up with the unacceptable situation which arose at Poole yesterday. As HT says it can be done.
  6. Then clubs should think of their customers and not take the risk or as BCD says don’t schedule meetings on Good Friday.
  7. Any rider who misses a championship fixture on a championship race day because they were riding in a premiership fixture should receive a ban and only be replaced by a three pointer during that period.
  8. Perhaps they could but why should they have to?
  9. Still early days but Ipswich look better than the widely predicted 7th strongest. Difficult to judge Belle Vue until Bewley is back up to full speed.
  10. It’s not but on the other hand we are in the Year 2019 and chip & pin / contactless is and should be available everywhere. Typical of speedway in general to be way behind the times. Attending speedway should be as straightforward and hassle free as possible.
  11. Peterborough at its best is second only to the NSS in this country for me.
  12. Bagpuss

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Wow that’s a name from the past
  13. This particular poster definitely falls into the ‘pinch of salt’ category. On a not entirely different subject anyone seen Fred Flange lately?
  14. Agree to a point but he needs to start showing something at home eventually.....if he is scoring 5 or 6 away every time then it’s not such a big deal but he hadn’t even looked competitive at Lynn yet. One would like to think that he is practicing and getting advice on set ups and riding technique. He should at least be making half decent starts by now which is two thirds of the battle.
  15. I think we all know that every season.
  16. Don’t forget Lynn start fifteen minutes later than the others.....an hour and a half is reasonable I’d say.
  17. It won’t be until they stop using stock car friendly shale and put some proper speedway dirt down. But while the four wheeled stuff keeps filling the stadium I don’t think things will change. Would have been nice to come on here this morning and read some positivity after a comfortable win over the old enemy rather than going round in the same circles. Jorgensen is developing into a very strong home rider for us while I wonder how long it will be before somebody admits that Kasper can’t get the hang of our track as he seems to score points ok elsewhere. He wouldn’t be the first rider to struggle with the Lynn surface but it needs sorting one way or the other. Now onto a tough assignment at Peterborough on Monday.
  18. £1 I believe, make sure you take a blanket, hot water bottle and the thickest coat you can find though, baltic up there.
  19. Think it was 2001 that Ronnie rode. The Pole was Artur Prietzyk or something like that, he didn’t last long and I remember him turning up later in the season with two very big Polish chaps to collect earnings he was owed by the promotion Wagstaff used about twenty riders that year, there was a German called Joachim Kugelmann, a Norwegian called Bo Hansen, Roman Povhazny, Lukasz Jankowski and a young Slovenian I can’t remember the name of. Not a great season to be a Lynn fan.
  20. You look down the Ipswich 1-7 and they have all ridden well at Lynn before, this is going to be a tough night and I have to agree that any sort of win will do nicely. Feel more optimistic after Thursday night.
  21. Bagpuss

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Wrong Monday mate.

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