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  1. Bagpuss

    Poole vs Edinburgh 4/8/21

    Monarchs top heavier than Sam Fox but that's a good point which looked highly unikely early doors.
  2. Bagpuss

    The Crisp Crack Of Leather On Willow

    Usual garbage with the bat from England today apart from the skipper. As Vaughan has just said on TMS, the young players just arent learning (or perhaps good enough).
  3. Bagpuss

    Football 2021/22

    Burnley, Brighton, Soton and possibly Wolves too. Pretty much half the league. Would just be nice for a pundit or journo to occasionally stick their neck out.
  4. Bagpuss

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    I think Lynn probably beat that back in 2002 in Waggy's last season, must have used twenty odd riders. Is the track slicker now though? Was talked about last year and the racing seems to have been better from what people have said. I think it was the grip that he couldn't handle.
  5. Bagpuss

    Football 2021/22

    Of course they do, its the easy/lazy opinion.
  6. The scheme works in Poland, I know some of their youngsters are light years ahead of ours at 16 but they get thrown in the deep end in their top league and while its sink or swim u til they are 21 those who do swim end up being very good. Last night may have dented Pailin's confidence a bit but he will probably score reasonably well against Lynn on Thursday and then get a hatful for Scunny next time out so he'll be fine. We have a good crop of young uns but they need to be tested and pushed.
  7. Bagpuss

    Stars v Tigers 2/8/21

    Thats not a bad shout if he is available for the meetings we have left.
  8. Bagpuss

    Stars v Tigers 2/8/21

    Its astonishing that Pickering wasn't picked up by somebody before now, was always suggested/assumed that he had the wrong visa or didn't want to double up but as an exciting, improving rider based in the UK since he came here it's odd.
  9. Bagpuss

    Stars v Tigers 2/8/21

    Less than 5% chance of rain in Lynn according to the met.
  10. Putting Allen at 5 looks to me like an attempt to kick start his season by way of extra responsibility.
  11. Bagpuss

    Stars v Tigers 2/8/21

    Fingers crossed that goes smoothly tellboy A last heat decider would make sure they set it up correctly
  12. From kingslynn-speedway.co.uk KING’S Lynn boss Alex Brady is urging fans to turn out in force and back his team as they look for a second successive home win on Monday (7.30). Following jubilant scenes at their win over Belle Vue there is a ‘feel-good factor’ back at the club and Brady is keen to see that continue when they face a strong Sheffield side. Fans are reminded to purchase their tickets in advance for the fastest way to gain entry to the stadium although pay on the night at the box office remains an option. Brady said: “I’m just about over the narrow defeat at Ipswich on Thursday where again the boys did themselves proud. “Now we need to head home and see the place packed. The fans made one heck of a difference with the feel-good factor against Belle Vue and they were like an extra rider for us. “Now we need to continue that against Sheffield who have some class riders in their side, we know it will be tough but we can do it, I’m confident of that.” Sheffield have a powerful top three with Australian duo Jack Holder and Troy Batchelor and British talent Adam Ellis. In Josh Pickerking and skipper Kyle Howarth they have good support in the second-string positions. And the Tigers have swooped to sign Stefan Nielsen to replace the out of form James Wright at reserve in a bid to bolster their lower order. King’s Lynn have a busy week as they head to Peterborough on Thursday with plenty of Minors and Brady Stars set to make the relatively short trip to the Showground. KING’S LYNN: Richard Lawson, Cameron Heeps, Erik Riss, Lewis Kerr, Thomas Jorgensen, Connor Mountain, Ricky Wells. SHEFFIELD: Jack Holder, Josh Pickering, Troy Batchelor, Kyle Howarth, Adam Ellis, Stefan Nielsen, Danyon Hume.
  13. Bagpuss

    Mildenhall v Armadale 1.8.21

    Eight falls, track a bit choppy?

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