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  1. iwright71

    Poole 2019

    So the racing at Kings Lynn is now as good as it always was ? Not what I see on the TV. Used to be one of my favourite tracks. Can't remember the last great meeting I saw their on the TV
  2. It seems we have a brilliant product that nobody wants to pay to watch. The mystery deepens
  3. Why aren't people turning up in their droves like they used to then ?
  4. Got no problem with transponders being used just not this Mickey Mouse qualifying system which some weeks some riders won't even be there to participate in
  5. So you would plump for 2 outside gates at Krsko ? obviously with stats being worthless. At some tracks there are grave yard gates. All the riders know them
  6. Pretty much agree with this. I don't agree with his assessment that racing is better than ever. It might be at Scunthorpe, Belle Vue and Somerset but unfortunately that is not enough to prop up the sport in this country. Fans have got eyes, so have those who watch the TV coverage on BT sport. As much as they bull it up how many classics have you seen from Swindon, Leicester, Wolves, Poole, Kings Lynn recently.
  7. Surely this is a joke ! It just seems a quirky change just for changes sake. How is this going to provide better / fairer racing when there is statistical data available for most tracks as to what are the best and most importantly worst gates at each venue. Is the open draw now not sexy enough, at least it was fair and over a season you took the rough with the smooth. An early tip for all the riders, after going to Krsko last year do not pick a start number which includes 2 outside gates.
  8. A good 5 page in depth interview with Rob Godfrey in this weeks Speedway Star. Did any posters read it and have any comments / opinions on the thoughts of the BSPA Vice Chairman
  9. iwright71

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Unfortunately this is speedways " elephant in the room " that a lot of meetings these days are boring. And at the same time observers are scratching their heads why an army of kids are not flooding through the turnstiles . They normally blame society or there's more things to do or the internet, Its not rocket science to deduce that if adults are bored then the kids will be too.
  10. iwright71

    Belle Vue 2019

    That's your 2nd post in a row which has started with "you know nothing" Its probably right, I'm just making observations on what I see and read. Including a local councillor in the Man Evening News quoted as saying " I absolutely support the principle of ensuring a thriving local business economy but unfortunately this has proved to be a failing initiative on more than one occasion. There are no viable plans for this money to be returned and we cannot afford to sink any more money into a business that shows no sign of growth despite public injections of nearly 9 million " I think reading the last few pages of this topic that most non protectionist Belle Vue fans realise the ongoing financial issues at the NSS
  11. iwright71

    Belle Vue 2019

    It makes you wonder if its ever going to work at Belle Vue. Great stadium, great racing, great facilities, in a big city with a big catchment area, relatively successful teams ( last 4 years in the play offs and a KO Cup) but no more council subsidies and losing money year on year. Its questionable how Belle Vue can significantly increase their turnover while reducing costs with their team and remaining successful on the track. Success in speedway more than most sports is shared around, what happens should Belle Vue have a couple of barren years on track ?
  12. iwright71

    10 favourite American riders

    Sam Ermolenko, Bruce Penhall, Greg Hancock, Billy Hamill, Bobby Ott, Ronnie Correy, Dennis Sigalos,, Bobby Schwartz, Josh Larsen, Shawn Moran
  13. iwright71

    Swindon Stadium

    Sounds very similar to Matt Ford. 2 long term speedway dyed in the wool speedway promoters who know the game is nearly up and want to sell their club before it is worth nothing
  14. I dare say that's why every day at this years Ashes will be sold out at 100 pound a pop because alternatively you have to pay to watch it on Sky or those who went to every sold out session of this years World Championship darts don't have Sky. Most sports fans watch live sport and have Sky , BT. If Satellite TV is a cost issue why are fans not flocking to watch speedway live ?
  15. iwright71

    Thank you to the BSPA

    The youngsters who go are bored by what their watching, the 50's-60's go because they always have and its more a social than anything else.

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