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  1. iwright71

    King's Lynn v Wolves 15/08/2019

    The quality of racing on offer these days is better than ever didn't you know ?
  2. iwright71

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Likewise me at another venue, although most scribes on here will tell you the quality of racing at tracks in the UK has never been better.
  3. iwright71

    Speedway Promotion or Lack of it.

    Interesting how opinions can be at polar opposites on this forum. Some on here see the racing as better than ever while on the Premiership forum below Peterborough and Kings Lynn fans are moaning about Busters tracks and describing the fare offered on live TV in the Premiership as 'invariably dire ' with the exception of the NSS.
  4. iwright71

    Value for money

    I think the sport has sunk so far in Britain for so long it will be impossible to resuscitate it.
  5. iwright71

    Wroclaw GP 2019

    Just caught up with Saturday's GP at Wroclaw. Brilliant stuff. As I said about Manchester last week, we need more tracks like this. If this was the standard on offer most weeks the sport would be in a much better state all over the World. Unfortunately tracks of the equivalent of Manchester and Wroclaw seem to be the exception rather than the norm. Big . wide, relatively slick, fast throttle open tracks are the blueprint to suit modern speedway bikes. Unfortunately most tracks are historic and not of the correct size , shape or surface material to produce the formula needed for top dollar speedway, you only have to watch the Premiership, SON or the GP to see this. Wouldn't 2 marque temporary tracks in Cardiff and Warsaw plus 8 GP's on tracks similar to NSS and Wroclaw be utopia. Sadly not possible as most of these tracks are in Poland ( Czestochowa ) for example and there are 3 their already and the NSS which won't happen because of the potential impact on Cardiff. You also have the financial implication of who is prepared to pay. Saturday was a great advert for the sport, we need more of it.
  6. iwright71

    Wroclaw GP 2019

    Pretty sure Wales have 2 warm up games at the Principality , August 11th and August 17th. Nothing in May, June or July. Stadium must be extremely busy in these months or its a conscious decision by BSI to want to stage the 2nd last Grand Prix in the calendar.
  7. iwright71

    Wroclaw GP 2019

    Think that's what the organisers were hoping for. Was that why they changed the date for Cardiff this year ? Doubt we will ever know
  8. You have to hand it to the National Speedway Stadium. Probably the only track in the country which could have got this meeting on after a months worth of rain over the last 2 days. Great surface, wide and produces great racing week in week out. Most of the other tracks in the UK would have still been a soggy mess on Monday night , leading to a call off for travelling fans and BT sport. Even on a bad night the action is far better than anything we have seen this year in the SGP or SON. Only problem is we need plenty more tracks on a par with Manchester which we will never have. The council paying to build a track and stadium for a speedway club wont happen again.
  9. All we need is another 15 tracks like Manchester to make the sport viable in this country.
  10. iwright71

    TV new deal?

    Don't go down that line. You will get Fortythirtyeight on your case, he has already told me I'm wrong when I dared to say quality of racing had detreated since the silencer change in 2011. I have eyes , can only call it how I see it.
  11. We will have to disagree on that one. Lack of class from Madsen. We all knew how bad that crash was. It may not have been Madsen's fault but he speared another rider which caused him a heavy fall which caused another rider to ride over his head. Fatalities and permanent disabilities have resulted from similar crashes. Madsen showed no concern for his stricken opponent and shamelessly dusted himself down, walked back to the pits waved to fans as a fellow rider he brought off was being put on a stretcher . Then a belly laugh in the pits with a mechanic and the presence to reach for the sponsors hat when realising he was on screen. Madsen may be playing up to this ruthless image he has but that for me was poor fare and unusual amongst todays riders
  12. iwright71

    TV new deal?

    Think the clue is in your last post " there's a few tracks out there producing great racing and entertainment EVERY week " I think we all know where they are but a few " good " tracks around the country is not enough to sustain a sport as the empty spaces on the terraces shows. On this forum all fans do is moan about the poor quality of racing, Kings Lynn, Peterborough, Sheffield, Leicester, Berwick etc etc
  13. iwright71

    TV new deal?

    Must be something else then. Amazing quality of speedway went rapidly downhill from the day F.I.M ordered a regulation change with silencers and the quality has not returned to this day. Probably just coincidence .
  14. Also with his fellow countryman that he has just wiped out being loaded into an ambulance, Madsen is seen having a laugh with his mechanic and his major concern seems to be finding his sponsors cap when he sees the camera is on him.

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