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  1. iwright71

    Championship Fours 2020

    It seems Rob Godfrey's idea is to focus on the returning northern bound coaches heading out of Cardiff and ignore any southern fans who would be unlikely to travel after 2 meetings in the south the previous 2 days. Risky, if those coach loads decide to skip it then they could be stuffed although with Leicester being one of the best supported clubs in Britain they have the insurance that the locals will attend in numbers
  2. iwright71

    Team GB

    20 quid for a bobble hat, 25 quid for a truckers hat , must be quality stuff ! Don't they do a rain mac for the SON at Manchester ?
  3. Pretty sure Leon Madsen had last pick at Cardiff after missing the draw and ended up winning the event. Sure Emil didn't practise at Torun and made the semi. On the whole don't think having a pick of the draw has had any effect on the results of the GP's .
  4. iwright71

    Wolverhampton 2020

    Riddiculas to think success is finishing 4th in a 7 team League. To run a top 4 play off system the league needs 10 teams so we get 4 actual good teams in the play offs . You can't take a 4 team play off system with a 7 team league seriously.
  5. I always worry when the incoming chairman of the BSPA states " I believe in the product " " We have a great product " AKA Keith Chapman and now his successor Mr Godfrey . Unless someone realises that the Premiership is not a great product, Belle Vue and now Swindon aside,and that's the reason people are not turning up to watch week in week out then the malaise and general decline will continue. Watch all BT live matches broadcast last year and its not great watching compared to other sports competing for the consumers pound !
  6. iwright71


    If only all the promoters had the cash and the authorisation to do this . Pipe dream
  7. iwright71


    7 home fixtures a year plus a couple in the cup is not enough for promoters, many who rent their stadiums have to give a guarantee on the minimum number of meetings, 8 to 10 a season won't be enough, or for that matter riders riding in only 1 league. Also Cup finals on neutral tracks won't work, they must be at the homes of the contesting teams. The days of large speedway away followings are long gone.
  8. iwright71


    Maybe we could all ask our local council to do it for free !
  9. iwright71

    Speedway's future IMO

    Spot on, I've known the crowds to be bigger at my local track when we finished bottom of the League in the 90's than win the playoffs in the 2000's. Normally most weeks it was losing last heat deciders. It didn't matter some were good years some were not but you still went every week because the product was great. Great racing, passing aplenty, big names , speed, the noise, the smell, crackling atmosphere ,it was brilliant, and I wouldn't be shy to tell anyone. Not the same today, new bikes ( silencers 2010) have killed it, bikes now not suited to the track shape or material. Poor racing , less big names, less noise, no smell and no atmosphere. I like many have drifted away , 30 years every week has now amounted to maybe once a season. Forget the rules, guests , rider replacements, team changes have always been there, its the product that is not good enough. Watch the live matches on BT this year, unless its Belle Vue or a revamped Swindon there is really nothing to see .How bad we the playoffs this year, awful. Unfortunately Belle Vue and Swindon have shown us that most of the traditional old tracks are now not fit for purpose, but unfortunately these promotions don't have the money or authority to make any changes. Unfortunately that's where we at and why the sport in the UK is on its knees.
  10. iwright71


    Didn't we try something revolutionary like the " golden double " or joker in the World Cup. How was that revolutionary change welcomed by fans ?
  11. iwright71


    How many other clubs have the facility or the money to reshape their track ? probably none.
  12. iwright71

    Grand Prix changes

    Never been slow before to come forward with your views on the SGP Phil ! The stage is yours !
  13. iwright71

    Grand Prix changes

    Bet Phillip Rising doesn't agree with you ?
  14. iwright71

    TV new deal?

    Winning the regular League will never mean anything while the play offs are in place.
  15. iwright71


    If Poole decide to drop down a division then the Premiership is finished. Lets be honest ,this year how credible is a top division with 7 teams, with 4 of those teams making a play off. You need a 10 team league if you are to have a play off system. No Poole ? 6 teams ? . Maybe Buster can buy a couple more teams up to make it do-able . With the loss of Stoke and maybe Cradley Heath from the National League Surely a 2 League structure beckons in Britain .

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