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  1. Only bettered by everyone's number one The National Speedway Stadium
  2. Promoters keep banging on about rain being the biggest enemy of speedway. when you can't prepare a track on a fine day early in the season you really have problems. Yes we have seen similar at some National League tracks but at Poole you are having a laugh. Jon Cook keeps banging on nothing is wrong with the product its just getting people in to watch it. I beg to differ, who in their right mind would return to watch that again if it was your first speedway experience ? As Rome burns Promoters just can't see it or don't want to see it.
  3. 3 I know money is tight at Poole but that's embarrassing Do they seriously expect people to pay 18 quid to watch that. The sport is on its way out !
  4. iwright71

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Sums up speedways decline in a nutshell
  5. iwright71

    Swindon Stadium

    Amazing that someone of a rider of Chris Morton's experience saw nothing wrong with the Belle Vue track prior to opening the doors to the public on the first night. Good job the riders on the night pointed out the problems the promotion couldn't or didn't want to see and forced Manchester council and its sub contractors to amend their shoddy work and produce the circuit we have today.
  6. iwright71

    2019 SoN Draw

    Eventually the F.I.M will decree the World Team Cup / SON will consist of 1 rider per team along with an u21 reserve. Will do away with this nonsense of drawn heats in the last few novelty run offs and will include a field of 24 / 32 teams . Final to be held in Azerbaijan , on Christmas Day.
  7. iwright71

    Swindon Stadium

    Its difficult to cut the people involved with this project much slack when all we have heard from them for the last 3 years is, failed promises, unmet deadlines, deafening silence, misleading stories and downright lies.
  8. iwright71

    Poole 2019

    So the racing at Kings Lynn is now as good as it always was ? Not what I see on the TV. Used to be one of my favourite tracks. Can't remember the last great meeting I saw their on the TV
  9. It seems we have a brilliant product that nobody wants to pay to watch. The mystery deepens
  10. Why aren't people turning up in their droves like they used to then ?
  11. Got no problem with transponders being used just not this Mickey Mouse qualifying system which some weeks some riders won't even be there to participate in
  12. So you would plump for 2 outside gates at Krsko ? obviously with stats being worthless. At some tracks there are grave yard gates. All the riders know them
  13. Pretty much agree with this. I don't agree with his assessment that racing is better than ever. It might be at Scunthorpe, Belle Vue and Somerset but unfortunately that is not enough to prop up the sport in this country. Fans have got eyes, so have those who watch the TV coverage on BT sport. As much as they bull it up how many classics have you seen from Swindon, Leicester, Wolves, Poole, Kings Lynn recently.
  14. Surely this is a joke ! It just seems a quirky change just for changes sake. How is this going to provide better / fairer racing when there is statistical data available for most tracks as to what are the best and most importantly worst gates at each venue. Is the open draw now not sexy enough, at least it was fair and over a season you took the rough with the smooth. An early tip for all the riders, after going to Krsko last year do not pick a start number which includes 2 outside gates.
  15. A good 5 page in depth interview with Rob Godfrey in this weeks Speedway Star. Did any posters read it and have any comments / opinions on the thoughts of the BSPA Vice Chairman

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