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  1. If we follow that argument I assume you want government to underwrite all travel (and other) insurance that can suffer if government can shut it down. Why not get them to underwrite car insurance because they underfund the police so cars get stolen etc. Insurance companies are very happy to take large premiums when the odds are well in their favour. Swings and roundabouts come to mind.
  2. Why should they? Do insurance companies give governments part of their profits (apart from tax)
  3. Is it not the case that many events won’t go ahead because they cannot get insurance. Not sure how that can be laid at the government‘s door.
  4. I don’t know why they would do that. Why don’t you simply tell us. As for data never lying. Data are simply statistics. Now let me think what’s that well known phrase attributed to Mark Twain
  5. This is recurring theme with you. Always implying there is something obvious but never stating what it is for those of us that are either thick or don’t agree with you. Now either you don’t know or there is nothing to see.
  6. It seems the landlord was well known for being a bit of a character (for want of a better word). Doesn’t fill you with confidence in Starmer’s aides research skills
  7. 2nd microchip inserted. £72fbjkoig 2&*)88;dhjk oops think it needs recalibrating Second jab done done and dusted. That’s better, working fine now
  8. Star Lady

    Death of Prince Phillip announced

    A man who personified service and duty. RIP
  9. Posted by a friend on Facebook and so so apt for this thread ....... 1st April: The only day of the year that people critically evaluate things they find on the internet before accepting them as true!
  10. The long lost Crumpet probably
  11. How many death certificates have a SOLE cause of death? Judging by the ones I’ve seen(limited numbers granted), very few
  12. That was kind of the point I was trying to make
  13. Er no I’m gonna do a DC2 and ask for the link
  14. I do love it when someone who insists on facts and links, posts something he ASSUMES
  15. Star Lady

    Storming Off

    I may be being cynical here, but the furore surrounding this “vigil” has achieved one thing. It’s taken the focus of the media from the Harry and Meghan saga. Seems slightly strange to me that other unfortunate woman have been killed in similar circumstances without all this furore and publicity.

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