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  1. That would be the same connection Harris has to Ipswich in the semi
  2. Purely a neutral POV but there are far fewer wobbles by riders tonight despite the rain coming down
  3. Just wondering where all this Super Speedway is that Tatum keeps going on about.
  4. If the rain is coming down, why the hell have they only run one heat by 8 o’clock
  5. Is there any chance of a commentator who actually knows which riders are in the race
  6. Back on topic….what’s the weather like and was yesterdays call off the right decision?
  7. Star Lady

    Torun 2023

    The problem is more the quality, when I pay for something I expect a decent product. Stream freezes, sound is missing etc. graphics are terrible. Just don’t get me started on the quality and accuracy of the commentary.
  8. Star Lady

    Torun 2023

    That ride from Lindgren is on a par with Tricks wall of death at Cardiff
  9. Star Lady

    Torun 2023

    I believe Discovery are owned by Warner Bros who are famous for cartoons……I’m saying no more except Bugs .bunny for commentator
  10. Star Lady

    Torun 2023

    WTF is Tetum on about. That was clearly yellow took his wheel
  11. Star Lady

    Torun 2023

    Is that discovery or Eurosport? Just turned back to Eurosport and got proper pictures. I do wonder why hubby paid for the other rubbish
  12. No great fan of Chris Holder but fantastic ride
  13. Same as every other week, riders refuse to ride so meeting called off. Amazing the effect cameras have !
  14. Amazing how fast they can run heats when cameras are about

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