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  1. A long time if you think the approaching rain will put an end to the meeting
  2. For those who have checked the traffic, M4 & M5 are stuffed
  3. RumOldBird

    Swindon 2019

    Roscoe said Jason will be at the meeting
  4. Stefan looked good, quick out of the gate and was on the pace. Hoping he's our new No 7
  5. RumOldBird

    Swindon - Rye House 21.5.18 KOC

    It will be Emil
  6. From Twitter Robins Updates‏ @RobinsUpdates 2m2 minutes agoMore Doyle fell all 4 back , apparently the ref was about to call it back for a bad start from Hans and Hans has been Wolves
  7. So you're suggesting Kyle deliberately loses races!!!! AKA CHEATING
  8. RumOldBird

    Swindon V Poole Thurs 27/07/

    Bradley expressed his regret at going too hard under Zach last night after the victory parade. Hope Zach makes a speedy recovery without the need for surgery and that Bradley doesn't give himself a hard time over it. The team are all so commited sometimes these things happen
  9. RumOldBird

    Speedway World Cup 2017

    It was heat 16 in the 2012 final
  10. RumOldBird

    Swindon Robins Vs Wolves (29-6-17)

    Bradley was excluded for causing Nathan Greaves to fall. During the interview after the meeting Bradley and David both said it was an incorrect decision which we all knew.
  11. Overcast in Swindon and no rain forecast.
  12. RumOldBird

    Swindon 2015

    Don't like the sound of this, I'm not a Darcy fan but I'm really hoping it's not as bad as it sounds http://www.speedwaygp.com/news/article/4390/spinal-surgery-for-ward
  13. RumOldBird

    King's Lynn V Swindon 9th Sept 19.45

    Haven't seen a speedway meeting since the beginning of July with rain offs and family problems, really looking forward to it. Please let it be a good meeting, ending in a Robins win.
  14. RumOldBird

    Poole Pirates Vs Swindon Robins 29/7/15

    Zengi didn't do well at many away tracks last time he was a Robin, but he's no longer that rider :-)

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