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  1. Marksman

    Warsaw GP 16th May 2020

    Martin Smolinski. SGP 2020 Substitute Riders 1. Martin Smolinski (Germany) 2. Mikkel Michelsen (Denmark) 3. Bartosz Smektala (Poland) 4. Anders Thomsen (Denmark) 5. Pontus Aspgren (Sweden) 6. Dimitri Berge (France)
  2. Marksman

    workington ..

    Coming off the 4th bend onto the straight, under the catering hut. Was there 3 times this season stood around about the same spot each time and the same guy definately started off that chant with his group multiple times each time I was there I could video it for you next season... I'm only profiling and pointing out what everyone else everyone is thinking
  3. Marksman

    workington ..

    btw, reading these posts MANSE is a proper sh1thouse, likes every single derogatory post about Workington and sends a 'confused' like at every somewhat positive one Bet he's one of those losers on the 4th bend at Glasgow, who shout "that's the way to do it" thinking it's hilarious and then give hand gestures to opposing riders... @MANSE
  4. I see that King and Harris are the track reserves, surely they should change the track reserves to be a nomination rather than who finishes 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. With all due respect King and Harris have been to Cardiff multiple times before, and experience for our younger riders would be more beneficial. Cookie has obviously declined this and it's passed down to Harris next in line. Winning the British Final is a different matter, if Harris wins obviously he deserves to be there etc. Surely if it's a nomination, common sense will prevail, i.e If say Danny Ayres finished top 3, although he can't be classed as younger rider he would deserve at least one shot at Cardiff based on the British Final result. It makes GB Speedway look a mockery to the rest of the speedway world IMO, and looks like we have no talent coming through.
  5. Marksman

    Edinburgh 2019

    What about Dan Bewley to cover for Josh Pickering for a month at least? Dan isn't getting any meetings in Poland and hasn't made the World U21 series.
  6. Footage of the stadium work from today... http://www.totalrl.com/forums/index.php?/topic/341533-stadiuma-sad-day/&do=findComment&comment=4103198
  7. Marksman

    Craig Cook: what next?

    CFS come across as a pair of idiots and are about as professional as their WordArt logo. The stuff they post on Twitter is truly embarrassing. Craig is well shot of them
  8. Garrity, Wethers, Simon Lambert and Jordan Stewart are the other riders
  9. Because my friend, the only thing certain in life is death. Workington Speedway is currently in a coma (license on ice), uncertainty is in the air, one would simply not switch off the life support machine straight away and give up all hope...
  10. Everything can be purchased here - https://www.cc111.co.uk/merch Tickets bought on there include free programme and Easter Egg, and are to be collected at the box office on the day. The thing is though if you compare the views that his website gets as apposed to Twitter, it's easily 100x or more people it's hitting. There is still a place for websites, but they are becoming much more irrelevant these days. No one needs to be registered or signed up to twitter to see any of this info! It's all even embedded on linked too on the front page of his website -https://twitter.com/CraigCook111 I can't see how it's been handled 'awfully ' at all, I feel it needs defended! Look Ben Barker's testimonial last month, hardly a word on it other than on the BSPA website fixture list, some newspaper articles in the week leading up to it had the actual date printed incorrect, teams were also listed wrong.
  11. The Reds are certainly a big part of the sticking point on the new stadium going ahead, the dinosaurs on their board haven't shown any ambition in 30+ Years. They'd probably be better suited to playing on the Ellis Sports (Zebras) ground, as it's about their level from next season. Workington Reds and Workington Town RLFC would be a match made in hell...
  12. First 3 Riders announced are the Team Captains; Sam Masters - Edinburgh Ricky Wells - Workington Max Fricke - Belle Vue

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