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  1. Marksman

    Worky v scunny koc leg 2

    You can only beat what is put infront of you, as your say heats 8 & 12 there was passing as our riders didn't gate but were faster and got past. Jake Allen was the only visiting rider who looked fast, and if Rene or Rasmus had kept missing the gate there would of been a lot more passing like there has been all season.
  2. Yes, why not there's a first for everything, not much surprises me in speedway anymore. I mean last Sunday our Super Hero Mason rode 14 heats between 2 tracks doing all the driving in between and still scored 27+1
  3. Going by his latest post on Instagram, looks like he will be staying now
  4. Marksman

    Play offs

    And this is the problem that Paulco rightly states, the BSPA should be the ones setting the dates based on each Club's official race nights! If the Glasgow fans are saying comments like the above why should Workington be jumping to them, why should we choose to run on a off race night to suit the opposition! We wanted to mainly run meetings on Friday nights throughout the Summer, but were stopped in doing so, I can therefore totally understand the club's stance. Why on earth would we run one of our biggest meetings for years on a Sunday night with a 7.30 start, that's a potential substantial lose of revenue, how many away fans and families would that put off! It wouldn't make good business sense would it.
  5. Marksman

    Derwent Park

    Town played 2 consecutive seasons of Top Flight RL in the 90's, but your right it was rebranded to the Super league in '96 and only won 2 games all season before being relegated. It all went downhill after Peter Walsh left and went back to Australia before SL1...
  6. Marksman

    Play offs

    It's not about who Craig rides for it's the very fact that he is West Cumbrian and a very proud one at that. Unless you are from the area or know it very well you'll never understand what that means to people from the area seeing a fellow Marra riding at the Highest level. The same goes for Dan Bewley WHEN he gets to that stage...
  7. Marksman

    Play offs

    I think that the Saturday 29th would be a no go for Glasgow too, both of those meetings in Germany and Czech Republic are lunchtime starts. Kyle Bickley is also involved in the Czech junior Golden Ribbon meeting on the Saturday.
  8. Marksman

    Workington 2018 .

    It will be in our best interests to push for the Play Off SF to be ran before the end of the month. When the new October averages are effective, Dan will probably be 4th in the list, meaning we can’t have a guest, only R/R. When you think at the minute we could have Aaron Summers to guest for him, Rider replacement with none of the top 2 being able to take a ride would be much weaker.
  9. Monsoon like rain here in Workington...
  10. Newcastle's meeting against Lakeside is on Saturday, so Aarnio will be riding for the Comets tomorrow.
  11. Ha maybe!, but I never saw the so called problems being reported in the first place, it's all hear say and hush hush when it comes to this sport, just like attendances...
  12. Yes we don't offer bribes... Oh, you mean the riders, maybe we could afford to pay if Godfrey allowed us to run Home meetings
  13. Tero Aarnio would be a great choice of guest for the Comets for Dan, has already scored 29+2 in 3 meetings at Scunthorpe this season including 15 when guesting for us earlier this season.
  14. Funny thing is that they now have a posted a new headline, with the following report! Good old news & star! Comets boss Tony Jackson delighted after win over Edinburgh Monarchs Workington Comets boss Tony Jackson couldn’t hide his delight after his side crowned a stellar team performance with a nine-point win over table-topping Edinburgh. The Monarchs have been the early pace-setters in the SGB Championship, leading the league with 26 points, but Comets dealt with everything they threw at them to take all three points and send them packing without even a consolation point. The fact that the result followed a very impressive win away at Redcar on Thursday night made it even sweeter as Workington moved into the top four despite having raced the joint-fewest meetings in the division. Jackson said: “It’s been a very satisfying few days. "Everybody contributed and there really was some exciting racing. Mason Campton was chuffed to bits to beat Ricky Wells in the opening heat and James Sarjeant is gradually getting used to the place. “It would have been a big comedown if we’d won at Redcar then lost this and this lot are no pushovers, they’re top of the league.” The beaming Comets boss declared Thomas Jorgensen his rider of the night and said he was starting to show the form that made him a target for the club for years. He said: “He was sensational; that’s the Thomas Jorgensen we signed and you can see now he’s finally got some speed. “He’s struggled with his engines but, to be fair, he’s spent some money on them and when he’s out front he looks so fast, classy and stylish.” Meanwhile, Comets’ trip to Peterborough next Monday has been pushed back to a 7pm start. 3 September 2018 11:01AM

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