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  1. Pandemic excess mortality in Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 was at its highest since 1918 Since Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland were militarily neutral and not involved in combat during both world wars, these countries have monthly all-cause mortality statistics available for over 100 years with no interruptions. We show that during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland recorded the highest aggregated monthly excess mortality (17%, 9% and 14%) since the 1918 influenza pandemic (53%, 33% and 49%), when compared to respective expected values. For Sweden and Switzerland, the highest monthly spikes in 2020 almost reached those of January 1890 https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.08.12.21261825v1
  2. ÖSTERSUND. The store death continues to spread through Swedish city centers. With the pandemic, it has gone even faster and in Östersund alone, 12 businesses have been closed down - but now we are looking ahead. - We have seen that some have found better business models due to corona, says center manager Calle Hedman. In the middle of the city center, literally, is the city center leader Calle Hedman, who, despite being on holiday, has found himself in the midday bustle. - I was over and talked to some stores before, and they said that it has still been a good Christmas shopping. Everyone was terrified of how it would be, but it seems that many customers are calmer this year. Last year it was just panic, says Calle Hedman and shows a list of all planned events in the city that have been canceled during the past year The corona pandemic has hit the city's traders hard, and a total of twelve businesses have disappeared in Östersund during the past year. It has been toughest for the retail trade as well as the restaurant and hotel industry. - At the same time, five new businesses have opened, but when it was at its worst, I thought that the figure for the number of closed businesses would be around 20. So in that way it is better than I dared to hope for, says Calle Hedman. The city's geographical location also came into play when the pandemic struck. - It became clear that we are an event city and that we live very much on the Norwegians who come here. When both suddenly disappeared, we were hit harder than many other cities. He further says that both he and colleagues in other cities have been critical of the government's rhetoric and foresight about the restrictions. - They do not seem to have really understood how strong their words weigh. What they say and how they say it has incredibly great consequences for the local business community, says Calle Hedman, who even before the pandemic faced the challenge of developing the city center for the trade of the future. - Östersund is a very lively city center but which faces extreme challenges as physical trade only continues to decline. The pandemic has accelerated it, as has competition from e-commerce. Today's players must therefore have more legs to stand on and not think that you are just a physical store or an e-retailer. Another question that remains to be answered is what role will the city center play in the future when more and more services become digital and more people work from home. - I think there will be much more experiences, culture, food and drink, but also some trade. All in one mix, says Calle Hedman.
  3. Karin Tegmark Wisell, Director General of the Swedish Public Health Agency: - The number of intensive care units differs greatly in terms of unvaccinated and vaccinated. There is a 12 times higher risk of needing ICU care due to covid-19 for the unvaccinated compared to the vaccinated. - But for the very oldest and most fragile, a mild infection can also lead to serious illness and death. - If more people get vaccinated, fewer measures are needed. But further measures are needed right now to reduce contacts within the adult population, so that the burden on health care does not become too high. The Swedish Public Health Agency will reconsider the measures within 14 days, but estimates that they need to remain for at least four weeks from now.
  4. Plus this. It gets even worse Taverns and restaurants with a serving permit must close no later than 23.00 . A limit of a maximum of 8 people per party is introduced.
  5. Several leading state politicians in Austria are demanding that the planned vaccine obligation in the country be postponed to the future. The leader of Burgenland, the Social Democrat Hans Peter Doskozil, has previously called on the government in Vienna to step on the brakes. He is now joined by his party colleague David Egger, who is chairman of the party's branch in Salzburg and a member of the Federal Council. Egger believes that the government's handling of the vaccine obligation is catastrophic, and now wants to postpone the introduction - currently planned for February - until a number of question marks have been straightened out. Vaccination is also discussed in neighboring Germany. Olaf Scholz's government has said it wants one in place in March, but in both his own party, the Social Democrats and the Greens, voices are being raised that the issue is ethically complicated and must be properly investigated instead of being pushed through in a speedy procedure.
  6. More restrictions introduced in Sweden. Just hope this doesn't effect the planned Ice Speedway world champonship qualifier this weekend. The boat show is canceled, Göteborgs Posten reports . The event was to be held at the Swedish Exhibition Center in Gothenburg in February. But the pandemic and the government's announcement that a maximum ceiling for public gatherings and public events will be reinstated now puts an end to the fair. The fair was also canceled last year due to the pandemic. The infection situation has worsened in Sweden. Therefore, Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson (S) announces at a press conference that new restrictions will take effect from 12 January. The new restrictions state that events without a requirement for a vaccination certificate may now not exceed 50 people. For public gatherings and public events, a participation ceiling of 500 people is introduced.
  7. Looking for something else, i stumbled across this sad news Looking for a new speedway site At the turn of the year they brought an application into the process, which aims to dissolve the Motodrom that exists there in the middle of the forest. The MC Post Leipzig e. V. at home and has a lease until 2028. The Greens have nothing against the motorsport club and its work.But from their point of view, the motorsport facility has no place in the middle of a sensitive forest. “At Cottaweg there is an urban plot of land that has been leased as a motorsport and speedway area since 1975 to the present day - currently to MC Post Leipzig e. V. The club's grounds are in the middle of the Leipziger forest conservation area and are located at one of the most critical points of the Leipzig forest, on the border between the northern and southern forest, "they explain their request in the application to start talks with the MC Post in 2022 and after to look for new club premises so that the area on Cottaweg can become part of the floodplain development concept “According to the decisions of the INSEK, a strengthening of the green corridor along the Cottaweg is planned by the city administration from 2022 onwards. The MC Post Leipzig e. V. has no development opportunities at this sensitive point as an association, as extensions are not permitted in the landscape protection area under building law. " The work of the MC Post Leipzig e.V. with its approx. 60 members is fully appreciated by the proposal of the Greens. But there are no opportunities to grow on Cottaweg. “However, the infrastructure on the site is badly ailing and can no longer be maintained by the association, let alone extensively renewed. Urgently needed pits area and garage systems can no longer be installed. The further development of the sports offers in the direction of ice speedway and trial, which the association is striving for, is hardly feasible. The necessary fitness training and the compulsory fitness tests have to be completed for a long time in sports halls rented for this purpose, ”is how the application goes into more detail about the club and its problems. “In order to give the association a development perspective on the one hand and to strengthen the floodplain system on the other hand, the city must immediately start working on solutions together with the association. For example, the city of Neubrandenburg has recently embarked on the path of building a new speedway facility. " https://www.l-iz.de/politik/brennpunkt/2021/12/2022-was-kommt-ein-kraeftemessen-um-speedway-anlage-und-schiesskeller-im-auwald-427229
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    'the Donald' Trump

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    Polish and other Speedway videos 2021

    Argentina 03.01.2022. Final Semi's
  10. iris123

    Bremen Hansastadion

    Link to info on the Golden Key - Master of Speedway https://speedwaychampions.yolasite.com/key-bar-hammer-gala.php
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    Ivan Mauger Farewell Series 85

    Some pics of the Neuenknick meeting 07.04.1985 https://www.speedway-yesterday.de/html/body_neuenknick-85.html#Neuenknick1985
  12. iris123

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Hasn't national security been placed in foreign hands for centuries, with all the foreign troops helping out every time a war breaks out ? Don't tell DC2 and phloppy though I hear Admiral Farage is getting a flottila together
  13. iris123

    A voice of reason?

    Oh yes, major problem due to Solar power, not Due to a power failure on Sunday in Berlin, the Vattenfall thermal power station in Klingenberg in the Rummelsburg district failed. As the "Tagesspiegel" reports, at times 90,000 Berlin households were without hot water and heating. 180,000 people are therefore roughly affected. At first there was talk of 370,000 households. The reason for the power failure was a defect in a substation. https://www.focus.de/panorama/heizkraftwerk-ausgefallen-90-000-haushalte-waren-ohne-heizung-und-warmes-wasser-nun-meldet-berlin-entwarnung_id_36711712.html
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    European Union - In Or Out?

    Asda go back on promise to only stock British beef, as it is so expensive......... and so ending DC2's plan of going self sufficient. Guess Brextreemists will now be boycotting Asda https://www.theguardian.com/business/2022/jan/07/asda-ditches-pledge-to-sell-only-british-beef-over-higher-prices
  15. You are being triggered by idiot groups again. They are laughing at you, and so are we An article from 2019 Like millions of people in the United States last year, Stanley Plotkin and his wife got vaccinated against influenza at the start of the Northern Hemisphere's flu season, in early October. Plotkin, a physician and emeritus professor at the University of Pennsylvania, knew well the value of the shot: He is one of the world's most renowned vaccinologists, having had a hand in several vaccines on the market, including the one for rubella. He's even the co-author of the standard medical textbook, Vaccines. In January, just 3 months later, the couple got a second flu shot. That was an unusual choice, one not recommended by the U.S. Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP),which guides the country's vaccine usage. But a growing body of evidence that the protective immune responses triggered by flu vaccines wane in a matter of weeks persuaded Plotkin to return to the clinic. "The time and cost was trivial compared to the importance of influenza at my age," says Plotkin, 86. "With flu, we're not talking about getting a case of the sniffles." It's not just flu. Recent studies show vaccines for mumps, pertussis, meningococcal disease, and yellow fever also lose their effectiveness faster than official immunization recommendations suggest. Vaccines have been a crucial public health tool for decades, so it may seem strange that their durability isn't well understood. But vaccines are approved and come to market years before it's clear how long protection lasts. Later, fading protection can go unnoticed because a vaccine in wide use has largely eliminated transmission of the microbes it protects against, making "breakthrough" infections rare. Even if viruses or bacteria are still in circulation, people vaccinated against them will sometimes receive natural boosting of their immunity. And declining vaccine immunity is not an all-or-nothing phenomenon: A breakthrough infection often leads to much less severe symptoms of the disease. Researchers are ramping up efforts to figure out why some vaccines protect for mere weeks but others work for life. "We simply don't know what the rules are to inducing long-lasting immunity," says Plotkin, who began to research vaccines in 1957. "For years, we were making vaccines without a really deep knowledge of immunology. Everything of course depends on immunologic memory, and we have not systematically measured it." https://www.science.org/content/article/how-long-do-vaccines-last-surprising-answers-may-help-protect-people-longer
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    Joe Biden

    50% more likely to die of Covid in a red State seems to tell the story of the pandemic in the States. DeSantis goes missing while his State suffers due to his Covid policies, tells us he cares as much as Cruz going to Mexico whilst his State freezes due to a scandalous energy policy
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    2022 FIM Long Track

    Yes, but looks like a fence is still there for the speedway track at least
  18. iris123

    Ice Speedway 2022

    Fingers crossed of course, for some real ice speedway in western Europe. But you have to be doubtful that the Austrian government will allow anything, added to the weather problems. Although it is in the minus in the night, for the next week or so it is up to 8 + during the day The hope i Omicron means it will all calm down. There is even a discussion now that the Vaccine mandate planned for February won't happen, with the new PM and situation At the moment airplanes from the UK and the Netherlands aren't even allowed to land it seems Einstufung von vier zusätzlichen Ländern als Virusvariantengebiete (Anlage 1 der Einreiseverordnung): Dänemark, Niederlande, Norwegen und Vereinigtes Königreich. Für Flüge aus diesen Ländern besteht kein Landeverbot! And of course at the moment anyway, Football is being played without crowds, and the measures are fairly tough, which would probably mean in the near future it would be hard to plan Outdoor ohne zugewiesene Sitzplätze: Zutritt nur mit 2-G FFP2-Maskenpflicht Höchstgrenze: max. 25 Personen Outdoor mit zugewiesenen Sitzplätzen: Zutritt nur mit 2-G FFP2-Maskenpflicht Höchstgrenze: max. 500 Personen nur mit 2-G max. 1000 Personen bei 2-G+ max. 2000 Personen bei Booster + PCR
  19. Well we need an expert on the ground to answer this one According to UAE experts it isn't. There is a difference, although the symptoms are the same Covid in the UAE: Doctors urge those with high fever to get tested for 'flurona' Doctors in the UAE are urging people to get themselves tested for both influenza and Covid-19 if they have a fever above 39°Celsius, experience chills, sore throat, runny nose, or nasal congestion with severe body pain, as such patients may have 'flurona'. Dr Gunjan Mahajan, a specialist clinical pathologist at Medeor Hospital, Dubai said, "Cases are being reported around the globe, and they are likely to grow due to the cases of the highly contagious omicron variant of the coronavirus surge this winter across the world. While the word is relatively new and rising in popularity, cases of flu and coronavirus co-infections are not." Doctors explain Flurona can blunt antibody responses, and it may take longer to clear the viruses when someone is infected with both influenza virus and SARS-CoV-2 at the same time. It is also likely that these co-infected people might not develop long-lasting immunity to be protective during future exposure. Mahajan adds, "Both infections can be fatal, although the severity of each diagnosis depends largely on an individual's immune system. In a hospital setting, testing 'for not just Covid but for the whole respiratory panel' might increase, which could lead to confirmation of flurona cases. However, the testing for such cases is only done when a patient is sick enough to need medical care." Experts also opine that one of the differences between the two is that people infected with Covid-19 sometimes take longer to display the symptoms. Dr Syed Nadir, Medical Director and Head of Medical Department at Adam Vital Hospital says, "Initially wearing of masks helped to prevent the spread of influenza (flu virus), but as things started opening up and the trend of mask-wearing decreased flu virus cases also increased. Unfortunately, both the viruses have the same symptoms as fever, cough, runny nose, sneezing. The only difference is that persons who are infected with Covid-19 take longer to experience the symptoms as compared to flu virus." https://www.khaleejtimes.com/coronavirus/covid-in-the-uae-doctors-urge-those-with-high-fever-to-get-tested-for-flurona
  20. iris123

    2022 FIM Long Track

    Don't suppose we will ever see these days again.....Egon Müller taking all the trophies home
  21. iris123

    2022 FIM Long Track

    Good news for North German long track fans, is the return of Jübek Billed as the fastest Long track in the world, disappered from the calendar some years ago after a short attempt by a Danish group to run meetings there. Seems the guy who was boss at local speedway track Nordhastedt has got a group together to start the track up again. He is involved in Flat Track and it looks like that will also be on the calendar. Did see some video on Facebook that they have already done some training. One of the tracks i wanted to get to, but never did. Maybe a chance in the future.....also a couple of months back went through to town of Hechthausen, which was another that i always wanted to get to, but never did https://www.bahnsport-info.de/2021/12/08/msg-juebek-ein-anfang-ist-gemacht/
  22. We remember the story of Florida, who relaxed measures and got hit badly during the summer ? Well it seems while their Govenor went missing they have taken another hit Florida reported its biggest spike in coronavirus infections this week as a wave of sick people crowd hospitals. The state added 396,562 people to its COVID-19 caseload in the past seven days, the Department of Health said Friday in its weekly report. That's exponentially higher than just four weeks ago, when just under 13,000 new infections had been reported. As the highly infectious omicron variant of the coronavirus engulfs Florida, 31% of COVID-19 tests in the past week have come back positive, the highest level the state has ever recorded. Meanwhile, a wave of sickened people are flooding hospitals across Florida. Medical staff tended to at least 8,671 COVID-19 patients as of Friday, data collected by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services show. That's almost eight times as many as four weeks ago. And at least 1,041 adults are in intensive care units, a nearly 400% increase in the past four weeks. But most COVID-19 patients are unvaccinated. About 70% of patients in Miami-Dade County hospitals lack inoculation, according to data the county collects from hospitals. Some hospitals across the state, already short-staffed, have become so overwhelmed they've canceled scheduled elective surgeries Florida will receive 15,000 doses of the Regeneron monoclonal antibody treatment from the federal government, DeSantis said Friday in a statement. The state originally requested 30,000 doses of the drug, which lab tests indicate is ineffective against omicron. The treatment has been proven to fight the delta mutation. And DeSantis said on Monday that "most of the people who get really ill" from COVID-19 in Florida are infected with the mutation that ravaged the state this past summer. But the state Health Department and the state Agency for Health Care Administration, which oversees hospitals, have yet to produce evidence supporting the governor's claim. At most, an estimated 5.7% of coronavirus tests from Florida and other Southern states have come back positive for delta, according to the latest data collected by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Between 94.2% and 99% confirmed omicron's presence. https://eu.palmbeachpost.com/story/news/2022/01/08/new-covid-cases-florida-more-than-400-000-reported-just-one-week/9122793002/

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