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  1. Wittstock Steven Mauer, Lukas Fienhage, Dominik Möser, Sandro Wassermann, Mirko Wolter, Ben Ernst, Lukas Baumann, Celina Liebmann Team CZ Eda Krcmar, Josef Franc, Ondrej Smetana, Zdenek Holub, Martin Gavenda, Martin Malek, Jarda Petrak
  2. iris123

    Zlata Prilba 2020

    Yes. Bit premature I guess, considering. Same as other places have opened up and now having to do a U-turn...
  3. Wittstock's first home meeting in the league on 07.08 v Rzeszow
  4. iris123

    Danish League 2020

    Trouble with social distancing at the game... https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/53257858
  5. Dates are out . Vojens going under the SES name https://metalspeedwayleague.dk/loebskalender/
  6. iris123

    Zlata Prilba 2020

    I wouldn't bank on it. Currently having a second wave and with tourists etc there could be a big increase and another lockdown, as we are seeing in other countries https://www.euronews.com/2020/06/27/czech-republic-reports-highest-daily-increase-in-covid-19-cases-in-over-two-months
  7. Ward and Holder come to mind on tv pointing at it etc
  8. The gismo might have been subsequently banned, but unlike other riders with dodgy bikes, nothing happened to Smoli, which I would say is important in the level playing field thingmy
  9. Thing is though for foreigners you aren’t allowed into the country unless you can prove you have booked into a hotel etc for 6 nights, which might be difficult for the rest of the riders and officials ? You can always do what it seems a lot are doing. Show your booking at the border and once in the country cancel !! But as so many have done that already they are trying to stop it. Plus there is still the crowd problem....
  10. The thing is, when it was a level playing field, down in NZ, Smoli actually won a GP !!!
  11. I think the first sentence contradicts the second somewhat. If one rider is at a disadvantage then how can it be a level playing field.........
  12. Anything is more exciting when it is ‘your’ team. You can just pick a team and make it yours, but if you have no real affinity with a polish or Swedish or Czech team then it is really often boring. And tbh I have seen my own team in a boring meeting or two where the track announcer was getting all worked up because the score was close. That is his job, but the meeting was still boring.....
  13. Have heard similar. One or two things come to mind, is does the sport want to find the 'tricks'. And do other riders want to report their fellow riders ? I can't say about the first, but it does seem the latter that riders are all too willing to share their doubts, but very few want to put their money where their mouth is and go official with it. Much like in any job, nobody wants to run the risk...
  14. iris123

    SEC 2020

    Be a bit rusty won’t he ? But it is his chance
  15. iris123

    Polish Speedway on TV

    I am mostly of the same opinion. But others have a different one, as in most topics . You’ll only upset the others it seems. But both sides must accept the opposite opinion. There are some great races and good meetings in Poland, but I don’t have the patience mostly to trawl through a meeting I have no connection or strong feeling to, in the hope of seeing one
  16. iris123

    SEC 2020

    Timo Lahti in for Lebedevs
  17. Wittstock got another pre-season date 25.07 v Team CZ
  18. iris123

    Danish League 2020

    Yes I saw Hans Nielsen said that a few days ago on FB. Not sure if he was just happy for his local club or he will be involved
  19. Line up for the Wittstock v Rest of Germany warm up meeting Wittstock Steven Mauer, Lukas Fienhage, Dominik Möser, Mirko Wolter, Ben Ernst, Lukas Baumann, Celina Liebmann Rest of Germany Max Dilger, Michael Härtel, Max Pott, Hannes Gast, Mads Hansen !!!, Lukas Wegner, Erik Bachhuber
  20. iris123

    World U21 championships 2020

    Should have looked at your U21 rating to get a better idea. But as long as Castagna has a hole in his rear there was going to be an Italian in
  21. iris123

    Danish League 2020

    See SønderjyskE the team from Haderslev are playing against Esbjerg next week in a cup final in front of 1,500 fans, so no real reason it would appear, why speedway can't start. That would be a decent crowd for a lot of meetings/clubs. But see some are complaining about the tourists must have 6 nights booked in Denmark to enter. People are getting around it by entering the country and then cancelling their hotel etc. The main thing is they have the paperwork on entering !!!
  22. Short tv report on Wittstock and the hopes for a new venture. @19:55 https://www.rbb-online.de/fernsehen/programm/
  23. iris123

    Polish Speedway on TV

    Work with 3 polish guys and one was back a couple of weeks ago. Not sure which town or city, but he said walking round shopping and one person had a mask on and 20 didn't....despite it being compulsory !!
  24. iris123

    Danish League 2020

    Still not heard anything. Gone past their hoped for start of early June and a June start looks unlikely now at all Did See though that the junior league or at least meetings had started this weekend
  25. iris123

    Reading Speedway - Smallmead.

    The place was pretty poor even in the 80s from memory. Unfortunately I esnted to visit in the 2000s v Peterborough from memory but the meeting was called off

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