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    Once a Jolly Swagman

    Of course they were welcomed back as heroes. At least in their communities. Don’t forget there were many ‘hard-left’ communities at the time and many people and of course unions donated funds to the cause. But did you really need to be ‘hard-left’ to be anti- fascist? But in Glasgow I met a couple of ex International Brigade heroes who were still in the 1980s revered One such story and it mentions the heroes welcome home https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailypost.co.uk/news/north-wales-news/north-wales-heroes-spanish-civil-15488892.amp And Of course there was a real speedway link with the IB https://spartacus-educational.com/SPbeckett.htm
  2. iris123

    Most friendly, approachable, modest riders

    There was also Trevor Vincent / Trevor Charley who used the first name when he was under age ,I think
  3. iris123

    Danish league 2019

    Be interesting next season how Vojens go. Very poorly supported last time they were in the league. Bring the fixture list back up to double what it is this year
  4. iris123

    Danish league 2019

  5. iris123

    Most friendly, approachable, modest riders

    Well there was Bill Barrett who rode under that name for Oxford and Arena in the 80s then turned up a couple of years back on ice speedway as Andrew Barrett!!
  6. iris123

    Danish league 2019

    Watched a couple of heats from the Holsted v Slangerup meeting and Nicki was miles in front of Zmarzlik, who was even beaten by Bach if I saw that correct!!!
  7. iris123

    Most friendly, approachable, modest riders

    Have to agree with Steve in that it would be easier to name the not so friendly riders. But we don’t want to start any negativity and quite frankly I can’t think of any The one who sticks in my mind and I have mentioned it a couple of times was Bob Paulson, who was both friendly and mental in a crazy way. Out of the blue whilst waiting in the pits with a friend started calling me the wizard. I wasn’t quite sure what was going on, but he signed my book to ‘the wizard’ and I still have that somewhere around !!
  8. These line-ups really are underwhelming !!!
  9. iris123

    Wembley Memories

    I think so, in the same way Colin Goody is the same rider as Colin Gooddy or Mike Broadbank and Mike Broadbanks are the same rider
  10. iris123

    Wembley Memories

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Farndon Maybe he posted it here because the highlight of Farndons short career was winning the Star Trophy At Wembley in 1933...,,
  11. iris123

    2019 SoN Draw

    Teams announced for the Landshut meeting on the Landshut fb page. Germany with Huckenbeck, Smoli and Härtel as U21 rider Poland with Jankowski, Zmarzlik and Smektala (U21) Sweden with Lindgren, Ljung and Hjelmland (U21)
  12. Exactly. Surely at the start of the season the level of shale should be checked to see if new stuff is needed? I actually mean before the season starts rather than after some practice sessions and a couple of meetings!! And surely every track has a ton of shale or so in stock
  13. Have the tables turned now ? Years ago the Polish clubs had the upper hand and could dictate to the riders. The only one I know who was having none of it was Hauzinger, who would race in the Danish 1 division instead of turning up for practice. He told me they wouldn't stop him earning money on a Saturday, although quite what he could earn on a Saturday in Denmark couldn't have been too much !! But he was hardly a start anywhere apart from in Austria Now it seems there is a complete lack of riders available for all the clubs. They are signing up foreign riders of fairly average quality and so a decent rider knows he has an advantage and will be valuable on the market. Some like Cook(at home) and maybe now Bewley are trying to take advantage?
  14. His average was lower than both though. Or are you saying just at Arlington he was better or more exciting or something?
  15. http://www.outrup-speedway.dk/#toggle-id-2-closed Big news is Nicki has decided not to enter. But great line up. Was thinking of going to Güstrow for the Easter Cup, but the Outrup line- up will be far better, so possible change of mind
  16. iris123

    Danish GP/Euro quali, Outrup

    Thomsen,Andersen,Bjarne, Bech, Jakobsen Kildwmand and Liglad are nominated. No idea who rides where
  17. After yesterday’s Danish quali the following are in the GP qualis A. Thomsen H.Andersen K.Bjerre M. Bech M. Michelsen N.K. Iversen wildcard guess Bjarne and Frederik Jakobsen didn’t want to enter, as they finished higher than some. They have been nominated for the Euro Championship though Missed the fact that Puk got a wildcard,so Jakobsen maybe had no choice
  18. What is more amazing is those old riders done it all and still had time to down 7 pints of ale before,during or after every meeting. Not like the lilly livered health freaks of today
  19. iris123

    Danish GP/Euro quali, Outrup

    No but didn’t look further than the Outrup site. Thought it usually goes on placings in last years Danish Final plus.... so for me, likely to be much better than Robert Lambert plus the usual line up at Güstrow, although Riss and Lakhbaum would be good to see Found this, but obviously including Nicki so a bit out of date http://www.speedway-forum.de/index.php?thread/15525-dsl-labberfred-2019/&pageNo=17
  20. The discussion has been done to death, but as you say there are national qualification meetings. Denmark host their meeting in a few days at Outrup. Just the British have done away with them. It was their decision, not the FIM and it is a decision probably more to do with hardly anyone wanting to host a Conference Standard quali and all the other meetings on the way....they just lost money the same as test meetings. If promoters thought there was a demand they would host such meetings I would guess And big news is that Nicki P has decided not to enter the Danish quali for the GP’s
  21. Not only that, but he finished 8th in the world final. If he finished 8th in a GP series he would automatically be in the next season. All this talk of Jack Young is bunkum!!!
  22. I don't understand your reasoning. Under todays system Jack Young might well have been nominated if he done well in the Aussie Championships or whatever the Australian federation consider for the qualifiers.It has nothing to do with which league he rides in I do agree a rider who has a great season would have to wait for the next year if he wasn't already in. But I don't think the strength of the old was that any rider, no matter what level had a chance to enter
  23. Yes there is a long list of riders who made it onto the rostrum,sometimes a couple of times,but never made that final step to world champ
  24. Not a suggestion of something illegal, surely ? I personally wouldn’t put too much importance in Tai passing Nicki
  25. iris123

    Polish and other match video`s 2019

    I understand that. Even riders like Kevin Wölbert have gone through the Polish junior meetings and eventually it is certain 1 or 2 will make the grade The trouble is, in the meantime fans get short changed because even in one heat there is big gap in ability. And no less important is the danger to other riders. I can understand it in Germany, it is a bit of a shock to see this in Poland

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