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  1. szkocjasid

    Belle Vue 2019

    Yeah, i''ll say 8.1!
  2. szkocjasid

    Kings Lynn 2019

    King's Lynn 42.49 R Lambert 9.08 R Tungate 7.61 N K Iversen 7.36 E Riss 6.08 L Kerr 5.36 K Andersen 4.00 S Lambert 3.00
  3. szkocjasid

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Gotta say, I feel Peterborough look one of the strongest teams so far! 3 decent heat leaders & both reserves will be potent (whichever 2 they are)!
  4. szkocjasid

    Belle Vue 2019

    How about this team? Belle Vue 42.30 M Fricke 8.20 D Bewley 7.13 K Bjerre 7.02 S Worrall 6.16 R Worrall 5.46 J Etheridge 4.33 D Berge 4.00
  5. szkocjasid

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    How about this team? Peterborough 42.46 C Harris 7.59 H Andersen 7.56 C Cook 7.54 S Nicholls 6.64 M P Toft 5.38 U Ostergaard 4.75 S Lambert 3.00
  6. Chris Harris winning the Final at Cardiff springs to mind!
  7. szkocjasid

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    While I don't agree with play-offs for the title & most of what's said should be true, pretty much everything Dale Allit said in the Speedway Star is false! Consistency won't win you the league - 2 matches will!King's Lynn have not won the league, so it's not a fact!
  8. szkocjasid

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Using this years rules: Josh Auty 8.36 Steve Worrall 8.17 Jason Garrity 7.58 Jake Allen 7.37 Stefan Nielsen 5.66 Josh Bailey 2.71 Alfie Bowtell 2.41 Total 42.26
  9. szkocjasid

    Ipswich 2019

    Using this years rules: Danny King 8.90 Ricky Wells 8.40 Scott Nicholls 8.35 Nico Covatti 6.56 Coty Garcia 4.47 Danyon Hume 3.79 Drew Kemp 2.00 Total 42.47
  10. szkocjasid

    Ipswich 2019

    Garcia's averaged has finished on 4.47, seems good value on that!
  11. szkocjasid

    Birmingham 2018

    If a meaningless match is one that's considered to have no bearing on the league title, Buxton wouldn't race a match all year! Oh wait, their opponents would want to race! But seriously before play-offs teams raced to complete their fixtures even when they could no longer finish top, why should it be any different now!
  12. szkocjasid

    Thoughts on 2018 Season

    My problem with a low points limit, which I consider 39 to be low, is that it means riders like Alfie Bowtell don't get a team spot (thankfully he got one mid season) but riders like Arran Butcher, Lewis Whitmore, Kieran Douglas, Jacob Clouting etc (sub 2.00 riders) get team places. Nothing against these guys personally, but just because your're young and on a 3.00 ave doesn't mean you have a future! A low points limit could mean improving riders (but not superstars) like Anders Rowe or Henry Atkins getting dropoped for the next batch of 3.00 riders!
  13. I would say top 8 get seeded to next years GP!
  14. Not saying Bickley should be getting grief, just pointing out the difference between Workington's & Scunthorpe's actions!
  15. I would say Phillips scoring is on a par with Bickley, but haven't seen him getting much grief from Workington fans!

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