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  1. Even with a fit Masters, Monarchs may not have got a point!
  2. szkocjasid

    Kings Lynn 2022

    Think you're being overly hard on Jorgensen, he's averaging 5.78 (6.52) this year, which is the highest 2022 ave for any current reserve!
  3. Mildenhall certainly need the 4 points to stay in play-off contention in my view. Hard to see them failing to get that!
  4. 27th Aug is the next available Saturday date for the re-staging
  5. All Monarchs need to do is win 49-41 & I can't see them failing that. Just need 13 3-3s along with 5-1s from Masters & Pickering in heats 13/15!
  6. Not when you consider Poole are doing better than Edinburgh, who have a strong top 2 & used 8 points for their reserves positions compared to the 5.5 points Poole used up. Oxford worse off with similar team planning, Nicholls & Batchelor looked a strong top 2 (before going downhill) & they also used up 8 points for the reserve positions!
  7. Not sure the point you're making, if you sign 3 top riders you're bound to need a 2.00 rider at the bottom. Conversely if you have a non-scoring 2.00 rider in your team, you need a strong top end to cover him!
  8. szkocjasid

    Edinburgh 2022

    I would've made the track 1m bigger than Glasgow, just so they could say "we're bigger than Glasgow" lol! If worse comes to worse & track & stadium won't be ready for Apr 2023, they could always enter into the NL only, with only 8 home meetings needed (approx) could start the season in June / July?
  9. szkocjasid

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2022

    My question is still they same, why not race the KOC tie then?
  10. szkocjasid

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2022

    Fri July 8th has been listed as Scunthorpe vs TBC for a while now. Why not race the KOC leg 2 vs Leicester on that date?
  11. szkocjasid

    Plymouth Gladiators 2022

    Surely the season won't go to the end of October, but with Speedway you can never be sure!
  12. szkocjasid

    Peterborough Panthers 2022

    I didn't see the match, but Worrall only lost to Wolves top 5 (who all have higher aves than him) & beat their reserves, plus beat Douglas once. So he's done what's expected of a 5.5 rider!
  13. szkocjasid

    Plymouth Gladiators 2022

    Actually they can do that this season (not saying I agree with it) as so many clubs have gaps in the fixture list & plenty of spare dates available (although less for clubs with NL teams).
  14. szkocjasid

    Leicester Lions 2022 Line up

    That makes no sense, the outgoing riders average doesn't matter if making multiple changes to fit under 42.00
  15. szkocjasid

    Redcar 2022

    Shanes replaced the injured Kinsley. Berwick could be miffed at having to drop Flint, only for rule to change after one season! Could've cost them the league title last year.

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