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  1. NL Fantasy team (for fun)

    Ben Morley Isle of Wight 9.49 Danyon Hume Birmingham 7.33 Kyle Bickley Belle Vue 6.67 Danny Phillips Coventry 6.25 Drew Kemp Mildenhall 3.00 Matt Marson Mildenhall 3.00 Jason Edwards Eastbourne 3.00 Total Average 38.74
  2. Buxton

    Unfortunately looks like the wooden spoon for Buxton this year!
  3. Newcastle 2018

    Looking at the Newcastle team, I don't think it's as bad as some are making out! Will always have 2 good reserves at least!
  4. Kent 2018

    Looking at Kent's team, obviously they look strong at heat leader level, but feel they have a long tail, which could cost them!
  5. Buxton

    I wonder who Buxton will sign for their 7th rider!
  6. Leicester Lions 2018

    where are these averages listed?
  7. Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    I wouldn't say Garrity had a bad season last year at all. He missed out on some big home scores due to not riding at Sheffield but wasn't any weaker away!
  8. Belle Vue Colts 2018

    Gotta say, can see Belle Vue in a fight to avoid the wooden spoon this year!
  9. Sheffield 2018

    Lewis Rose would be my pick (if needed) as a temporary replacement for Josh Bates!
  10. Redcar 2018

    If Jordan Stewart doen's make it over in time I'd use Bradley Wilson-Dean as a temporary replacement!
  11. Leicester Lions 2018

    Lasse Bjerre or Aaron Summers would be my picks as a temporary replacement for Josh Bates!
  12. Kent 2018

    100% agree with your comment about the points limit!
  13. Buxton

    Has Martin Knuckey retired? He would fit (6.07)!
  14. Belle Vue Colts 2018

    Gotta say, I think the signing of Perry strengthens the Colts at the top of the team!
  15. Newcastle 2018

    What are the chances of: Rohan Tungate? Patrick Hougaard? Justin Sedgmen? Kai Huckenbeck? Tomas H Jonasson?