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  1. szkocjasid

    2022 championship predictions

    Because they only have 6 riders (so far)
  2. szkocjasid

    2022 championship predictions

    Poole Glasgow Leicester Edinburgh Oxford Redcar Newcastle Plymouth Scunthorpe Berwick Birmingham
  3. szkocjasid

    Armadale Devils 2022

    Possibly none, but he wouldn't sign for Lynn if he was planning to drop Speedway for Grasstrack
  4. szkocjasid

    Armadale Devils 2022

    Unlikely as he's signed as the King's Lynn number 8.
  5. szkocjasid

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    Don't agree with any suggestions of signing riders like Ruml, Manzares or any 4.00 foreigners. Birmingham starting with Morris & Nielsen at reserve would be the strong point of the team, adding a 4.00 rider just moves one of them up into the top 5.
  6. szkocjasid

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    I agree Birmingham "need another big hitter" but it doesn't mean there are any available who want to come & race for them
  7. szkocjasid

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    With riders like Wright, Hume & Etheridge at reserve, Brummies won't even have the strongest reserve in the league!
  8. szkocjasid

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    I can't see them finding a rider on a higher ave than Auty. Gotta agree with Jimsboy here
  9. szkocjasid

    2022 championship predictions

    Not away from home though!
  10. szkocjasid

    Kings Lynn 2022

    I don't understand the negativity from many regarding the King's Lynn team. Both Lawson & Pickering have shown they can score well in the Prem. Although in Pickering's case he'll have to do it from a harder position after racing at no 4 last year. Kildemand got his 7.1 ave in a far weaker league, so should be looking at 7.5 minimum. Jorgensen, Kerr & Worrall have all shown they can get a 5.5/6.0 ave as second strings, so whoever is at reserve should be the best reserve in the league in my opinion. While Thomas may not be the strongest RS in the league, he's not far behind & had his best season yet in 2021, so is clearly on the rise.
  11. szkocjasid

    2022 PREMIERSHIP Predict the finishing order

    My predictions based on confirmed signings: King's Lynn Sheffield Wolverhampton Peterborough Ipswich Belle Vue
  12. szkocjasid

    Wolverhampton 2022

    I can see Flint getting a 7+ ave in the Champ, but certainly not in the Prem. Maybe 4.00 ave is more realistic for Wolves.
  13. szkocjasid

    2022 championship predictions

    Based on confirmed signings, my current predictions: Glasgow Leicester Edinburgh Oxford Redcar Newcastle Plymouth Scunthorpe Berwick Poole Birmingham
  14. szkocjasid

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    This is the best "realistic" team I can come up with for the Brummies Birmingham 2022? Josh Auty 7.42 Josh Bates 5.90 Justin Sedgmen 5.55 Ty Proctor 5.42 James Shanes 4.88 Ashley Morris 4.68 Stefan Nielsen 4.52 Total 38.37
  15. szkocjasid

    2022 championship predictions

    The Cook's & Kemp could move up & down throughout the season!

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