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  1. I would say Phillips scoring is on a par with Bickley, but haven't seen him getting much grief from Workington fans!
  2. Nathan Stoneman, Tom Brennan or Mark Baseby would be best choices for me!
  3. Craig Cook actually qualified so he's clearly a "GP rider" Woffinden NEVER qualified, got 2 x wild cards, then has stayed in top 8 since!
  4. szkocjasid

    Does this league have a future ?

    I don't understand these other fixtures being called "meaningless" I'd want my team to win every competition they enter!
  5. szkocjasid

    Stoke v Kent

    I thougth in the NL these days you could get a facility (r/r) for absolutely any reason?
  6. szkocjasid

    Workington 2018 .

    how hard is it for Lakeside to either say yes or no? They are either available or not, don't understand how it was listed as provisional for so long?
  7. szkocjasid

    Edinburgh 2018

    I have no issues with foreigners riding in Britain, just want to see Brits get a team place first, seems daft to fly someone over from USA / Australia etc to fill a reserve position though!
  8. szkocjasid

    Edinburgh 2018

    That's what I meant, no-one could argue for Stewart! Disappointing to see the Brit with the biggest average increase last year without a team!
  9. szkocjasid

    Workington 2018 .

    Let's be honest 6 guys who can do a job & a youngster in to gain time!
  10. I don't think it's fair to blame Wednesday race nights fir fixture issues, Poole (Andersen) and Lynn (Iversen) have used Dane's on Wednesday's for years! How is it worse now?
  11. szkocjasid

    Edinburgh 2018

    I don't think anyone could argue that Jordan Stewart is a better option than Greaves or Perks though!
  12. Can't agree with this more, no reason to extend play-off dates!
  13. szkocjasid

    Premiership Most Improved Rider 2018

    Dan Bewley, Jack Holder, Troy Batchelor & Robert Lambert! If I have to pick one then Robert Lambert!
  14. szkocjasid

    Edinburgh 2018

    But there's plenty of Brits who have not had team places due to foreigners replacing them! Whether they'd travel to Scotland I can't answer!
  15. If that's true it's even worse than I imagined!

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