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  1. szkocjasid

    07/09/21 1830 Kent v Scunthorpe (Champ)

    The same rules don't apply to both teams when it comes to the scores though! Home teans can't get 4 match points away teams can etc. Do you agree with this scoring system?
  2. szkocjasid


    The GP just had a revamp with the points scoring, which I feel is the worst ever system!
  3. szkocjasid

    Kings Lynn 2022

    Does that mean Buster is staying?
  4. szkocjasid

    Playoff dates

    That makes perfect sense!
  5. szkocjasid

    07/09/21 1830 Kent v Scunthorpe (Champ)

    It would be more accurate to say it's like the losing team getting an extra substitute or playing 12 vs 11! An extra penalty would be like the tactical joker rule!
  6. szkocjasid

    07/09/21 1830 Kent v Scunthorpe (Champ)

    I didn't say he was disappointing or not racing to his potential, just that he was the weakest!
  7. szkocjasid

    Strongest second tier ever?

    Or Somerset's 2015 side: Josh Grajczonek, Richie Worrall, Charles Wright, Brady Kurtz, Rasmus Jensen, Paul Starke & Oliver Greenwood!
  8. szkocjasid

    07/09/21 1830 Kent v Scunthorpe (Champ)

    Palin must be Scunny's weakest away rider though!
  9. Don't know if there's any pressure on Peterborough! Gonna make the play-offs & 1st place is no great advantage as if you want to be the Champions need to beat any club over 2 legs!
  10. Any of Peterborough's top 6 should be a trump card at reserve!
  11. szkocjasid

    Strongest second tier ever?

    The Champ feels strong because clubs can have 3 x Prem heat leaders in their side! But with a stronger top division these riders wouldn't be Prem heat leaders & the Champ wouldn't look so strong!
  12. szkocjasid

    Scunny v Leicester 3.9.21

    With Simon Lambert at reserve Scorpions shouldn't be weakened!
  13. szkocjasid

    Scunny v Leicester 3.9.21

    Despite the much heralded signing of Ellis as a top Championship rider, he has been an 8.00 man at Champ level for a while & surprisingly not gotten much above that!
  14. szkocjasid


    The bad part of Speedway in my view! Seeing a clip of so much wasted time at the start puts me off going!
  15. szkocjasid

    Leicester v Glasgow 4th September

    Maybe because Worrall & Douglas is a tough pairing to use a TS against!

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