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  1. old bob at herne bay

    Race nights

    Historically Kent have used Bank Holiday Monday afternoons in the NL
  2. old bob at herne bay

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Might be tempted to have a punt at seeing CL speedway at Central Park in 2020 ....with the more experienced and capable riders there is a chance that 15 heats will be completed within 2hours which now seems to be the accepted avarage time for a meeting. My concern is that with better riders the slick surface will produce FTG in every heat.( Just like Arlington) Scant details on admission prices ,race night , start time and whether any Kent NL team is allowed to run on alternate race nights?
  3. old bob at herne bay

    Eastbourne 2020

    Not sure Mr. Cook got his promoters "licence" returned - dating back from the closure of Lakeside.
  4. old bob at herne bay

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Alf Bowtell has been giving 100% for a couple of seasons now, and really hasn’t improved . Never mastered the tight Arlington track, and don’t see him making any impression at Central Park at Championship level.
  5. old bob at herne bay

    Eastbourne 2020

    thought he rode for the Kent Kings ?
  6. The answer to your question is simply not enough people go to watch speedway in the UK . However you dress it up that is the answer. All the various attempts at tinkering with the rules to cut costs, putting the sport on TV, developing young British riders, have failed to increase attendances. With current attendance levels I am surprised that professional speedway can be sustained in the UK.
  7. old bob at herne bay

    Poole 2020

    Anyone care to estimate the sale price of Poole Speedway ? I struggle to understand what I would be getting for my money ?
  8. old bob at herne bay

    2020 NL Season

    Surely riders wages are the only variable cost between PL and CL - all the other costs are fixed whatever league you race in ? As for the costs of Kent moving from the NL to the PL, Len will need also 7 riders, or maybe 6 if Drew Kemp rides at number 7.
  9. old bob at herne bay

    Berwick, Sheffield and Kent.

    Red Flag ... the world ends for me once I cross the river ... the Thames that is
  10. old bob at herne bay

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Si think the key point is REGULAR fixtures.
  11. old bob at herne bay

    Poole 2020

    "I would say that the change of race night was a huge reason....... " Spot on Gavan. Same thing happened to Rye House. Think I said this about 30 posts earlier. Matt Ford lost interest before the end of last season (2018), club was up for sale , no one wanted in then , handed it over to his son to run. He just took fixed race nights on the chin.... probably knew his crowd would drop. MAybe all the Poole riders who dont fit in the CL will go to Kent "on loan" to Len
  12. old bob at herne bay

    Berwick, Sheffield and Kent.

    Kent running in the "Premier" ! Very surprised that Len has gone in that direction. With the reported additioanl costs of running a PL team stated by Matt Ford compared to even those in the Championship, the Kent Kings Promotion must have some gold plated sponsorship lined up. Mondays at 6.30pm start time will not see many ex Lakeside supporters make the trek from Essex though the "Dartford Crossing" and down the M" in the rush hour to make a 6.30pm start. How many working people from outside of the immediate Sittingbourne can get to the track by 6.30 ? They have good support in the National League and a fine stadium for the spectators ... but I just dont see the crowd growing with the current restrictions on start time. Nearest local derbies Ipswich or Peterborough (100 miles away) so few away supporters are going to make the trek other than on Bank Holidy Mondays , so reliant on "home " support. Berwick HO HO ... maybe they will be sponsored by an airline to fly all the riders and spectators to the track. Sheffield sounds sensible ... they have long aspired to join the PL and thier Thursday night racing fits with the curent fixed race nights.
  13. old bob at herne bay

    Play-off final

    Its been absolutely pouring down here in Herne Bay (20 miles from Sittingbourne) since 4 am this morning and its still pouring down at 9.20am. IF Sitingbourne has had half the amount of rain we have had here I will be amazed if tonights meeting goes ahead.
  14. old bob at herne bay

    Poole 2020

    If MF is doing this as some sort of stunt as others have suggested, hardly likely to help him sell the club ! Surely it's CL or bust for Poole in 2020....no businessman is going to carry on taking the alleged losses without making major changes.
  15. old bob at herne bay

    Poole 2020

    Speedway supporters are creatures of habit. Poole are a Wednesday speedway track. Ipswich Thursday, Wolves Monday, Swindon Thursday. Don't see the problem with supporters grumbling about moving into the CL .... most of the riders are in both leagues anyhow..... seem to remember Pool in the 2nd division with Steve Schofield being a pretty decent side back in the 80's with good support.

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