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  1. old bob at herne bay

    Extraleague/Nice Polska/Div 2 2020 confirmed signings and news

    WIll the Ekstraliga matches be available to view on any UK TV channels ? Either live or recorded highlights ?
  2. old bob at herne bay

    SGB 2021 confirmed signings

    Thanks Mike BV for your opinion. Yes I agree Running behind closed doors has a CHANCE of safely proceeding .... You mentioned F1 ......with its HUGE travelling entourage which has to somehow reach the worldwide venues. Still they have deep pockets and I am sure money will buy a lot of “safety systems. “ Not so for British Speedway which really ought to stop wasting effort on a dream of operating in 2020.
  3. old bob at herne bay

    SGB 2021 confirmed signings

    Thanks for replies ..... Oh dear, still some clinging to a dream of racing in 2020. Stuff the format of the league that’s not the issue. This virus isn’t just going to disappear overnight by July or August. ! No thought to how you safely accommodate several hundred spectators spaced 2m apart , allowing them safe access and egress to the stadium ... and safe use of basic welfare facilities ... or are they meant to cross their legs for 3 hours? I wait to see how the Polish Ekstraliga will safely run behind closed doors ....
  4. old bob at herne bay

    SGB 2021 confirmed signings

    Thought I would kick this one off early, as the realists amongst us realise that the 2020 British Speedway season will not happen. No clubs in the UK can afford to run behind closed doors. No clubs in the UK have the resources to safely manage crowds attending thier stadia under social distancing rules. No club in the UK can expect crowd levels approaching those of 2019 to come into their stadia, which will have no facilities open. With just the Polish Ekstraliga kidding itself that it can start in June, (heaven knows what happens when a rider is injured and requires medical supervision. ) If it goes ahead it will be like watching the timed SGP practice sessions. Surely now is the time for the BSPA to get together on a Zoom call and start planning 2021. They need to engage with all he riders and all the clubs to agree how the sport can rise from the ashes of 2020 and survive. ?
  5. old bob at herne bay

    Prague SGP 13/06/20

    "Easy Jet have been brilliant" You must be joking. You have been done up like a kipper IMHO. Well, you might have a worthless piece of paper (an IOU ) so if Easyjet decide to remain in business you might get a flight from them form some airport to where you want to go at an inflated price - which will make their "£10" gesture worthless. I have put my refund into the hands of my credit card company for a refund under section 75.
  6. old bob at herne bay

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    The blue boy is correct. Self employed. Riders are free to negotiate contracts to ride for whoever they wish .... their “businesses” own their assets ( bikes) .
  7. old bob at herne bay

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    Good points “sings4speedway” i would suggest a club could say to season ticket holders we will honour your tickets for 2021. riders advances race suits - yes they have been paid for but the rider would be told you keep the money but no advance for 2021... race suits used for 2021. they ain’t going to be riding anywhere in 2020. Vans booked ? Cancel the booking . BSPA fees - that’s up to the BSPA if they want the sport to survive ... refund them Tough times and tough decisions but if the sport is to survive action is needed ... personally I am not hopeful that anyone in the BSPA is capable .........
  8. With sporting events across the UK now cancelled until further notice, and Speedway surely set to follow once the BSPA has met tomorrow, can British Speedway put 2020 league speedway “on ice” , and possibly just run some ad hoc open meetings later in the year ? Surely with no meetings, the costs for a club are nil . No rent, no riders wages? These are extraordinary times and covid 19 and the consequential are surely a “force majeure” event ?
  9. old bob at herne bay

    Will the premiership start on time?

    Horses cannot catch Corona Virus I guess ... the vets can treat any injured jockeys ..... one rule for some and another for the toffs who run “horsey“ sports.
  10. old bob at herne bay

    Will the premiership start on time?

    “Will the premiership start on time ?” is the title of this thread. Hawk127 and The Third Man ......on another planet?
  11. old bob at herne bay

    Will the premiership start on time?

    Very much depends on how many people turn out to watch, whatever the government advice. Given the age profile of the majority of supporters I would guess a fair number will stay at home and watch the TV. Personally it is hard to see the situation improving before Easter given recent actions around the World. It will surely put into jeopardy the SGP series with so many travel restrictions now coming into force. Looks like the roarin’ 20’s has started with a real roar. stay safe folks.
  12. old bob at herne bay

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Iron Scorpion, apart from the Bank Holiday Monday fixtures, away support at Central Park is a very small number of fans. This is probably true at most tracks ? With the distances involved , and time taken off work to get to midweek meetings, the cost of admission is a relatively minor expense for away support.
  13. old bob at herne bay

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Seems each year UK speedway continues its downward spiral to the bottom..... less entertainment and lower quantity teams for more money. Kent’s pitch at CL speedway is just a reflection on how few people are bothered to go and watch. Sadly it’s reflected in the sports magazine offering, with increased costs and less detail on match reports. The sport is slowly failing. Reducing attendances will continue to reduce still further ..... initiatives to attract a new generation of fans will fail unless the accompanying adults turn up with their kids. As for the OAPs .... they are a significant % of fans attending the sport, not sure it’s good business to not offer any concessions. Price comparisons with other tracks don’t mean much in speedway.....people who don’t go rarely to save money don’t suddenly start supporting another team. They just find other things to sped money/time. Not sure Kent can support Championship speedway at these prices with the draconian curfew still in place. Let’s hope the track delivers entertaining racing without the all too regular incidents seen at NL level last season.
  14. old bob at herne bay

    Race nights

    Historically Kent have used Bank Holiday Monday afternoons in the NL
  15. old bob at herne bay

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Might be tempted to have a punt at seeing CL speedway at Central Park in 2020 ....with the more experienced and capable riders there is a chance that 15 heats will be completed within 2hours which now seems to be the accepted avarage time for a meeting. My concern is that with better riders the slick surface will produce FTG in every heat.( Just like Arlington) Scant details on admission prices ,race night , start time and whether any Kent NL team is allowed to run on alternate race nights?

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