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  1. old bob at herne bay

    Armadale Devils 2022

    ......and exactly how many rides a season will a PL No. 8 get per season ?
  2. old bob at herne bay

    Poole 2022

    As long as I have supported speedway , every home fan will tell you that their track "is a fair race track" . :-) :-) :-)
  3. old bob at herne bay

    Kent 2022

    Yeah , I gather they will run a special bus every Wednesday leaving Sittingbourne Railway Station at 2 p.m. to allow plenty of time to get round the M25 and up the M40 to Oxford. :-)
  4. old bob at herne bay

    Oxford Cheetahs 2022

    Yup Wednesday race night is probably the worst possible that the Scunthorpe owner could have given them. Clashes with Poole . Adults kids have work/ school. As we all know it’s not about promoting the sport it’s all about self interest. You can race on any night as long as it’s not on “my race night”
  5. old bob at herne bay

    The Crisp Crack Of Leather On Willow

    Other than Root bowled by a freak delivery that didnt bounce , the rest of teh test team need to be sent home on the same plane as Djokovic and have their visas revoked for at least 3 years. New team needed to play test cricket. They are all a bunch of one day sloggers - don't want to stay at the crease longer than 10 minutes. Not sure any of them are good enough to play in the Sheffield Shield matches ....... the Big Bash is all they are capable of playing.
  6. old bob at herne bay

    Poole 2022

    Liked the old Poole track layout which allowed you right up close to the action - which added to the spectacle. Always enjoyed the old Canterbury track which allowed you to get up close to the action and the flying shale.
  7. old bob at herne bay

    Peterborough Panthers 2022

    As soon as they start building the new homes (with whatever promises are necessary to satisfy "LP30") Peterborough Speedway is dead. Swindon is an example. Promises cost nothing. Once housing is in place , nobody will allow a noisy speedway track to be relocated anywhere near ......
  8. old bob at herne bay

    NSS - South Stand

    The more you hear about the cronies that make up the BSPL Ltd. the more I wonder whether they are the root cause of British Speedway's continuing decline ? We have the crook at Eastbourne who has disappeared owing riders thousands of pounds getting off scot free, and been instrumental in getting Eastbourne Speedway closed down ... yet Chris Morton is banned from being a promoter for ..... being involved in building a Nation Speedway Stadium, which the BSPA frankly showed no interest !
  9. old bob at herne bay


    25yearfan, You would think getting say a thousand out of 213,000 to a speedway track near Norwich wouldn't be a problem. London has a population of nearly 9 million, and you were lucky to see a thousand of 'em turn up at Lakeside Speedway. Point taken about Tiger Louis, who came from a moto X background into speedway. But with so many double up riders it is hard to see where decent heatleader standard riders for any new teams would come from. Lots have retired unable to make it pay. Sure there are plenty of young trainees keen to practice their mistakes at National League level ...... but hardly likely to attract a new audience to a new track. Oxford will be interesting .... they have been fortunate to join with EB and Kent pulling out of the CL freeing up some riders. Lets hope they can attract a viable crowd from the 150,000 population of Oxford .
  10. old bob at herne bay


    Fundin and Nygren backed up by "Gentleman" Aub Lawson in the twilight of his career I seem to recall. There's a trio that would frighten the lives out of today's "SGP sooperstar" riders. Always wondered what would happen in a tussle between Mr N. Pedersen and any of Ove , Olle and Aub. :-) :-)
  11. old bob at herne bay


    It is remarkable that only in British Speedway can we hear on the one hand a shortage of riders (even with almost everyone doubling up), and yet speculative discussions of new tracks opening....... In the case of Norwich, any former Norwich speedway supporters will have long lost interest and moved on. . I doubt there are enough speedway folk left in Norfolk and Suffolk combined to support another track without impacting on the existing tracks at KL Ippo and Mildy. (not to mention PBoro.)
  12. old bob at herne bay

    Well Done Tony Blair

    Mr. Blair cannot compare with Margaret Thatcher who took us to war and WON. Blair - well took us to war under false pretences, and just started up a whole load of new wars which we are still paying for. If ever there was a sleazy Labour PM to rival the current lot ... Blair was the man. Disgraceful award of an honour, which further distances our failing Monarchy from the general public.
  13. old bob at herne bay

    TeamGB Merchandise.

    There was a time when you used to see a photo salesman with a large board outside the turnstiles selling all manner of home and away riders photos, and a selection of rosettes, badges. sadly don't think any of the current English clubs have enough fans interested in spending money on merchandise to make it a viable proposition. What I have seen of "merch" in track shops has generally been pretty poor quality. Have to say I do have a decent baseball cap from Kent Kings track shop.
  14. old bob at herne bay

    TeamGB Merchandise.

    I can go one better than that ... Lakeside backstraight tea hut ..... asked for a portion of chips. Sorry mate, we aren't going to do any more chips until we have sold all the burgers .
  15. old bob at herne bay

    TeamGB Merchandise.

    I can go one better than that ... Lakeside backstraight tea hut ..... asked for a portion of chips. Sorry mate, we aren't going to do any more chips until we have sold all the burgers .

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