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  1. Poole 2018

    Dont think Chris would be a good chose , has a lot of things to prove this year and not really sure he is a great leader and motivator. Like to give him a year first to show his true form and prove to everyone that he really has Poole at heart.
  2. Poole 2018

    Best wishes Starry , wishing you a speedy recovery.
  3. Poole 2018

    Looking okay so far. Two Aussies with a good team attitude. Two from Poland who hopefully will travel together and help each other. just want another 3 riders with a good team attitude , and are happy to ride any track ,and we can all put last year down as a bad memory.
  4. Somerset 2018

    As a Poole supporter I would be more than happy if you had them both !!
  5. Somerset 2018

    Hope is Chris Holder at Somerset. Far to many Aussies with big egos and bad attitudes .
  6. Poole 2018

    Would have Kyle back at Poole anytime. Was a big mistake to drop him last year, had his injury problems following Pooles first meeting last year on a terrible track. One rider who always gave 100% and really wanted to ride for Poole.
  7. Great to see Newman doing so,well tonight. As a Poole fan never thought he should have been given so little time to recover from his injury in the first meeting of the season on a very poor track. Like to wish him all the best for next year and an injury free season.
  8. Poole V Belle Vue Bt Sports 26/6/17

    Terrible track tonight. Feel the track in the last few years has just got worse and worse. Until money is spent on it , crowds will continue to fall as the entertainment value and racing no longer offers value for money.. Even top riders who have raced for Poole in the last few years have voiced their concerns about the track. But they have lost favour with Matt Ford because of it .
  9. Think you are so so wrong. Most true Poole fans have become fed up with his constant rants. Many fans have even stopped posting on the Poole site because of him .
  10. Poole Sign Lindback

    Good to see Gavin in overdrive tonight. Makes his day to have half a reason to knock Poole. Bet he will sleep far better tonight.
  11. Would it help if he was granted the freedom of Poole !!!
  12. . After his injuries a year with far less travelling and fewer meetings makes perfect sense. Sure we will all see him back riding full time in the U.K in the future. Like to wish him all the best for a successful injury free 2014..
  13. Yes..... but only if he wants to ride for Poole .
  14. Would it not have made more sense to encourage more riders from the Premier league to move up , making more room for National League riders to move up to reserves in the Premier League ?
  15. Did they forget to mention that the National League riders are required to only do 2 laps to all the teams no 1's 4laps and the rest do 3 laps ?
  16. One of the main problems , over the years, since the points limit keeps being reduced is that most teams each year have to rebuild their side to get within the points limit. Gone are the days when fans can relate to the riders year after year.
  17. Robins 2014

    Only one.... Has he started a diet !!!!!!!
  18. Your Stadium Assessment?

    But if could be more of a major problem !!!!
  19. Pirates 2014

    Does anyone know the points limit for next year yet ? If not seems a rather pointless post .
  20. Like to think everybody in the country will come over to sky for the night as they are so loyal to speedway and the g.ps and always put speedway fans before all other sports........ Maybe not !!!!
  21. Was that an air Ambulance ?
  22. Pirates 2014

    Great idea would certainly even things up a tad.